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An opposition lawmaker on Sunday challenged President Benigno Aquino 3rd to visit the farmers in Kidapawan City and see the “deep-running effects of El Niño on the livelihood of Mindanao farmers.”

Kabataan party-list Rep. Terry Ridon made the pitch in connection with the dispersal of farmers on Friday that left three farmers dead.

“President Aquino and [Department of Agriculture] Secretary [Proceso] Alcala, go down from your ivory tower and see for yourselves how government inaction and the criminal negligence of your administration have exacerbated the plight of our poor and hungry farmers. Instead of pinning the blame on progressive groups who have come to support them, the President himself must come here and see his people’s unending suffering,” Ridon said.

“Napakawalang-kwenta ng gobyernong ito. Ang inaatupag ay paglilinis ng pangalan nila, pagtakas sa accountability. Inuna pang parangalan ang mga pulis na siyang nanakit sa mga magsasaka, kaysa tuluyan nang ipamahagi ang bigas at ayuda na hiling ng mga nagproprotesta [This government is so useless. It is busy clearing names, evading accountability. It gave honors first to the police who hurt the farmers, instead of distributing the rice and help that the protesters were demanding from the government],” he noted.

As early as February last year, the Department of Agriculture already discovered that the damage from El Niño had reached P5.2 billion.

The P5.2 billion worth of damage destroyed an estimated 237,000 hectares of agriculture areas, affecting the livelihood of 121,490 farmers.

Six provinces in Mindanao have reportedly declared a state of calamity because of El Niño.

Independent research group Ibon Foundation blamed Alcala for not ensuring sufficient irrigation despite the drought’s periodic onslaught.

Ridon, who flew to Kidapawan City along with fellow lawyer Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares to provide legal assistance to the farmers, also hit Aquino for his silence amid the outrage over the dispersal.

“We particularly note President Aquino’s deafening silence in the aftermath of the Kidapawan massacre. His Cabinet members and Palace spin doctors are in a rush to cover up the incident, yet the President has not uttered a single word himself days after the incident, not even words to commiserate with the victims,” the lawmaker said.

“Nasaan ang Pangulo? Ayan, headline na naman sa mga dyaryo ang pangangampanya niya para kay Mar [Manuel Roxas 2nd]. Pero ni ha, ni ho, walang nasabi o ginawa para sa mga biktima ng Kidapawan open-firing. Ganyang-ganyan ang Pangulo noong Mamasapano at iba pang trahedyang nagdaan sa ilalim ng kanyang pamumuno: Laging missing in action, [Where is the President? He is busy campaigning, but has remained mum on Kidapawan, just like in Mamasapano and the other tragedies during his term]” he added.

Roxas is the administration’s presidential candidate in the May 2016 elections.

Ridon urged the Philippine National Police (PNP) to immediately pull out their men who are allegedly surrounding the Methodist church compound in Kidapawan and let those seeking food aid be given a share of donations from various support groups and private individuals.

“Our people are perishing from hunger. Our countrymen have started contributing what they can to fill in the void left by government incompetence. And how does our police force respond? With brute force,” he said.

The lawmaker reiterated his call for a House inquiry into the Kidapawan incident.

“We cannot have the PNP to whitewash the massacre by doing its own investigation of its personnel. We are calling on our colleagues in Congress to convene an emergency independent fact-finding mission to ascertain facts on what really transpired,” Ridon said.


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  1. Don’t forget that these demonstrators are not only farmers but members of the NPAs or leftists to provoke the PNPs because of their anniversary. Some of the demonstrators have guns who affiliated with the NPAs. Ridon should just SHUT his big mouth and do his duties as a lawmaker instead of “pae-pal”. How many bills did stupid Ridon introduced? NOTHING except to make himself rich out of his pork (that’s why he looks like a pork.

  2. We rejoiced when Marcos finally flew out of the country and prevented what could have been a bloody encounter by his friendly force against the people at EDSA…we never expected that the very same people we protected by putting our bodies as human shields against the advancing forces would now be the one who will order the shooting and mowing down of unarmed protesters who were just begging for rice due to hunger… what a cruel world…. on this day I am crying out loud that I and maybe you all people there at EDSA made a grossly mistake that is bearing upon us right now… and those people in kidapawan didn’t have a chance a all…. now’ we see and compare the type of people Marcoses kept and that of the Aquinos….with Marcos there was still a semblance of mercy…. but in today’s situation people who seeks grievance are massacred with impunity…..


    Daang Matuwid is a factual euphemism to mask Simeon AquinoIII’s total failure of national leadership to unite the country, total failure to arrest and bring down kleptocratic theft of the national treasury, total failure to arrest criminality , total failure to provide social services to the masses, and on, and on, and on….and when everything doesn’t sit well with this Daang Matuwid Governance and failed leadership all you hear is constant blaming with his predecssors…and the media for reporting what is obviously irritating to this Yellow Scourge….


    Now, no need to brush up on World History stuff on why the Japanese, the Koreas, the Chinese, the Singaporeans, and our Asian neighbors are moving up the global stage, while we are MIRED as a Third World country – now the newly established global capital of money laundering reputation. Kudos to the Sri Lankan central bank governor – stopped and ordered freezing that $20M portion of that $101M.
    $81M went through the Philippines system, and CHOP-CHOP like a pizza pie.
    Welcome to the Philippines…..

  4. Symptomatic of really, really how BAD THINGS ARE in this country Philippines

    is this so called Ninoy Aquino Int’l Airport which used to be Manila Int’l Airport:

    Yes folks, this globally notorious reputation airport.

  5. These AQUINOS (Ninoy, Cory, and Simeon III are the Scourge of this impoverished land. Ito’ng Family name nang mga Aquinos na ito na sinonymous sa mga unfortunate landmark incidents sa kasaysayan nang bansa na ito katulad ng Jabiddah Massacre, Mendiola Massacre, Hacienda Luisita peasants assault and carnage, SAF44 Judas-ed Abandonment and totally left to be butchered by the enemies of the State…..and now this latest Kidapawan Farmers forcible dispersal resulting in deaths –

    AND TRUE TO WHAT AN AQUINO EMBODIES IN THIS SAD STATE OF POLITICAL AFFAIRS IN THIS PATHETIC PHILLIPPINES, the Echoes of “…Buhay ka pa naman, hindi ba?”…Truly defines what these Aquinos have done to this country…

  6. Sabi ni Gov Mendoza, may emergency funds daw, may relief goods daw na naka-ready. Pero pinilit daw naman nilang makipag-dialogue sa rallyists bago nagkagulo. Hehehehehehehe. Kapag may bagyo, in hours, andiyan ang tulong ng prvate sectors at concerned citizens. Ang tulong ng government, inaabot ng ilang araw bago dumating, kasi, kinukurakot pa ng mga buwitre. Ngayon, gutom ang mga tao, gusto nyo pang makipagmeeting?????? Para saan? Para sabihin sa kanila na ang tulong ay pinaghahandaan na ng national government at darating sa local government next week. Ihahatid ng Kidpawan government ang abuloy sa mga nangangamatay na tao at ipagsisigawan nilang ito ang nagagawa ng Daang Matuwid.

  7. Josemakabayan on

    LP leadership under BS Aquino always Missing in Action, thats why their candidates votes must also be missing, meaningZERO vote!!!

  8. ang hinangad ng mga aquino na manaitiling galit ang mga tao sa mga marcos kaya hinahayaan nilang magutom at maghirap ang bayan para sa dahilang ito na wag makalimutan ng bansa sa galit kay marcos bilang diktador ay nagbobomeerang na sa KANILANG aquino -cojuagco ang galit at poot ng bayan ay sa kanila na bumabalik ,,,,,sa pagiging inutil ng pangulong pnoy at hinahayaang lalong maghirap at magutom ang mamamayan sukdulang may mamatay o may makulong o mabiktima man ng mga mandarambong sa gobyerno particular na ang laglag bala at mga OFW na nabibiktima sa airport,,,,isaisa na ding lumalabas ang mga noong sumama sa edsa at pati na ng mga tunay na nakakaalam ng kwento ni ninoy na syang naging ugat para itayo ang komunismo sa pilipinas dahil sa galit kay marcos at inggit bilang presidente ng bayan si marcos….isa isa nagsasalita sa kanilang pagsisisi sa kanilang naging bahagi dito……