Security in events should be tightened



In events like mall shows, gigs, or concerts, artists and their entourage usually consider the backstage dressing room or holding area the safest place where they can leave their valuables. But sometimes, the opposite happens.

I’ve heard of some stories about artists and their entourage losing their bags, cellular phones, tablets, laptops and other valuable items inside dressing rooms. Lax security is usually blamed although someone from the production can also be suspected.

Unfortunately, Music Geek experienced this personally on Friday after an artist’s show, at a high end mall of all places.

My bag was stolen at a makeshift backstage holding area at Ayala Solenad in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I left it there for just a few minutes, knowing there was security just outside the door. It was gone when I went back.

When I asked around if anyone noticed somebody going into the room, they answered in the negative. I was also told that there were no CCTV cameras at least where the temporary dressing room was mounted, leaving me with no other choice but to simply report the incident to the head of security and the mall’s marketing representative.

The bag had my cell phone and other important IDs, and as expected, the thief already switched off the gadget and could no longer be traced.

At first, I was blaming myself for what happened but then I thought that the mall should also been responsible in securing the premises efficiently, especially when events are taking place. Although mine was just a case of theft, I couldn’t help but recall how Christina Grimmie had been killed by a fan during a meet and greet backstage in the US. Tighter security could have saved her.

Event organizers must also learn to be strict with regard to the people they allow entry to dressing rooms or holding areas to keep artists and their valuables safe. A thief can easily pretend to be a fan.

With these lessons learned, both on my end and the mall’s, I’m still grateful to their personnel assisting me all the way to file a police blotter at the Sta. Rosa Police Station. Thank you too to PO3 Arcangel Fedelicio for making the process as swift and efficient as possible.

I am most grateful though that only my bag had been stolen—that I was safe and it hadn’t been grabbed from me instead.

Ultimately, I wrote this piece to remind everyone to be vigilant of their safety and of their belongings even as they enjoy watching their favorite artists on stage. No matter how supposedly “high end” a place can be, it is still no assurance that pickpockets are not around.


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