• Sen. Marcos warns voters of dirty tricks campaign


    SENATOR Ferdinand Marcos Jr., on Tuesday cried foul over attempts of some individuals to sabotage his political plans for 2016 by spreading false information about his supposed planned declaration of his presidential bid.

    Marcos, at the same time, called on the public as well as local officials not to entertain invitations from individuals claiming to be connected to him and asking them to join the event in exchange for cash.

    “This is part of the dirty tricks employed by some groups who want to sabotage me,” Marcos said in an interview after his talk with the students of Rizal Technological University (RTU) in Pasig City (Metro Manila).

    The Senator issued the statement after receiving information that some individuals are going around recruiting people to join a supposed three-day convention to be held at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan.

    The convention would apparently start on September 26 and, according to reports, would also be a time when Marcos plans to announce his 2016 presidential bid.

    Last week, unidentified individuals have already recruited 4,000 participants in Taguig City by promising them that free transportation and cash amounting to P4,500 would be given to each participant of the event.

    According to Marcos, he is still in the process of deciding on his plan for 2016, and in the event that a decision has already been made, the Nationalista Party (NP) will make the official announcement.

    “Unless the information about his 2016 plans came from NP, any information coming from other sources is untrue,” the senator explained.

    Marcos said he already sent letters to all mayors and governors all over the country clarifying the issues and asking them not to entertain such reports.

    The senator remains undecided if he will run for president next year, but Vice President Jejomar Binay is reportedly eyeing him to be his running mate.

    Marcos admitted that he is having a difficult time deciding because the current political situation is very different noting that even Binay and former Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd are also having a hard time choosing their respective running mates.

    But Marcos said that he would likely have a decision on what to do in 2016 before September ends.

    “By that time there is already a clear picture on what will the 2016 presidential elections will look like,” he added.



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    1. His father has a vision for the country while the succeeding Presidents has none, I wonder if the Senator has one like his father that would steer the country out of poverty.

    2. Wtf? Who are these people? Involving the philippine arena? The INC have a grand evangelical mission on 26 and they spread lies that marcos will have a convention on the same date on the Philippine Arena? What kind of man would believe such lie? And what kind of people who dare spread such lie?