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    1. Ask. Why is it there? When was it done? What was the purpose? Who thought of about this? In the pictures, our penetentiary is crowded. Does overpopulation got to do with this? I think, absolutely. They may lie, deny about it. Make another socio-ecol-political reasons about it. But certainly, it’s all about OVERPOPULATION and LACK OF SPACE.

    2. I deplore the PNP Chief’s and the Regional police chief for even attempting to defend the indefensible “secret jail.” That’s why we have rogue police for there seems to be lack of discipline in the force. They are being encourage to do wrong, rewarded if they follow to the letter, and forgiven if accused. So the poor innocent victims have no ghost of a chance. Any modus operandi done in secret is subject to suspicion for illegal operation. The secret charities by corrupt politicians are well known as a scheme to siphon government pork. The secret contracts to pad payrolls and government projects are well rehearsed illegality. So this secret jail for extortion is just another creative way by corrupt police. Nothing impossible in a corrupt world. What makes it worse is when officials won’t condemn it.