• Sen. Joker’s message is loud and clear

    Erwin Tulfo

    Erwin Tulfo

    Retired Sen. Joker Arroyo recently lashed out at the PNoy administration saying, “Look at yourselves at the mirror first before criticzing others.”

    Arroyo was referring to the witch hunting activity of the current administration in going after members of the former administration suspected of being involved in graft and corruption.

    The veteran lawmaker noticed that while PNoy is quick in going after former officials suspected of pocketing millions of government funds, he is very slow in running after his own corrupt and scrupulous men.

    Sen. Arroyo’s observations were absolutely right.

    PNoy condones his wayward men that instead of firing them, he puts a blind eye and says he still trust his man.

    I wonder if the President is really serious in cleaning up the system.

    One thing for sure though, he is full of baloney!!!

    * * *

    Is dpwh afraid of one of its Scrupulous contractors?
    After announcing a few weeks ago that it is looking for its missing P30 billion in infrastructure projects, the Department of Public Works and Highways [DPWH] has yet to file charges against certain contractors.

    Public Works Sec. Rogelio Singson admitted earlier on a TV interview that P6 billion of the missing funds went to Edwin Gradiola, a contractor from Batangas.

    Based on the records of the department, Gradiola was awarded almost P6 billion worth of infrastructure projects during the time of former Pres. Arroyo.

    Out of the said amount, P100 million supposedly went to Gradiola’s hometown in Mataas na Kahoy for a concrete road construction, Singson said.

    Surprisingly, inspectors from DPWH reported that no road construction has been done in the area up to this point leaving most of the roads in the area either muddy or full of potholes.

    Mataas na Kahoy Mayor Jay Manalo suspects Gradiola just pocketed the money since there were no road constructions in his town even before he assumed office in 2010.

    If Mayor Manalo’s suspicion is right, then the funds given to Gradiola went to “ghost projects”.

    Now, the question is what is DPWH waiting for that it has not filed any case against Gradiiola before the Office of the Ombudsman?

    Is Gradiola a sacred cow, Sec. Singson???



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    1. We have a beautiful country called “PHILIPPINES”, with a disease of corrupt govt which is the cancer of the society, (by Dr. Jose Rizal).
      Change the govt corrupt officials!!

    2. Once again I will say that PNOY had no intention to clean up the government he inherited, he will just say its the fault of previous administration. What does the PNOY doing knowing that Secretary Sinson knows the CONTRACTOR who takes PEOPLES money, turn their EYES away.

      Its sad to read,that a member of the CABINET do not have the courage to put this unscrupulous CONTRACTOR to jail. WHERE is AMLA now doing, they are BLIND too.

    3. The best President to pursue against corruption, should have no friends, no relatives, has enough money not to be corrupt himself and a family name or legacy to protect. Pnoy is the nearest to fit that description.

    4. Agree. But I believe these are “UNscrupulous” contractors: contractors without scruples in their conscience.

    5. Voice from the Wilderness on

      Indeed, this columnist is right, this present inept president in malacanang is full of baloney! But the general public specifically the enlightened ones is in a quandary on the question of who will replace this inept president if ever it will take a concerted action to oust him. Unless a white knight will emerge from the horizon, this country will continue to suffer from the cursed administration of this inept president.