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    “The truth shall set us all free,” President Aquino quoted the Bible to argue against allegations that the Senate investigation into the alleged overpricing of Makati City Hall II building was really his private demolition project against Vice President Jejomar Binay. Talk of the devil quoting scriptures, as that old adage says.

    “Seek truth from facts,” I would have advised Binay to retort, quoting an ancient Chinese saying, which Mao Zedong popularized in the 20th century.

    You certainly won’t get facts from the two main accusers of the alleged overpricing: Renato Bondal and Ernesto Mercado, whose theatrics at the Senate hearing were obviously contrived by some cheap public relations firm. Allegations, yes, by people who obviously had a beef against Binay, and maybe even profit from the exercise.

    Bondal brought to the Senate props for his performance—cakes, which he said he bought at P300 each, in contrast, he alleged, to those bought by the Makati city government at P1,000 each for its senior residents celebrating their birthdays. The next day, the city administrator showed receipts that they were bought at P306.75. This “cakes issue” was swiftly deleted from Senator Antonio Trillanes’ list of dirt he could hurl against Binay.


    What Trillanes doesn’t know is that every city mayor from Aparri to Jolo now hates him. Senior citizens everywhere are now asking their respective mayors: Why aren’t we getting cakes for our birthdays? Many are even thinking wistfully: I hope we get cakes on our birthdays if Binay becomes president!

    In another set of melodrama, Mercado brought to the Senate hearing gym bags he claimed were the kind that contained the bribe money for the Binays. Even Ruby Tuason, who claimed she delivered money to senators, didn’t dare pull that kind of cheap stunt. Why on earth would you claim, as Mercado did, that Binay got a 13 percent cut, an unlucky number even for the most unscrupulous, if not that you thought it a PR trick that such an “evil number” would stick in people’s minds?




    Other than being poor liars, there is one other thing in common between Mercado and Bondal: both lost in their bid for the mayorship to Binay’s son Jejomar Erwin (Junjun), the former in 2010 and the latter in 2013. There were rumors in both elections that a big chunk of campaign funds raised for the two—by powerful figures who hated Binay—had not been really used at all, so that both couldn’t get any job in this government.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 as accusers, Czech Ambassador Josef Richter who accused Liberal Party stalwarts of demanding a $30 million kickback for an MRT project would rank 9 in credibility, while Bondal and Mercado would rate zero to 1 in credibility.

    Monsod: ‘Girl detective’

    Neither are the facts we should seek the kind my economics professor, respected columnist Solita Monsod, tried to present—with the same passion she pounced on Mayor Binay’s Dasmarinas gate incident a few months back —in her recent column.

    She had reported with obvious excitement her observations in what she herself termed as her “adventure,” most probably as she thought of her favorite “Nancy Drew, Girl Detective” novels in her youth.

    Indeed, the adventure involved, a bit hilariously I would think, playing detective as she clandestinely penetrated the lion’s den, that is, the questioned Makati City Hall Building II, to inspect with her very own eyes the quality of the structure.

    I imagined Mareng Winnie going around the building with a cap, and with her magnifying glass inspecting the floor or maybe even the toilet cubicle’s walls, muttering to herself, “Tsk, tsk, no indication of special materials, ceilings not furnished, nothing world-class.”

    She took photos with her cellphone, and I can imagine Winnie showing these over dinner to her husband, my friend the very sober Christian, who would I think, have rolled his eyes, not daring to ask though —since when, honey, did you become a building appraiser? (You could ask a similar question to the two senators, Trillanes and Koko Pimentel, who rushed to play Winnie’s detective adventure in inspecting the building a day later.)

    However, even with her keen powers of observation, I don’t think Winnie could have seen the building’s foundations or steel framework—the hidden things that account for about half a building’s cost. In fact, one of the points made by the COA investigation was that the building “is designed to withstand earthquakes” and that to do this, the builders had to dig the foundation deeper than usual.

    Yet, she jumped to a conclusion, uncharacteristic of an academic trained to gather facts, that the building was “overpriced.”

    Since when has an academic or even a brilliant columnist acquired the qualifications of professionals we call engineers or more precisely, property appraisers?

    While they are not too much respected here, property appraisers in most developed countries form a specialized, highly paid profession requiring years of multi-disciplinary studies and experience to get a license. The most expensive appraisals are for buildings, and take months and at least a million pesos to undertake.

    It is plain ignorance of the subject matter, or a mere demolition job, to claim that this or that building shouldn’t cost that much, and should have cost much lower, without having a professional property appraiser to estimate its costs after intensive days, weeks, or even months of investigation.

    COA report

    However, a property appraisal of sorts was actually undertaken, in the form of a special investigation into its construction costs by the Commission on Audit’s Local Government Sector, in response to the complaint filed by Bondal in January 2014 that it was overpriced.

    The COA sent Technical Audit Specialists to investigate the building’s five work items: “General Requirements,” Site, Structural, Sanitary, and Electrical Works. The investigation team was totally different from the COA auditors of Makati City from 2008 to 2010, which found nothing wrong in the building’s cost. The COA’s conclusion: “The contract cost is considered reasonable being within the allowable limit of variance.”

    But other than having to pay P1 million for an appraiser to come out with the “truth,” is there any way for us to at least have an idea if the Makati Building II was overpriced or not, to determine if this is all a demolition job against Binay by Trillanes and Cayetano?

    There certainly is, and I’m surprised Winnie, an economist by training, didn’t do what an economist would automatically do, which is look at the markets, the field of study after all, of that science called economics.

    How do you determine if a P700,000 tag on a 2009 Fortuner SUV would be a good price and that such a deal is not a rip-off? Would you look and inspect the engine and the underbody with a magnifying glass to decide whether it’s worth P700,000?

    Maybe you would, to pretend you know something about cars, and you’d certainly test drive it.

    But the main way you’d determine if it’s worth that is by checking out comparable market prices —ask friends who bought similar second-hand SUVs, research the internet buy-and-sell sites, and compute the price depreciation for such vehicles.

    Monsod needn’t have hilariously done the Nancy Drew act to determine if it was correctly priced at P2.3 billion or not. She could have just called the construction company that built it, Hilmarc’s Construction Corp., and asked for its project costs for other government buildings, as I did.

    The company did have these facts on hand, and these were actually presented to the Senate but surprisingly – or not so surprisingly – were hardly reported in the mainstream press, especially the country’s largest yellow newspaper.

    The company, having been in the business for 37 years with an annual revenue averaging about P4 billion from 2009 to 2013, had enough projects to compare these to the questioned Makati building. It could disclose the costs since these were government projects. In contrast, it couldn’t report costs for its privately owned projects such as the SM Mall of Asia, the GMA Network building, or the FEU Technology building.

    Iloilo Convention Center

    Senate President Franklin, I bet, would have squirmed in his big seat if he had been in the Senate committee hearing. Why? Because Hilmarc’s Construction was also the contractor for his pet project, the Iloilo Convention Center. Drilon had earlier reported that the two-floor structure would cost P63,893 per square meter, although the contractor in the Senate hearing said that the costs were escalating to over P105,000. The 11-story Makati building, the COA investigation showed, required a deeper foundation than others of comparable size because it was built on softer soil near the Pasig River, thus the cost of P69,549/sqm.

    I can just imagine if a graft case on the Makati City building is brought to the Sandiganbayan, and Binay’s defense lawyers would put on the witness stand the presiding judges of the Sandiganbayan and ask them why their building, adjusted to 2010 prices, cost P61,078/sqm.

    Here are the government projects of Hilmarc’s Construction, to enlighten those who judge without thinking first:

    • The House of Representatives Annex Building, finished in 2002: P74,752/sqm (at 2010 prices);

    • The House of Representatives Renovation and North Lounge Extension, 2012: P67,702/sqm;

    • Calamba City Hall Complex (2005): P65,043/sqm (at 2010 prices); and

    • The Bangko Sentral ng Pililipinas Dumaguete City buildings in Dumaguete and Naga cities: P62,183/sqm and P61,702, respectively.

    That is what “Seek truth from facts” means.

    There is another truth we uncovered in all this. You would have been aghast at how Trillanes bullied nearly every “resource person” there. But it turned out to be a hilarious episode when he threatened Hilmarc’s Construction that if it didn’t “cooperate,” he would ask the Department of Public Works and Highways to blacklist it.

    DPWH builds roads, which are different from office buildings, which Hilmarc’s builds. If he does not know that, it is no wonder then that Trillanes also demonstrated ignorance, even an arrogant kind, on what he was investigating. This is a dangerous person who would do anything to convince his Boss to anoint him as his vice-presidential candidate in 2016.

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    1. diosdado collado on

      to all pilipino people,..pls watch the past and ongoing senate investigation..an investigator should stay neutral..what does cayetano doing??hinihiya nya ang haimarcs construction.ang resource person…lahat ng massama sinabi na against binay family .sen..CAYETANO and TRELLANES.. pls act as a HONORABLE SENATOR…hwag muna kayong humusga???is this an INVESTIGATION IN AID OF LEGISLATION OR DEMOLITION AGAINST A STRONG PRES. CANDIDATE??? VALIDATE FIRST ALL INFORMATION AND MAKE A REPORT AND RECOM..

    2. Bakit pag may nag sasabi about kay binay na sang ayon sa kanya ang sasabihin nabayaran.bakit pag iba nag sasabi na may ginawa cla kahit nd pa napatunayan ang reaction tutuo agad na ginawa nila…haizt pilipinas kong mahal….pilipino nga naman…abangan nalang ang katotohanan bago mag judge ng iba.iba talaga pag walang maipanlaban sa kalaban…..sisirain nalng.

    3. I would start by a simple comparison to the costs of construction the big 5 budget for. Ask Ayala, Megaworld, DMCI, SMC and Palafox what is in the ball park and whats not and make sure you compare apples to apples. On the surface of it the costs seem over the top but there may have been other factors that impacted on the end cost.

    4. Mr RD Tiglao, “seek truth from facts” alam nyo ba talaga ang ibig sabihin nyan, o isa rin kayo sa may mga utang na loob kay binay kaya ipinagtatanggol nyo sya? ang dami nyong mga numiro na pinaikot ikot para lituhin ang mga mambabasa pero kayo yata mismo nalilito rin sa isinulat nyo. kayo po yung taong mahusay pero hindi nyo ginagamit sa mabuti ang kahusayan nyo. wag na sana kayong mabulagan sa katotohanan na ang pinagtatanggol nyo eh totoo namang magnanakaw. paanong naging milyunaryo ang isang mayor eh kumikita lang ng 80K kada buwan? business daw?! flower shop, sila ba ang nagsusuply ng corona sa namamatatayn sa makati? bakery?! ah kapag birthday ng matatandang botante ni mayor? sus markjosep sir, sila ba ang negosyanteng ni minsan hindi himima ang kita? at triple ang tubo bawat piraso ng bulaklak o cake kya kumita ng milyon milyon?? seek truth from fact, wala po kinalaman ang title sir, at para sayo, i pray that god use your talent to tell only the facts.

    5. So, anong gusto nating palabasin? Guilty na kaagad ang hatol! Ang tanong… may desisyon na ba ang husgado na nagpapatunay sa lahat ng mga alegasyon natin? Lumalabas na trial by publicity ang ginagawa na natin! At sa tutuo lang, si Binay ang nakikinabang nito! Mercado at Bondal. Bakit? Alam na ninyo sa tuwina na sa tuwing eleksyon, laging may mga mabigat na alegasyon na ibinabato laban sa mga Binay. Ngunit mas lalong naging mabango ang pangalan ng mga Binay. At ang resulta, laging panalo ang mga Binay. Katunayan, lahat sila ay nasa pwesto na… VP, Senate, Congress, at City Mayor. Magmatyag! Magmasid! Hindi lahat ng nakikita ng ating mata ay tutuo! Ang tanong ko lang…ano ba talaga ang tunay na hangarin nina Mercado at Bondal – akusahan ang mga Binay o mas lalong pabanguhin ang kanilang pangalan. Maraming salamat. GOD bless us all.

    6. BINAYaran n rin ata ni Binay si ginoong tiglaok..iba po computation s office building kumpara sa parking building..may false ceiling ba ang parking area?tsk tsk

    7. Mr. R.D. Tiglao always lie with facts of truth. What a horrible fearsome columnist.
      Cayetano and Trillanes are kids with no respect for intelligent truth of facts, swindlers.

    8. Nakahanap yata ng kakampi si Binay Lol natatawa lang ako. Compare nyo structure sa mga nagtataasang building ng makati, syempre kaylangan dn ng malalim at matibay n foundation ng mga yun, and then compare nyo presyo ng building……… Nga Nga! Kng hindi nga talaga overpriced ung building, then bat di sila magsalita, napa simple lang…. Explain explain explain. Yan lang naman gusto ng mga tao eh.

    9. If they are really interested in finding the truth whether overpriced or not, ask the complete set of bid plans and specifications and let an independent and reliable engineering survey do the estimate. simple as that..

    10. No matter what, if it walks like a duck it is a duck. Corruption pays, politics is big business that’s why there are dynasties and even entertainers get in before their fans get tired of them.

    11. What’s so intriguing is why the VP does not face the very serious accusations against him and his family? Why should he rely on other people to defend him? Is it a sign of weakness on his part? He is holding a very sensitive position in the country so he should be doing it himself rather than allowing someone to speak for him.

    12. G.Tiglao,di po ako propesyonal. Karpintero po ako, edad 57. Nagpatulong lang ako sa anak ko para maisulat at maipadala itong saloobin ko sa inyo. Ang anak ko kasi mahilig sa mga blog at nataon na mabasa nya kayo. Nabanggit nya sa akin ang sinulat nyo at napansin ko na may mali sa mga numero nyo. Halimbawa, yung sinabi nyong 69,549/sq. meter ay mali. Sa simpleng isip ko po pwede po siguro yun sa mga palapag na pang opisina na may aircon, furnitures, ilaw at finish. Alam ko po kasi kung magkano inaabot ng paggawa ng opis, nangongontrata po kasi akong subcon. Pero kung iisipin nyo po, di naman lahat ng palapag ay opisina, yung anim,parking, di po ba? Samakatwid, common sense lang naman siguro na mas mababa sa 69,540/sq.m yung parking. Pero baka kasi sa pangkompyut nyo ng 69,540/sqm sa parking baka naisama nyo yung mga kotseng nakapark dun.
      Ngayon yung sinasabi nyo naman tungkol sa pundasyon, di naman ho aabot ng ganun kataas ang halaga sa 11na palapag at 1basemnt. Kung mga 5 basemnt po siguro pwede pa. Alamin nyo po muna kung gaano kalalim yung piles na binaun nila. Kasi sa isang basemnt di po aabot ng ganun kalaki ang gastos sa pundasyon. Magtanong din muna kayo bago nyo ikalat yung sinabi ng COA na dinesign yung parking bldg sa lindol. Lahat ho ng gusali dapat kayang tumayo kahit may lindol, lalo na pag pampublikong bldg. Nasa code po yan. Nung nagtrabaho po ako sa Primea ang narinig ko po sa mga meeting kaya daw ng Primea ng intensity 8. Yung parking bldg po anong lakas ng lindol ang kaya? Pwede rin pong magkamali tao ng COA kasi di naman sila mga engineer o contactor. Nung binuhusan ba yung pundasyon, nandun po ba sila? Chinek ba nilang tama yung bilang at sukat ng bawat bakal sa bawat footing? Nagtiwala ba sila sa estimate na bigay ng contractor o gumawa ba sila ng sariling kompyut nila? O nakatambay ba sila sa bunk house nagkakape? Madali ho paikutin ang mga taga COA. Nung nag subcon po ako sa PNOC, ako pa ho nagturo sa isang tiga COA kung pano magbilang ng…

    13. My mindset toward corruption has been changed by this moro-moro in the senate. I now believe that it is ok to be corrupt just make sure that you will be the less guilty party. Then at the right time present yourself as a whistle blower. Better still, apply for WPP so you’ll get immunity from suit, 24/7 security, and monthly allowance. The best part of it is you have your loots to keep.

    14. My late father use to say be fearful when society only has two side and its citizens can only be for or against the opinions of leaders and thinkers. For that will be the time when their very own children will devour them simply because they are not in agreement. Mr Tiglao’s article is practical as the issue stays on simply informing the reader of a way to determine pricing per square meter. It does not prove the building is not over-priced nor does it allude innocence of the Binays. It merely gives it’s readers a methodology we also use in buying or selling property or service. Here comparison is vital as a guide. One must also ask why did the good senators not apply this at the hearing. Finally if a case has already been filed with the ombudsman, a status of sub-judice or under court jurisdiction should be respected by the senate as any statement under oath may violate the basic rights of anyone against self-incrimination.

    15. The possible corruption being exposed in Makati local government is a reflection of what is really happening in many local governments. I hope the COA and Ombudsman can have a good look at the different LGUs throughout the country.

    16. what a shame defending the binays. or arroyos. and estradas. i hope the filipino people get rid of these corrupt trapos. the problem is not poverty or economy. it’s corruption. we solve corruption, we solve all these problems.

    17. Mr Tiglao, why do you keep on defending warped and illegal transactions that the Binay family has been doing to enrich themselves? No matter what the cost of the cake, it is still Nancy cake paid out of city govt funds. This is blatantly immoral and illegal, a family doing captive business out of the govt. Now, as to those charges of overpricing, let the accusers finish their story. Who know,s they may just be cooking up something, but that depends on whether they can back up their accusation of overpricing. But from expert testimonies who have nothing to do with Binay or the dirty politics of his accusers, the building appears to be over priced.

    18. I think you are the one not using facts to write a good article, even a good apologia.

      1. It is a parking building; you cannot compare its per square-meter cost to other buildings which have higher specifications and requirements (e.g. House of Representatives building has private rooms with toilet and bath for each congressman);

      2. per COA Chair: the 10 floors were already habitable but they added an 11th floor for P1+B more; the foundation was charged to cost five times; there were building features that were removed/deleted without corresponding reduction in cost;

      3. per Rappler, the bidding had several indicators of being rigged: the winning bid was very, very close to the project contract amount; one “bidder” denied participation in the bidding; the bid amount of the bidders were very, very close to each other; the last two phases of the project were not bid at all

    19. >> Ang issue kung OVERPRICE BA o HINDI ang Makati Hall Bldg.2? Sa mga nag-comment o nag-blog dito sa column i Mr. Tiglao, wala sa pinag-uusapan o topic ang mga pinagsasabi. Tama lang na pag-usapan kung anong kulay..Pula o Puti. Pero paghinaluan na ng iba-ibang kulay at dadamihan mo ng thinner at ang iba ay lalagyan ng locker thinner, ang magiging resulta ..KULAY BASURA.

      • carmelita madara on

        stick to the sue, Makati carpark bldg. muna. Later, tingnan din iyon mga bldgs. na yo. stck to issiue, Makati carpark bldg. at saka na iyon. Audit muna iyon. Kaya magulo sa pilipinas, we are all very talkative, pero lahat naman tayo nabibili.

      • Agree ako sa iyo. Ang nakita kong ugali ng mga tao dito sa thread na ito ay parang ok lang sa kanilang makitang pinapatay ang isang tao at hindi sila makikialam dahil lang kinaiinisan.nila yung tao na iyon.

    20. “THOSE WHO DON’T HAVE SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE”….kayong mahilig magsabi na makasalanan ang isang tao tiningnan nyo ba ang sarili nyo?! kayo po ba’y malinis? o hipokrito lng….!! kaming mga ordinaryong mamamayan naghanap pa rin ng tunay na ebidensya…puro lng “sabi”malamang”daw” yong salita samahan nyo naman ng tunay na ebidensya….kung wala pa rin ibig sabihin may gusto lng manira ng kapwa tao nila at kayo naman ang nagpapagamit…pwede mo lng sabihin na makasalanan ang isang tao kung ang sarili mo wala kang ginawang kasalanan…! simple as that…!

    21. I hope I am mistaken but Mr Tiglao, your article today seemed to be buttressing the defense of Binay. I am certainly appalled by the behavior of both Trillanes and Cayetano who are doing this in relation to their ambition to become VP and president. Objectively though, this is what should be done in all government cases where charges of corruption and graft are leveled against officials. In this case, the property appraisers who were asked to do an ocular of the building did their profession a big disservice by letting themselves be drawn into this scandal. I believe this investigation is being done as a diversion to the real issues of DAP and PDAF and the manner which they are present in the 2015 budget.

      • Did you see in another news item BiseBinay and his KKK’s “….deplored the acceptance into the Witness Protection Program (WPP) of the three main detractors of the Vice President who claimed that Binay benefited from all projects when he was Makati City mayor.” Huwag daw SECRET. Ayaw nilang secret kung nasaan si Mercado atbp.

    22. nod if you agree on

      Mahirap i-criticize sila Trillanes and Cayetano with out looking like you’re defending Binay.
      But I still applaud Mr. Tiglao, the case is already file with the Ombudsman ndi ba? No need for the moro moro in the Senate para lang mag pa gwapo sila Trillanes ant Cayetano.
      In the end mauuwi lang kagaya ng nangyari kay PGMA, wala naipanalong kaso ang administrasyon. Puro palabas lang.
      Pare parehas lang yang mga yan. Kailangan na matuto ng mga bobotante. i-expose mo pa Mr. Tiglao ang mga kabulukan ng nasa pwesto ngayon.

      • John Marc L. Tan on

        i agree. political play na lang ang nasa senate. di ba, pera ng bayan ginagamit nila sa session? dapat itigil na nila yan kung naka-file na ang case sa ombudsman. sayang pera natin.

    23. Daniel B. Laurente on

      Most comments on the article is out of context. The article shows a comparative facts in arriving probable cost of the subject building of Makati City. Mr. Tiglao was right in mentioning that the type of building constructed on soft strata needs a deeper foundation to be able withstand strong earthquake. The cost alone of the foundation will be high. Any qualified structural engineer can attest to that not other profession particularly economist. The structural frame of the building is costly compare to the surface claddings such as wall claddings and floors. Beside building construction under government projects be it in National or Local level always follow standard costing provided by Public Works Building Department that monitors prevailing materials cost in the market that they constantly make adjustments.

      One can noticed that all the building construction cost as referred to by Mr. Tiglao shows almost at the same level of cost / sq. meter. It is because government costing follow standards. And in goverment projects appropiations it is standard that the appropiated money for the project should be consummed whatever instead keeping the remaining unspent money.

      Mr. Tiglao article doesn’t show support of Binays but only shows how to educate the Public in how to arrived to costing of any proposed project and how to evaluate the cost of the project.

      • unfortunately, yung point na gustong iparating ni mr. tiglao ay hindi naiintindihan ng karamihan ng blogger or ng mga nagco-comment dito. Most will jump into the conclusion that he is defending Binay which is far from the truth.

      • Engr. Edwin Quimba, Asean Certified Engineer on

        … bakit po Sir!?! Engineer ka ba para lehitimong sabihing tama ang estimate ni Ginoong Tiglao????

    24. Magkano po ba ang ibinayad sa PR ninyo Mr. Tiglao? Ambassador ka pa naman. Nakakhiya po kayo at akala ko matalino kayo. Huwag ninyo sanang ilubog ang mga kagandahang iniwan ninyo sa buhay ninyo para ipagtanggol ang isang corrupt na pulitiko. Baka masabihan kayong wala kayong pinagkatandaan. Tumigil na lang po kayo at magalaga ng mga apo.

    25. Mr. Tiglao is not defending Binay. He is showing us facts upon which we could based an intelligent conclusion. Is the building overpriced? Let us look at the facts. That is what he is saying. I don’t think an intelligent man like Mr. Tiglao will ever believe Binay is clean. In my case, I cannot imagine voting for a man like Binay. NEVER!!!

    26. These are all government buildings and you know very well how things work in this criminal organization. I suggest you compare them to buildings in the private sector.

      • Cost wise, hindi pwedeng ikumpara ang privately owned Construction of buildings dahil po sa standards na sinusunod sa program of works sa government owned building.

        Government – Mayroong Cost Analysis (ex. hauling cost), taxes on aggregates, mandatory inclusion of EVAT and other related technical services etc etc.
        Private – Prevailing Market price of materials

      • How can you consider Tiglao’s arguments “poor” when they are supported by facts? To the layman they are as clear as crystal.

      • Ronito Ines Amigable on

        The columnist forgot about the conflicting claim of the Binay camp particularly Mayor Junjun that the building was “world-class” with a penthouse green garden.

    27. Mr. Tiglao…from my prospective…it was really a waste of senate time regarding this investigation as pointed out in the column…again why dont these “senatong and tonggressmen” have the same tenacity and hard questions in investigating PDAF, DAP and Malampaya Funds which is the bigger picture…2.3 billion from makati city of a population of what about 600,000 as against hundreds of billions of public money wasted or not used properly from millions of taxpayers….

    28. YOU were’nt so funny rabidly defending GMA but quite interesting Aquino basher making me wait for your columns.I guess there’s an hint of stupidity in you this time.Inaabswelto mo na agad mga Binay and worst Hilmarcs as if wala kang alam sa kalakaran sa gobyerno.Let them all burn! or..secret spox ka ng VP? How much? Ok lang yan..jobless ka yata ngayon.

    29. This is the reason I’m a fan of Mr.Bobi Tiglao..I don’t like Binay because he’s an Aquino lapdog.But,Mr.Tiglao explained with facts and figures why this is a demolition job.
      By Roxas,maybe??…Mabuhay ka Mr. Tiglao.I’m a fan since your PDI days.

    30. It’s not about defending Binay.
      It’s a wake-up call to everyone who are jumping to conclusions without “seeking truth from facts”.
      Politicians continuously reap profits for themselves using tactics of grandstanding at the expense of taxpayer’s money.
      So what we’ve got from these BS politicians? A taxpayer is asking.

    31. P-NOY quote”The truth shall set us all free”,what the President is saying is that the truth about Mr.13%VP Binay corruption will set us all free from the devil.Death penalty for plunderer.Tiglao cannot live without corruption,he use to work for GMA.

    32. It is so obvious that the senate inquiry is indeed in aid of Mar Roxas election for 2016. If these senate investigation will not damage Binay, the liberal party bigwigs will resort to impeachment so that Binay will be gone forever. I sincerely believe it the inevitable will ever happen, any opponent of Mar Roxas will still beat him in 2016 and all of the so called allies of Pnoy will transfer on the other side.

    33. Huwag naman, Ambassador Tiglao. Your defense of this indefensible Binay car park building fiasco leaves a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth. Your previous columns had been hallmarks of sobriety, critical thinking and uninfluenced analysis. Today’s column on Binay smacks of mercenary predisposition which completely overlooks the testimonies so far given before the Senate inquiry. In this Binay case, we are not merely looking at VP Binay’s personal corruptibility: the Filipino nation has been shellacked into viewing family greediness. This is worse than the 70’s conjugal dictatorship. The late historian Barbara Tuchman once said that nations and leaders have the tendency to pursue self-destruction-destined policies as shown in the Vietnam War. Please don’t reinforce this tendency of the Filipino electorates to vote for a deeply flawed VP Binay for president in 2016. The country as it is has already many problems and lets not aggravate the situation by putting Binay at its helm.

      • Comparing actual figures regarding government building construction costs done by Hilmarc is “mercenary predisposition”? Isn’t that being scientific and factual?

    34. I disagree with Mr. Tiglao. The Binay’s are corrupt family too. Have you heard of the Anti dynasty bill Mr. Tiglao? The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Ganon ba yun Mr. Tiglao? I think we should put down all the corrupt politician running this gov’t. no exemption please.

      • Proof muna..Dont get me wrong I will not vote for Binay and I believe he is corrupt…pero pagdating sa court of law facts and not belief will have more weight.

    35. Mr.Tiglao,no need to defend Vice President Binay,he is corrupt to the core,just ask any MAKATI businessmen,probably more than half will say he is corrupt.
      Mr.Binay is a scalawag from Cory Aquino,they are of the same,the continued lambasting of Mr. Binay is to push the stock of Mr.Roxas, because the president owes him his political stature,YET, BOTH BINAY AND ROXAS WILL NOT WIN THE PRESIDENCY,HOWEVER there are chances they might win BECAUSE OF OUR STUPID ELECTORATE .MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US

      • Maari pa rin maging panggulo si Senyor Kho Rheena kun magkaron sya ng “sympathy votes” dahil sa pagtuturo kay Senyor Binay na pangunahing suspek kun anuman ang mangyari kay Senyor Simyon – gaya ng pagpatay kay Senyor Benigno na kun saan laging itinuturo lagi si Mr. Marcos. Ano ang kasiguruhan na hindi ang mga myembro ng Liberal Party ang gagawa ng “untoward incident” upang maituro lamang si Senyor Jojo at sabihin nila na si Senyor Jojo ang magiging benepisyo ng anuman kaganapan kay Senyor Simyon. Kaibigan ng pamilya Akino si Senyor Jojo at ito ay hindi maaari itatwa. Hinding hindi mag aaway ang pamilya Akino at pamilya ng mga Binay.

    36. may I ask who paid Oakwood Hotel for the things Trillanes and his gang destroyed and the food they ate and drinks they ordered during that infamous oakwood incident?

    37. Im a bit surprised that you focused on the personalities of the players rather than the history of the accused, just because Beavis and Butthead conducted the hearing and dumb and dumber as their witness – IT DOES NOT NEGATE THE CRIMES nor ABSOLVE THE ACCUSED of their past misdeeds. You were convinced that their antics is enough to concluded that the Dysnasty are saints. Even to the extent of bashing a fellow journalist. Did it ever occur to you that the Project Cost you got from Hillmark is THE TRUTH? Even if it cost 4bil? Did it also occur to you that there are more credible witnesses willing to testify?

    38. Amb. Tiglao, sa akin paniniwala, kailangan lang ipaliwanag ni VP Binay KUNG saan galing ang KAYAMANAN nilang pamilya mula ng ma appoint sya ni Pres. Cory OIC ng Makati, na base sa kanilang SALN ay mga Multi- Millionaires silang lahat. Hindi na kailangan magpaliwanag si VP Binay, mamayang 4 pm, KUNG MERON O WALANG OVERPRICED ang Makati Parking Building, RECORDS WILL SPEAK FOR THE FACTS, Di Ba AMBASSADOR TIGLAO?

      • Hindi naman yata isyu ang kayamanan ni Jojo. Ang isyu ay kung meron oberprays ang gusali na ipinatayo ang lungsod ng Makati. Kung ganyan ang lohika, paano mo ipaliwanag ang pagkakaron ng Porsche ni Senyor Simyon sa mga unang araw pa lang sa kanyang ilegal (dahil hindi naman sya nanalo sa halalan kundi napili lang sya ng makina) na pag board and lodging sa gusali na tinaguriang Malakanyang?

    39. Jose A. Oliveros on

      What about the price of the new Iloilo Airport constructed when Drilon was Senate President a few years back? It is said half in jest and half seriously that the cost of the airport ballooned because of a stopover at the Senate.

      • the overall cost of an airport or any office buildings cannot be compared with a parking lot bldg that’s as simple as a kid’s math..their cost include all furnishings and interior decoration works which are very expensive.. leave those buildings later to be investigated but at the moment we need to know whether the parking lol bldg is overpriced and by how much..

    40. Trilannes has shown his self interest by wasting our time and money by using the Senate for political purposes. Let any graft cases be pursued in court.

    41. jose btaganahan on

      Ok Mr. Bobi Tiglao please just answer this question; How a very poor and orphaned high school student (according to an admirer of VP Binay, Atty. Harry Roque) became a very rich man (hindi kami poor according to Congresswoman Abigael Binay) after only becoming Mayor of Makati and with out any successful business to show as a source of income except his salaries as Mayor of Makati?

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        Hardwork, hardwork, and hardwork plus a go-go from above. If Binay did wrong along the way, he is answerable to his Creator. God bless the Philippines.

      • That is like asking how did Mr. Marcos with just a congressional, senatorial and presidential salary afford all the “profligacy” claimed by his detractors, yellow propagandists and clueless individuals? It is the gold (having no provenance being war booty) which were appraised and upon which an insurance certificate was issued and henceforth used to “borrow” money from banks, the proceeds of the loan being used as “seed capital” in Private Placement Programs that earned continuously compounded trading profits all over the years.

      • Mukhang kabadong-kabado na si Bise. Kaya tinawagan na ni Bise ang kaniyang sikret KKK’s para mag media blitzkrieg.

    42. Regardless how much you spin, your VP is a damage goods in the eyes of every decent Filipinos. To shrug off the issue of corruption as politicking or demolition job seems to be the best defense of corrupt officials of this land. Just answer all allegations and if he comes out clean, he deserved to be the next President!

      • While I have nothing against Señor Jojo, the onus of proof always lies on the accusers. Let those hurling all the accusations come out with incontrovertible documentary evidences of malfeasance. Otherwise, 99,999,999 Filipino can be making allegations and he would not have all the time in the world to answer each and every accusation being hurled on him. The better way is for an accuser to bring his/her evidences in the office of one congressman who may file an impeachment complaint against the guy and let the process proceed in accordance with our Constitution. Otherwise, all those senate hearings are just theatrical antics of one SAMS (Stupid Asshole Masquerading as Senator) Antonio with the gall pretending to have intellectual prowess and legal wisdom.

    43. Typical Trillanes, this animal stood over 2 property owners who owned the site where he hid some weapons during the makati siege. He also bullied his guards at Camp Aguinaldo where he was incarcerated. A cockroach like this shouldn’t be allowed in the senate. Such an opportunistic canard now suckholing himself with the yellow turd occupying Malacanang.

    44. What more can I say other than this about life in the Philippines , for this came all the way from Manila :
      Sa America , tapos and karera ng isang politiko madawit lamang and pangalan sa pangangaliwa ng asawa or hindi pagbabayad ng multa sa trapiko.
      In America , ex-politicians
      Sa Japan naman, magpapakamatay dahil masasangkot ang panglan sa anumang katiwalian.
      Dito sa atin, mga smugglers, tax evaders, illegal loggers, magnanakaw, manggagantso, gambling lords, drug lords, coup plotters, rebels, tyrants, at pati mga convicted murderers, plunderers and rapists ay patuloy nating binoboto, binoboto rin natin pati mga anak, asawa at kamag-anak nila!
      Tapos magtataka tayo, kung bakit hanggang ngayon ay talamak pa rin and krimen, katiwalian, kawalan ng hustiya, kamangmangan at kahirapan sa bansang ito?

    45. i disagree with you on this mr tiglao.
      nah. wag na nating ipagtanggol ang isa pang obvious na corrupt.
      nagtutulungan kayo against aquino pero ang gusto ipreserve i isang binay. wag na lang.

      • Paano mo tulungan ang isang tao na bukod sa wala na nga alam dahil talagang mahina ang IQ at wala karanasan sa pagpapatakbo ng kumpanya na ayaw pa rin makinig sa payo at walang lakas ng loob sundin ang batas at ang tama? Saan ka nakakita ng tao na gusto hatiin ang bansa at paggawa ng bagong bansa na tinatawag nyang Bangsamoro State? Meron ba panggulo na payagan ang paglustay ng salapi ng bayan ng walang apropriyasyon ang kongreso na labag sa Konstitusyon na sinumpaan nyang ipagtanggol?