‘Secret server used to rig polls’

FIGHTING FOR MARCOS Amor Amorado and Abakada party-list Rep. Jonathan de la Cruz. PHOTO BY RUSSELL PALMA

FIGHTING FOR MARCOS Amor Amorado and Abakada party-list Rep. Jonathan de la Cruz. PHOTO BY RUSSELL PALMA

The camp of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. claimed Tuesday that a fourth server of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) was used to manipulate the elections held last month.

Abakada Party-list Rep. Jonathan dela Cruz, adviser of Marcos, said the Comelec and Smartmatic used a secret server to do their “tricks.” He said they can prove the existence of this server once their request for a system audit is granted.

“This was never disclosed. This is the fourth server and therefore it should have been subjected to source code review also and everything else. But this was not disclosed to the public. This is in violation of the law,” de la Cruz told reporters.

“If cheating was deliberate, we don’t know. That’s why we need to find out what was the function of the queue server,” he added.

The Comelec has turned down the request to conduct a system audit.

The Church-based election watchdog Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) also on Tuesday called on the Comelec to investigate the alleged irregularities in the just concluded May 9 elections.

PPCRV Chairperson Henrietta de Villa made the call after three taxpayers filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to compel the poll body to prosecute Smartmatic officials who made an unauthorized tweak on the Automated Election System (AES) on the night of May 9.

The Marcos camp had claimed that the illegal change in script done by Smartmatic on the transparency server of the Comelec stationed at the command center of the PPCRV at the Pope Pius Catholic Center in U.N. Avenue in Manila changed the election results in the vice presidential race.

Last month, three unidentified whistle blowers who claimed to have taken part in the “dagdag-bawas (vote padding and shaving)” appeared at the Senate. They said their operations in Quezon province benefitted the administration’s presidential and vice-presidential bets and several other senatorial candidates. They said that votes for other candidates, especially Marcos, were credited to Rep. Leni Robredo.

De Villa admitted that allegations of cheating has marred the credibility and the integrity of the elections.

She said that the Comelec should investigate these allegations to erase any doubts on the credibility of the election process.

“For the credibility of the elections, all protests and claims accompanied by evidence should be looked into seriously,” said De Villa in a statement posted at the website of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

“So Comelec must investigate. Claimants of cheating must have hard and strong evidence to back their claims. If proven guilty, cheaters must be punished heavily and swiftly,” she said. “PPCRV stands on the side of the truth and the law.”

Several weeks ago, the Commission En Banc formed a committee headed by Comelec Legal Department Chief Norie Casingal to look into the “unauthorized” tweaking of the script of its transparency server but it has yet to come out with the results of its probe.

Chairman Juan Andres Bautista pointed out though that the investigation was only to determine the administrative liability of Smartmatic project manager Marlon Garcia, who earlier admitted having altered the script without the knowledge and permission of the Comelec en banc.

Poll cases
Marcos is expected to file an electoral protest against Robredo before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal.

Jose Amorado, Marcos’ lawyer, said the electoral protest will be filed on June 27, three days before the new president and vice president are sworn into office.

Amorado said there are areas where they will ask for a poll recount, and areas where election results should be set aside because of fraud.

The Marcos camp earlier filed charges against some Comelec and Smartmatic personnel for violating the cybercrime law.

Named respondents were Garcia, project director Elie Moreno, and technical support team members Neil Banigued and Mauricio Herrera and Comelec IT experts Rouie Peñalba, Nelson Herrera and Frances Mae Gonzales. They were given until June 17 to submit their answers to the complaint.


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  1. Bisaya Shaolin on

    All crap! BOC have all the SD delivered and independent on the PPCRV server where the data received from the PCOS. Both server need to be modified for the count to be sync. IT here speaking..

  2. Let’s move on. Another server does not alter anything. It’s a divine providence. God does not want another Marcos or the plan for DU30 to resign or incapacitated and BBM assumes the President.

  3. julio madiaga on

    you are cheating.
    but first let me search for evidence to prove that you are cheating. and once i find the evidence to prove you are cheating then i can prove that you are cheating.
    how’s that again?

  4. WHY COMELEC turned down the request for system audit??

    If they claim the election was CLEAN.. Why are they avoiding this system audit???

    • Shiela Pauline on

      So if Honasan were to claim that he was cheated, without providing any evidence, just like bongbong marcos is doing, you would think that Comelec should give in to a system audit request too? Basta mag-ingay lang ng mag-ingay, kahit wala naman ebidensiya, baka sakaling bumigay ang Comelec?

  5. he Marcos trademark is they never lost just perpetuating their usual game of rigging the election results. Daddy Macoy is dead and can’t make Miracles and hucos-fucos, Nada ala na gone by the wind. BBM go back to Ilocos Republic and proclaim yourself the Ultimate Ilocos Republic President for life.

  6. go BBM..sarap maging lawyer pag mataas ang professional fee.. wahehe.. Di mo na talaga maantay ang 1 yr ban? Magiging part ka din naman ng cabinet ni Mayor.. talagang gusto mo VP ba agad para yung promise ni Mayor pag di na solve crime 3-6 mos ikaw na President?? Go go go future PCGG Chairman. secretary of finance.. Please also ask the good Mayor to appoint all your relatives to the income generating GOCCs.. Own the Philippines now;)

    • Your an stupid dilawan tuwad na daan. Kill yourself that might give as satisfaction. Your idiot , abnoy. Magkano ang inupalpal saiyo ng mga magnanakaw na Dilawan?

  7. Bambina Fernandez on

    When smartmatic official tinker with the vcm while the counting was being held then there is election cheating and fraud therefore there should be a recount and I mean manual!
    2016 election is marred by cheating, rigging and several violations by candidates that especially in the violation of campaign period where as early as the latter part of 2015 you can already see political billboards along the hi-way and tv ads but comelec is silent and so are the so-called election watchdogs!
    Let them rot in hell!

  8. may nabasa ako noong article na kaya nagpasok ng bagong script para magamit iyong pekeng server at mga pekeng VCM na siyang ginamit sa pandaraya…

  9. Matagal na yang dayan na yan… kahit panahon nina Pinoy – Binay – Arroyo – Estrada…

    Noong panahon din Macapagal – Marcos maraming comments nadaya si Diosdado Macapagal… Ang lahat ng ito ay nangyayari at nag-bubulag-bulagan lang si COMELEC, sila ng criminal sa boto ng bayan. Always clean their hand by opressing others, Isinulong ang PICOS para wala raw makapangdaya.. its a big “NO” ito ay para mas madali manipulahin na hindi nakikita ng lantaran. Kapad bilangan sa balota ay kailangan mo nakawin ang balot Box para mapalitan ang laman na BOTO.

  10. Gilas Marcos Doubthit on

    The fourth server could be a redundant server, or a passive backup, or what we call in IT, a high-availability secondary server whose function is to take-over a failing primary server in real-time.

    This fourth server may also serve another purpose.

    If Comelec does not allow a systems audit, let’s not give it the benefit of the doubt. Let’s doubt it.

  11. I don’t know how COMELEC could claimed that the election was clean when they themselves admitted that smartmatic changed the hash code while the counting of ballots is in progress without their knowledge….this is clear TAMPERING whatever the motive is or what other alibis they are presenting…cosmetic change or whatever terms they want to call it…they cannot escape the fact that someone by the name of Marlon Garcia illegally introduced a new script on the transparency server without first consulting comelec officials ……the proper action should have been to immediately halt the counting process after the discovery of that action, conduct an immediate audit of the process …..if manipulation was discovered go back to previous portion or exact time of the changes made and correct the system…. but they proceeded with counting so that by now it will be hard to figure out the gravity of the manipulation at hand …..recount will only show the same numbers because as what the whistle blowers have said the cheating was done at the command centre with various VCMs intercepting the votes from the precinct levels and replacing them with another SB cards with a different results and transmitting the to the PPCRV transparency servers….. what we need right now is a new election for VP and senators who were affected likewise…… just like to see if the vote pattern for robredo is the same for drilon, recto, pangilinan and de lima who all benefited from this change in script….

    • Agreed,

      The election was a fraud from the vice president on down.
      Comelec officials should be arrested and a independent task force should seize the servers and conduct a system audit.

      Tired of hearing Comelec deny the need for a system audit when it’s apparent that Smartmatic accessed the the system during election which is a violation of the law.

    • You are asking for a new election for VP and senators. Why not include the president in new voting ? You are asking for a mission impossible. Imagine start the whole process again which will cost billions of pesos just to satisfy your doubt.

    • The big questions are 1) was the change of the “?” to ” ~n” necessary right in the middle of the counting process? Why was the change not done prior to election day when reports had it that there were trials and tests done on the machines and everything was OK? I can only surmise that the cheat-instruction could be that if BBM;s lead is getting bigger and bigger at the outset of the count, the changeover must be done quickly to abate BBM’s lead while the gap was only a million.

    • …its not the matter of knowing why they altered the hash code.., the mere fact na may ginawang illegal o pagpapalit, during the counting proper…un ay against the law, na sinasabi na magiging null and void and counting pag may illegal action na ginawa… So , dapat, from the point na nagpalit, dapat null and void na lahat ung succeding counting, ang i honor ay ung before nangyari un, and one thing, bawal pala makialam sa election process ang mga foreigner, dapat pala filipino citizen lang pwd gumanap sa process…hindi ibang nationals…sana makatulong comment ko…

  12. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Ladies and Gentlemen, all these allegations do not have “MERITS”, and they, the camp of Marcos Jr., are still running around with their heads cut off, hoping to find something, but to no avail. A secret server used to rig polls? These Marcos Boys are funny and cannot be taken seriously. As of now, Marcos cannot file an electoral protest against Robredo because he does not have anything to stand on. Nothing!

    • @Juan T. Delacruz, FYI “He said they can prove the existence of this server once their request for a system audit is granted.” So we’ll just wait.

    • We know for a fact that Smartmatic accessed the system while the election was in progress which is a violation of the law.

      That’s a fact, Makes your statement of nothing to stand on sound stupid.

    • Another yellow troll. You have until the end of the month to change color, hunyango.

    • When his father cheated Cory Aquino in the snap election, why did BBM not requested for a recount ? His father is the number one cheater in the whole world. Now that the tables turned, BBM is now protesting.

    • Humanda ka abnoy on

      you need to get your stupid head out of noynoys ass ..

      noytards hahahahahaha

    • Remember when the allegation of script change first came out? The hash code thingy? Nobody believed them, but they were proven right. I think they’re on to something here.

    • OZ response on

      what is “he does not have anything to stand on. Nothing!? is that colloquialism
      or did you mean evidence to lay charges? if yes, i read from an article that he did.

    • Roldan Guerrero on

      You must wait for BBM to present his evidence. Come to think of it, how can the least winnable VP candidate win in a clean election?

    • the son of the family of thieves, cheaters of the previous elections during their regime and LOOTERS are big losers. these big losers die many times like the dead father of thieves keeps on dying while the winners die only once.

      the son of the family of THIEVES wants the COMELEC to build his baseless proof case. i think this guy is confused. he should make his case and not the other way around.

      this is the beginning of the end of the family of THIEVES, CHEATERS AND LOOTERS. KARMA?????

    • jeff jaramillo on

      Yes, nothing or zero vote for Marcos in 113 precincts where INC are. How can you explain that?

      Can we demand audit or scrutiny in those precincts? Why are you afraid of electoral audit?

    • Unfortunately some people have very low IQ and could not see the magic numbers on the VP votes!

    • Bisaya Shaolin on

      Agree! Saycon whistle blowers were all crap. The process involved as described by this blowers does not fit in to today’s technology.

  13. Zumba Queen on

    Very good, Senator Marcos, You are protecting the almost 15 million votes who voted for your but to punish the individuals who conspired to cheat the real winners. This was all committed upon the order of the incumbent President of the Baklang Panot Republic..

    • sumba queen, you have a bad mouth, maybe it runs in your family.

      why can’t you look yourself on the mirror first before you say bad things to your good president. are you blind about his achievements: modernized your military hardwares, Phil-health, citizen’s discount, public school buildings, first and large solar system built, corrupt and plunderers are behind bars and other unreported improvements due to media bias.

      now what’s your say? did you do anything good for your country or your country did for you under Pnoy’s admin. ????

    • your idol BOBONG MARCOS is a son of the family of THIEVES, CHEATERS AND LOOTERS. these guys die many times like the dead father of THIEVES MARCOSES and keeps on dying but the winners die only once.

      clean your mouth because you’re bringing shame to your family.
      is your family is as bad as yours the way you described Pnoy’s God creation.

  14. If the allegation of a fourth server is true, then of what use is exercising one’s right of suffrage if the will of the people is thwarted to bow to the whims of others?

    • jeff jaramillo on

      the future of the country is in the hands of Bautista and smartmatic na switik

  15. Very good move BBM and the entire team. Good luck to your cause of searching for the truth…

  16. The Comelec has turned down the request to conduct a system audit.

    Comelec doesn’t want a system audit that will prove if they cheated and rigged the election, What a surprise.

    Should not need the permission of the people accused of cheating to investigate the allegations. Their refusal implies guilt and nothing but a system audit can put this issue to rest.

  17. if the fourth server really existed (i’m quite sure those responsible have remove all physical evidence of its existence by now), what has this country gone and going to? the comelec, which was created as an independent government agency to make sure the will of the people through the ballot is preserved, has become a tool of those people in power to rig the results of the election and thereby thwart the true sentiment of the people who they want as their next leaders.

    if the allegation is proven true, the people behind this scheme are beyond evil!

    • You see what happens to conspiracy theorist. Maybe this, maybe that, maybe the world is flat, maybe aliens exists, maybe there is a secret server. There are a lot of maybe. Just stick to the truth and evidence. There is no secret server. Show Comelec the truth. There was a gossip that there were servers in the Novu hotel. They are sure but Comelec inspected the sàid room in Novu, result, there is none but this stupid guy was so sure there were because he saw the server in that room. Now we have another maybe which cannot be proven. When will we learn ? Are always going to be stupid recipient of these Maybe.