• Sen. Osmeña was right about PNoy being a lousy manager


    Sen. Serge Osmeña hit the spot when he said that President Aquino is an “awful manager” together with his Energy Secretary Jerico Perilla.

    Osmeña, a close ally of the President, was disappointed over PNoy’s decision to keep Petilla as DOE secretary despite the lawmaker’s earlier appeal to fire the former governor of Leyte from the job.

    Osmena blames Petilla’s inactions over the power crisis in Mindanao and the surge of charges on the electric bills.

    And to add insult to injuries, the President reportedly did not show up on the meeting set by Osmeña.

    Even Political analyst Dindo Manhit said the problem with the President is he relies too much on his men.

    Unfortunately, some of them are incompetent and unreliable in their respective job due to lack of experience or knowledge in their assigned fields, Manhit noted.

    The President noticeably is poor in choosing the right person for the job. He prefers best friends and shooting and drinking buddies for a particular job over those career officers and experienced ones.

    Yet when these men fail on the job, the President never removes or replaces them unless there is a public outcry for their relief.

    Likewise, observers noted that the President himself does not know how to quickly respond during and after calamities.

    PNoy apologized last week to the victims of Yolanda for the snail-pace action of the government in the rehabilitation of devastated areas.

    More than half of those devastated areas are still waiting for help from the government to provide its people’s livelihood and rehabilitation of the affected areas.

    Critics said the President does not know how to use the government’s resources to address these kinds of problems right away.

    While Malacañang keeps on bragging of a few percent growth in our gross domestic product or GDP, unemployment and hunger are on a steady rise and no respite can be seen even after PNoy’s term ends in 2016.

    External security is one problem that this administration seemed helpless in addressing also. The problem in the West Philippine Sea with China has yet to be addressed even if several Filipino fishermen had been harassed by the Chinese Coast Guard in the past.

    The chief executive may be honest and incorruptible. But honesty alone will not be enough to run a country and bail it out from its present woes.

    The President has to be given a crash course on management before he finally sends this country into the pit.

    But isn’t it too late “to teach an old dog with new tricks”?



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    1. Julian Tulay on

      And who’s to blame? the low information Filipino voter thinking that putting Abnoy in Malacanang will improve their life.

    2. Tulfo is right but Pinoy is better compared to the previous presidents. Yes, he needs more experienced men for his cabinet. He is less corrupt and he needs men that are also not known for corruption.

      Valte won’t be receiving her due salary if not going to open her mouth to defend the Malacanang “Ampaw” ruler. On the contrary let’s give where credit is due that Noynoy is indeed an excellent manager in the fields of: joblessness, hunger, poverty, DOE, ERC, MERALCO power crisis, Luneta hostage no apology stand, Corona impeachment, Sereno’s appointment, mishandling of MNLF peace process, Zamboanga collateral damage due to military operations, slow and low respond to Yolanda crisis and excessive PDAF and DAP wastages. Who are these people anyway?

    4. Ginoong Tulfo, You hit the nail on the head and well explained. Maraming opisyales ang nakapaligid kay Pnoy na pwede nating sabihing incompetent at hindi nila alam ang gagawin nila trabaho sa kanilang posisyon. Ang masakit pa, karamihan sa kanila ay sangkot na sa ibat ibang anomalya ngayon pa lamang, tulad ng napabalitang sangkot din si Sec Alcala sa PDAF, si (Di) Naguit, at itong si (mando) Ducut.
      Sana huwag mong tigilan batikusin ang anumang anomalyang aabot sa iyong kaalaman para malaman ng mamamayan at magawan ng paraan na huwag iboto ang mga walanghiyang ito sa darating na eleksyon.
      Mabuhay ka Mr. Tulfo.

    5. I think Mariam Santiago is more accurate in describing P-Noy, that of having an independent mind rather than being a lousy manager. If loyalty to his friends and independence are attributes of a bad manager, then perhaps, portrayal by his critics including Mr Tulfo is correct. However, I believe he is a better manager than any of his predecessors as shown by the improvement of the country’s economic growth, improve perception by other countries as an attractive business destination, the MILF peace agreement, persecution of some corrupt government officials, building of infrastructure throughout the country just to name a few are his accomplishment during his tenure. Remember, P-Noy did not voluntarily campaign to become candidate for President as first but decided only when swayed by majority of our countryman. You are all fortunate that P-Noy was there as an alternative otherwise you would have had ERAP as your President and we all know the rest of the story, ESTRADA, ENRILE, REVILLA AND ETCS….

      • what economic growth? ung 7%? eh galing sa OFW remittances mostly yun. That money does not create jobs, padala sa mga pamilya para may pang gastos sa araw araw. Walang na create na jobs si Pnoy. Only PGMA was able to create millions of jobs by introducing the BPO or call center industry. Sa ilalim ni Pnoy mas maraming naghihirap.

    6. May Aquino relies too much on his men because he does not have the slightest idea how to problem solve. His track record as a congressman and senator can attest to this. Add to the fact that he was born with a silver spoon, anointed by media as the JFK Jr of the Philippines. He has not shown at any point in his personal or political life that he knows anything about managing people and problems. It’s a sorry state for the Philippines to settle for a president who, people voted because of his parents and their perception of him being honest and not corrupt, but does not know anything about running a country. We, the people must not settle for such mediocre leaders if we want to be an economic force in Asia again.