“Sen. Guingona should probe Sec. Abad”


The senate Blue Ribbon Committee was transformed into a Yellow Ribbon Committee by the PDAF and DAP.

It’s as simple as that.

Questionable DAP , is now under the hands of the final arbiter supposedly an independent branch , i.e. the Supreme Court.We hope and pray that SC justices ( though they have been threatened by a politician from Mindoro ) that they will be unafraid to deliver what is constitutional and just for the welfare of our country and its people.
Siony Camacho Bana

* * *

We must demand that the DBM post on national newspapers as to how then Congressman and later Sen. BS Aquino lll’s PDAF funds were spent. Were some of his PDAF funds channeled to the NGOs of Janet Napoles?

Likewise, the DBM must also post on national newspapers as to how the PDAFs of speaker Belmonte and SP Franklin Drillon were spent. Were some of their PDAF funds chaneled to the NGOs of Janet Napoles?
jose b. taganahan

If this yellow regime of PNoy has nothing to hide and is really transparent in their transactions, DBM Sec. Abad, COA Administrator Pulido-Tan, and even Sen. Drilon should appear in the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing to be grilled and answer questions crucial to unmask the secrets behind PNoy’s DAP and the PDAF. These people are brazenly challenging the quest for truth by the Filipino taxpayers. They assume that this nation will just believe their distorted tale. They should be reminded that the more they hide and delay the revelation of truth, the more the issue will blow on their shameless faces.

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What? Gungongna will investigate his allies? HaHa..impossible.

I Agree with all your points, Manila Times.
G. M. Kuizon

Ha, ha, ha. Mr Editor, are you praying or dreaming. If COA cannot, would not audit P Noy’s PDAP so is Abad oh and Guingona and Cayetanos and the rest of em are all beneficiary of Stan. Who is Stan? King of Hell.
sammy cruz


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  1. Guingona is afraid to lose chairmanship otherwise investigating ABAD and Drilon is a political suicide Aquino has short tempered and sure he will expel TG from the party at will. DAP is illegal at all means.

  2. It’s an illusion that (DAP) Drillon, Abad,Aquino will be investigated by Guingona kita nyo naman tutang tuta kasi kong hindi siya recipient ng maniobra sa botohan do u think he would be elected let’s wait na lang that Aquino leave malakanyang then makulong either sa jail or NMH

  3. mikhail hieronymus on

    We all know that Sen,Guingona can not and will not probe a fellow senator aligned with Pnoy. However I agree that “Sen. Guingona should probe Sec. Abad” and see what will happen!!!!!