Secure parking space first


    OWNING a car may soon require buyers not just the financial capability to acquire one, but also a permanent parking space.

    This will be the scenario if Senate Bill (SB) 201 or the Proof of Parking Space Act is enacted into law.

    The bill will also make all streets in Metro Manila a no-parking zone.

    Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, author of SB 201, said motor vehicle owners should be made responsible in getting permanent parking spaces for their private vehicles.

    The parking spaces can be a part of a house, building or leased facility.

    “Any financially able purchaser of a motor vehicle can be presumed to be able to provide a parking facility for his vehicle. The street is primarily intended for vehicular or foot traffic and should not be appropriated as personal parking spaces for vehicles,” Gatchalian said in the explanatory note of his bill.

    Under his proposal, Metro Manila residents who intend to purchase a vehicle will be required to present an affidavit to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) attesting to the availability of permanent parking space or  facility that had been leased or procured, before they can purchase the vehicle.

    An individual who plans to purchase more than one vehicle must also provide a permanent space for each of the vehicles.

    The bill also requires the LTO to make as a pre-requisite in the registration of motor vehicles the submission of an affidavit attesting to existence of a permanent parking space.

    To ensure strict compliance with the law, a suspension of three months without pay awaits LTO officials or employees who will allow the registration of a motor vehicle without the necessary document required under the bill.

    For vehicle owners who will be caught illegally parking their car on the streets, alleys or pathways, a fine of P50,000 will be imposed for very violation of the provision of the bill, as well as a three-year suspension of vehicle registration.

    Any concerned citizen may report to the LTO, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) or the engineering office of the local government concerned all illegally parked vehicles in their area.

    The LTO, MMDA and local government units will also be required to conduct periodic inspections.

    Gatchalian’s bill has been referred to the Senate Committee on Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship headed by Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri.


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    1. Sound nice, but is actually UNNECES?sARY.. Government objective is to streamline and simplify processes to facilitate release of licenses and permit,, so why add another document, screening process? What needs to be done is simply strictly enforce the NO PARKING rule in public roads. Im assuming NO PARKING will not apply to private subdivision and therefore they can buy more cars than their available parking garage. It is an administrative nightmare to monitor compliance and will just add to the EXPENSES. Will only benefit lawyers if afidavit is required to be notarized.

    2. Very good idea, maybe Metro Manila for the first year then followed by every city in the provinces

    3. This shall apply nationwide. There are a lot vehicles parking
      on roads and streets in the country making the road very narrow to
      efficiently drive vehicles. And this has to be strictly implemented
      in the same manner as the drug problem.

    4. Why Metro Manila only. It looks they are only after the welfare of Metro Manila. In the province if you look at the main street being widened by DPWH, there are lot of cars, tricycle, bus, trucks parked on the main road. This should be included sa batas.

    5. This I have written for so long a number iof times – that no car dealer should sell a vehicle to anyone who can not present a proof of parking space. The car industry must be by itself be contributory in solving problems in our country. They benefit from government and hence should also do their fair share in ensuring a better Philippines. This is one instance where people should on their own volition modderate their greed.

      • LA you are wrong, its not the job of a car salesman or a car showroom to implement car parking, its down to the individual to attest he has ample parking space for his vehicles. Then to check on thi the government needs to employ honest people to go around checking every single drivers accommodation & parking facilities.