Seasoned host Edu Manzano joins Gelli de Belen (left) and Tin-Tin Bersola in ‘Face the People

Seasoned host Edu Manzano joins Gelli de Belen (left) and Tin-Tin Bersola in ‘Face the People

Among the country’s most seasoned hosts, Edu Manzano is one of the very few who appeals across all classes. Be it an awards night, a corporate event, a game show, or a town fiesta, the articulate US-born, Filipino-bred mestizo is always a hit.

There is, however, one hosting genre Edu had never tried until his latest TV5 project came along: a talk show where real people thresh out personal problems, which is what Face the People Season 3 is all about.

“I must admit I was never really comfortable with the idea of people airing their dirty laundry on television,” said the handsome 58-year-old celebrity at a news conference this week. “And then I thought, maybe I should give it go, because as a host, I think it’s something I’ve never tried.”

Done in the tradition of the infamous Jerry Springer show in the US—though less intense, thankfully—Face the People has become a venue where controversial issues and neighborhood scandals of everyday individuals are discussed and hopefully resolved with the help of hosts Gelli de Belen and Christine Bersola-Babao. Originally hosted by Amy Perez (who has since moved to ABS-CBN), Edu’s presence in the show is aimed at provide a male point of view to the usually female dominated weigh-in of issues that happens in the end.

In a new Season 3 segment dubbed “Sabi Ni Doods, Sabi Ni Gels,” Edu will be the show’s “macho voice of reason,” while trusted adviser Gelli bases her advice from her experiences as a mother, sister, and modern woman.

“I won’t deny some revelations are both shocking and stunning, but we do the best we can to help,” Edu promised.

Meanwhile, Christine Bersola-Babao will be taking on a more challenging and fulfilling role as she pursues what she does bes—public service. Tin will be the host of “Happy Change,” a social responsibility segment that follows up the lives of past guests who sought to resolve their personal issues.

For the show’s July 7 episode, Gelli, Edu and Tin-tin will tackle the story of Meagan Aguilar and her rift with her father, King of Pinoy Folk Songs Ka Freddie Aguilar, who made the headlines when he married an 16-year-old lass in November 2013.

Face The People will air on its new timeslot from Monday to Friday starting tomorrow at 10:15 a.m. on TV5.



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