• Seeing challenges as opportunities


    sab-pic(1)20160429CITY Garden Grand Hotel is the newest four-star hotel operating in Makati central business district. While it is in the four-star category, the hotel aims to compete with big hotel players in the country’s pioneer CBD, making it the top choice of both business and leisure travelers, via affordable rates and quality service.

    At the forefront of City Gardens Grand Hotel’s image building is its director of sales and marketing, Shyline May Bernardo. She’s on her ninth year in the hospitality industry, joining City Garden Hotel (Makati) in 2011. Before that, she started as front office supervisor at Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa, then at Widus Hotel and Casino in Clark as sales manager.

    “I love the challenge that sales brings and to be successful in sales, one must learn how to view challenges as opportunities—the opportunity to outperform competition, to build stronger business relationships, and to deliver your numbers and goals and win year over year with consistency,” she shares.

    Bernardo is proactive.

    “The upside of being in sales is that you have a much higher level of control of your career and accomplishment, as you are responsible for making things happen,” she explained.

    She attests to the fact that the hotel industry is demanding, such that work-family balance is a challenge.

    “Competition is tough and some sales people cannot handle stress and pressure to perform,” she said. “I am lucky I have a very strong support system, supportive family, and loving partner.”

    More importantly, Bernardo enjoys her job.

    “I always enjoy sales,” she said. “It’s never boring as you meet different clients every day and the adrenalin rush when closing a sale. Sales is a rewarding job. It’s the satisfaction I get from helping a customer realize their goals and make the right decision.”

    What inspires her to do her job, according to the lady hotel executive is “helping people grow, nurturing them, and focusing on their development.”

    She point out, “Inspiration must begin within us. You must first inspire yourself to inspire others.”

    Like with other millenials, gender equality is not an issue to Bernardo.

    “For me, it doesn’t matter whether you are a male or female executive,” she stressed. “As long as you are passionate in what you do and you strive to be the best in whatever you do, then you’ll succeed. But if you’ll look back 10, 15 years from now, there are more women executives today than there were years ago, and I know there will be more successful women in the hotel industry in the years to come because every decade changes the way women look at their careers. Women are equally capable to handle higher post, and they acquired skills that are considered to be more effective. Women are nurturing, and better at communicating with people—caring, yet has the strength to face the increasing competitiveness in the hotel industry.”



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