Seizing suspected NKorea ship reckless and provocative


I almost fell off from my seat when I read the Sunday newpapers reporting that a SUSPECTED North Korean cargo vessel “Jin Teng” docked in Subic port delivering palm kernel for farm animal feeds was impounded as part of the United Nations asset freeze sanction against volatile North Korea for its missile program in defiance of UN rules. Wow! The Philiippines is the first to immediately act within hours of the release of the sanction orders. We are now the first to show bold moves and be internationally compliant. Well and good?

WRONG! If you ask me, this is another reckless and provocative move and whoever ordered and sanctioned this must be exposed and held responsible for the consequences of this “knee jerk reaction.”

I read closely the Philippine Daily Inquirer report which said that the ownership of the said vessel is not even clear yet whether it is North Korean or not. Our Coast Guard officially found that the ship’s papers showed that it was a Sierra Leone-flagged vessel owned by a company based in the British Virgin Islands. It is registered under the name of Golden Soar Development whose address is in Hongkong’s Tsim Sha Tsiu tourist district. The Philippine government merely followed the alleged UN list and it did not do due diligence to first verify the ownership. If further verifications showed this is indeed North Korean, then by all means. We all know this is a difficult and long process with the usual layering of documents, flagging and situs of registrations. But at this time, this is premature; definitelty not at this stage when we have not even done the most basic step of verification. This is grossly reckless! And if we cannot eventually pin this down as a North Korean vessel, we will all be red in the face: an international embarrassment!

I visited South Korea exactly one year ago. I went to the so-called “38th parallel,” that great divide that separates the two still warring Koreas and where north and south Korean soldiers face each other eyeball to eyeball everyday up to now hoping no one pulls the trigger first. There had been stories from those who escaped who told us about the north, of how repressive and harsh life there is and how volatile and juvenile the young Kim Jong-Un, the Korean leader is supposed to be. He deserves to be internationally sanctioned. But we must show to the world that we also do due diligence.

I worked in Malacañang for many years. It is unpardonable to act this aggressively on such an internationally sensitive move without first the Cabinet security cluster meeting (or its equivalent now) and weighing options before a decision is made. Or was there one that we do not know of? Then let it be known publicly.

This is also recklessly provocative. Let’s not all be surprised if the next rocket launch by Pyongyang will be directed at our shores. Anyway, they are just test launchings! Then we can send our outriggers and bancas to battle!


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  1. Retired Army Officer on

    If the ship that docked in Subic Bay Port was carrying a North Korea Flag, It must be a North Korean, plain and simple. Philippines has all the authority to inspect or do whatever it wanted to do, simply because the ship is inside the jurisdiction of the Philippines. So many U.S. flag carrier ships are registered in Panama. So what is the big deal about searching a ship, that carries a North Korea flag docked in Philippine port? Whoever believe that the action taken by the Philippine authorities in searching North Korean Vessel docked in Philippine port were reckless and provocative, are out of their mind because “SECURITY” is not in their vocabulary. Lastly, it is better to err on the side of security.

  2. Retired Naval Officer on

    I agree. The move is dangerous and compromises national security. I spent 10 years in the coast guard and was charged for contempt for not implementing a court order because the order defied logic. Another court order issued contradicted the initial order and proved me right. Patience is the better part of valor than little knowledge or subservience to irresponsible order that endangers the whole country.