• Security stamp to cut red tape at BI


    Bureau of Immigration (BI) Commissioner Siegfred Mison has ordered all immigration key personnel to use the security stamps to simplify procedures, expedite transactions and cut down red tape in the bureau.

    Mison said the BI sought to streamline its bureaucracy considering that the number of signatories, who are sometimes absent, “significantly” delay the processing of petitions, applications and other documents.

    “It is the bureau’s policy to simplify administrative protocol, reduce bureaucratic red tape and expedite transactions without sacrificing the integrity of the bureau’s procedures and processes,” the BI chief said in his order.

    Mison stressed that the “usual causes” of delay may be addressed using the security stamp.

    The security stamp will help ensure the validity and authenticity of each document, identify the responsible signatory and protect the signatory from identity theft.

    The security stamp is officially used for deportation orders, certificates of recognition, dual citizenships, mission orders, hold departure orders, alert list orders and black list orders.

    It is also used for watch list orders; immigration lookout bulletin orders; allow entry orders; visa cancellation orders; visa forfeiture orders and cancellation/ revocation of authority to accept foreign students.

    State policy mandates that all government offices and agencies including local government units and government-owned and -controlled corporations to adopt measures calculated to simplify procedures, reduce red tape and expedite transactions with the government.


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