• Sen. Poe calls on youth vigilance on affordable and quality education


    SENATOR Grace Poe on Friday called on the youth to use the power of social media to express their sentiments and demand to protect their rights like the access to quality and affordable education from the government.

    The senator issued the reminder following the move of the government to cut the budget for the maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOEs) of 59 State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) next year.

    Poe said Congress should maintain, if not increase, the 2015 allocation for the MOOE and capital outlay (CO) of SUCs, especially in the poorest regions.

    In the senator’s recent discussions with students, she learned that one of the most important needs of young people, which the government must work on, is the need to have access to affordable and quality education.

    Poe, who has been making rounds in various universities in the country lately, added, that by slashing the budget of some SUCs, the government is denying students their right to have access to quality education.

    “It would be a grave mistake for a country like the Philippines with a large youth population not to invest in their education,” Poe said.

    Of the 114 SUCs in the country, 59 will suffer a budget cut, despite the P1.5 billion increase in the budget allocation for this year.

    The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) noted that proposed budget allocated to SUCs rose from P42.3 billion to P43.8 billion.

    SUCs in Western Visayas, such as the Iloilo State College of Fisheries, and those in Eastern Visayas, whose infrastructures were leveled by Super Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, had the biggest reductions in their budgets.

    Even the University of the Philippines (UP) will also suffer a P2.2-billion reduction.

    The total MOOE cut for 59 state schools would amount to P477.8 million.

    Poe noted that it is the government’s duty to ensure the youth has a particular voice on matters that affect them.

    “Making quality education affordable and accessible is the government’s responsibility. We should put our money where our mouth is,” she added.


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    1. Hi JEFFERSON,

      Indeed senator Grace Poe is correct in this advocacy, who wouldn’t want an affordable and quality education, but this isn’t the first time that politician sited and utter this kind of advocacy the cutting of funds that is supposed to be for educational purposes. No matter how many times we fight for these advocacy if our leaders is rotten then the system will also be rotten, good politician will eventually be swallowed by that kind of system and in the end the advocacy on “affordable and quality education” will be buried in and will be forgotten until another politician advocates it again. That’s the kind of cycle our country has because of our rotten leaders.

      Great article thank you for sharing it.


    2. Few years ago we were horrified to learn of as young girl who killed herself.

      ..She was a student who could no longer continue her studies …

      She simply had run out of money…She felt that she had no options –so in her desperation she took a own life

      Later I read how funds had suddenly been made available to help students .

      .Where were those funds for this poor girl..

      Closing the door after the horse has bolted –type of mentality ..

      We all know that if you have money, you can get a better education for your children.

      About ten yrs ago a study was done in the uk

      –It was found that for every working class child –That got into a U.K university..!4 students from “well to so families got in ”

      This was in the uk a 14-1 ratio–In a country which prides itself on a open education system

      If you have the money attend the “right school ” —have the right “background|”

      your chances of getting into a good University are hugely increased..

      Not only that –When you arrive if you are from wealthy parents —

      -Yu can buy all the books you need–all the equipment too–

      Yu don’t have to worry about costs; or having to work two lobs to be able to keep on studying….

      some might argue ; well this is how society is ,

      Those that have worked hard, deserve to e able to send their children to the best schools etc etc ..

      Education and medical services –will be the province of the richer classes …Those who can afford it will get it ..

      Oligarchy ;stares us in the face …

      The bright student; has little chance against his richer friends

      The sick person –Gets a shoddy; lack lusta kind of care …

      Every one ignore’s no one stands up and says this is not right …

      So the cycle goes on —

      The poverty trap remains a reality ,,

      Those with money and power, continue to thrive …

      Whilst the poorer classes -;become just “Grist for their mill”

      I remain

      humble servant
      D.M Meyer PhD(Psych}

    3. This is one advocacy that we should all support! Go Sen. Poe for advancing the interests of the youth and for fighting for greater state subsidies for education!

    4. We are sick and tired of hearing all these recycling, meaningless, abstract empty promises from politicians. Goo gracious, Grace! You speak as if you are a trapo!