Sen. Legarda NOT involved in Napoles scams


OUR editorial yesterday “Living a charmed life” deplores the shenanigans of Janet Lim Napoles of the JLN Group of Companies. We regret this sentence in that editorial
“According to Ms. Sunas, one such NGO—the People’s Organization for Progress and Development Foundation—received the pork barrel allocations of two senators, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Loren Legarda.” Mrs. Sunas is one of the whistleblowers.

Senator Legarda is among the few lawmakers peerless in thoroughness and hard work. She was cleared by the principal whistleblowers of the P10-billion Napoles scam through which government funds, mainly pork barrel allocations, were released to fictitious non-government organizations. These funds should have benefited needy Filipinos.

Instead they went to the pockets of Ms. Napoles and her gang as well as the government officials and lawmakers who surrendered their pork barrel to the JLN Group.

As usual, the real culprits immediately activated a disinformation campaign to besmirch innocent people, like Senator Legarda, to muddy the flow of accurate news and divert attention from themselves.

Unfortunately, our editorial contained this disinformation against Senator Legarda. As early as Saturday, news (it appeared on Sunday in the Philippine Star) had already cleared Senator Legarda. The Star’s Sunday headline says: “De Lima: Loren not in NBI probe” and the news tells of the Justice Secretary negating reports published by some papers (not The Times).

The truth is made clearer in yesterday’s Inquirer report with the headline “28 solons linked to scam”. That story by Nancy C. Carvajal is the fourth of the PDI series on this subject.

It says, “Contrary to one newspaper report, Sen. Loren Legarda was not involved in the scam, said the principal whistle-blower, Benhur Luy, a former Napoles employee. ‘There was an attempt, but I heard she was dropped because she scrutinized it and she was very keen on receipts,’ Luy told the Inquirer.”

Congratulations, Senator Legarda!


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  1. I believe that Senator Loren Legarda has nothing to do with this. I believe in her hoensty.

  2. Naku may mga ganyang senador pala, pero naniniwala akong hindi maggawa ng paborito kong senador na si loren legarda ang ganyang bagay.