• Sen. Bong’s sister almost denied visit at Crame



    GUESS WHO? Actress’ husband gets mistress pregnant anew
    Has gaining entry into the secure premises of the PNP Custodial Center at Camp Crame become even stricter these days, that a regular visitor had to pass through at least three checks before arriving at the detention cell?

    One of two Vignettes sources who often visit former Senator Bong Revilla complained,“Kung tutuusin nga dapat walang nagbago sa policy nila dahil ang natitira na lang namang naka-detain dun Sen. Bong [and Sen. Leila de Lima].”

    Paying Revilla – and in the past, co-detainee former Senator Jinggoy Estrada now free on bail – a Sunday visit had been one of the sources’ routines but, “The last time I went there with food for Revilla, aba, hindi ako pinapasok. Ok lang kung yun ang bagong policy nila. I just left the food I bought.”

    More recently though, our second source received a call from Princess “Pepes” Revilla, Bong’s siser, who paid her brother a visit on November 19.

    “Initially, I was clueless why Princess rang me up. I thought she just wanted to say hi since we haven’t spoken to or seen each other for a long time. Pati pala siya muntik nang hindi papasukin ng jail guard!” Vignettes learned.

    Bong Revilla

    Quoting Princess, “She was allowed entry at the first and second checks until she was stopped at the next. Guess why? Bawal daw kasi na naka-orange [she was wearing an orange-colored blouse]. Sa inis niya, sinagut-sagot niya yung guard, ‘Anong akala mo sa akin, preso? Saka hindi naman ito orange, it’s red-orange!’

    “The guard replied, ‘Maam, hindi naman po ako color blind,’ and still wouldn’t let her in, kaya para payagan siyang bumisita kay Bong, she had to borrow a jacket and wear it over her dress.”

    So, is the color associated with Manila City Mayor Joseph Estrada a no-no?

    * * *

    From a reliable source, Vignettes got wind that the current administration is already firm on not renewing the franchise of ABS-CBN when it expires in 2019.

    Our source, who requested anonymity, told Vignettes that the franchise of the country’s leading TV network ends—not in 2019 but the year after.

    “We’re talking of a process here as the matter has to be discussed in Congress.”

    Despite the clarification, our source declined to comment on talks that most of ABS-CBN’s regular employees are on the lookout for possible employment prospects abroad.

    Vignettes hopes that the reported closure of the station by then will not come to fruition.

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? Over the past weeks, netizens have been totally clueless about the reason behind the emotional outpour of Famous Actress (FA) on social media.

    One thing’s for certain though, her gripes have something to do with her marriage.

    Is it really on the rocks?

    Vignettes gathered from a reliable source that while FA’s marriage to her equally famous husband (EFH) isn’t on the brink of collapse (well, not yet), her latest discovery might just do it in once and for all.

    Allegedly, EFH got his “kept woman” pregnant anew. The first time EFH did the deed was forgiven, but FA issued a stern warning then that it can never happen again.

    So, who’s EFH’s alleged other woman? Vignettes learned that she’s a dead ringer for FA.

    “As in they look alike, but of course, the girl is younger and slimmer.”

    Further squeezed for info about the “mystery girl,” the expectant second-time mother hails from a southern province where EFH—because of the nature of his job—had been to a couple of times.


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