Seeing, finding, and solving pipe problems


Gone are the days when your plumber would slave over your pipes with a thin piece of metal, hoping to push the gunk away by sheer force of will. And no more will you have to suffer through another “hindi tayo sigurado kung san ang bara, sir.”

Ridgid, creator of the pipe wrench and leading global provider of pipe solutions, recently came out with updated versions of a pipe worker’s most beloved tools, ready to let people see, find, and solve their underground pipe problems.

At a press event held at I’M Hotel in Makati recently, Ridgid debuted several of their underground technology geared towards helping businesses and handymen in making pipework more efficient.

One of the technologies featured was their new SeeSnake™, a wired camera that allows workers to look into the tightest of spaces. Outfitted with night vision sensors, the SeeSnake™ is able to see exactly what causes the damage and transmits it through a dedicated viewfinder, or streams it through the Ridgid View App available on all smartphones.

After seeing the damage, it’s time to find it. In the past, finding the problem was mostly guesswork and involved a certain kind of clairvoyance that only the most seasoned of plumbers possessed. Ridgid broke out their SeekTech® Line Locator, which tunes into the frequency of the SeeSnake™ and allows workers to locate exactly where the problem is, rather than form educated guesses.

Finally, Ridgid offers a novel solution to solve the problem. The Ridgid Drum Machine promises to clear out any blockages easily. It is modular, allowing users to switch augers or spinners to suit different needs. A far cry from the thin metal strips used by your tubero, the demonstration proved that it takes only a few minutes to clear out any blockage.

Ridgid has been utilized by companies such as Roto-Rooter, Manila Doctors Hospital, and Maynilad. These companies have significantly increased efficiency and improved their timelines through proper utilization of Ridgid tools. Roto-Rooter and Maynilad especially report that they have reduced the number of personnel needed to do their maintenance runs. Additionally, they report to be uniformly happy with the service and maintenance of their chosen products.

However, before the common handyman rushes out to the nearest hardware store, keep in mind that the price points for these nifty tools can reach a cool P30,000 for base models to a jaw-dropping P1 million for the higher-end models, such as the SeeSnake™. RIDGID deals mostly in B2B, but they do have lower-end models that are geared towards the everyday joe who wants to save a few pesos by doing pipework on his own.

RIDGID has decades of engineering expertise backing them up, and they plan to take on the 21st century with a host of brand new tools to increase efficiency for businesses and everyday people alike. From high-powered tools such as their Drum Machines to easy-to-access apps and services, RIDGID is diversifying their offerings to provide everyone with a little extra help in seeing, finding, and solving their problems.



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