• Security forces in Maguindanao, Cotabato on alert



    COTABATO CITY: Security forces in this city and nearby areas in Maguindanao are on full alert following the arrest of a top leader of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) on Sunday.

    Commander Wahid Tundok, chief of the MILF 118th Base Command, was arrested by authorities as he was going back to his camp after a meeting in the MILF main base Camp Darapanan in Sultan Kudarat town.

    Policemen and Marines found two high-powered firearms in Tundok’s pickup truck.

    He is wanted for arson and multiple murder.

    Tundok was taken to the Army’s 6th Infantry Division in Datu Odin Sinsuat, Maguindanao.

    The MILF has not issued a statement on the arrest of Tundok.
    Last December 6, the MILF in Lanao del Sur, under Abdullah Macapaar raided Marawi City jail to release their two detained members and abduct Police Chief Supt. Christopher Panapan.

    Panapan was released within the day.

    Last week, another MILF member, Yusoph Kusain alias Commander TMX, who is wanted for murder and multiple murder, was killed by law enforcers after he declined to surrender and attempted to fight back.

    The MILF is close to signing a peace agreement with the government.



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    1. Rosauro Feliciano on

      There would have been peace without going on through the process of enlisting the help of the Malaysian government to forge peace with our brethren Muslims had our government officials were flexible in dealing with what the Muslims wanted to incorporate one more sun ray on our national flag. Their contention is that before the eight provinces, all in Luzon, Mindanao had always steadfast in its objection of Spanish and American rules in Mindanao and Sulu. No one can deny this historical fact that Mindanao had never been completely been under the control of the colonial administration based in Luzon. We are all mortal human beings and we cannot be perfect and so we must be flexible in dealing with our fellowmen. There is no organization in all the whole world is perfect because we are not divine creatures.