• Sen. Poe’s coalition: Billionaires and Eat Bulaga converge


    THAT Senator Poe will coast to the presidency surrounded by her stars, the dollar billionaires and all the assorted political turncoats cum opportunists who have lined up behind her presidential quest is a real possibility. Poe’s coa-lition of celebrities, super wealthy and big-name politicians is about to make the ruling coalition, the Liberal Party, look like a shell, like Britain’s Labor Party during the time of Neil Kinnock.

    The surge of the days-old Poe’s run has a very simple explanation.

    Poe cannot attract a so broad a coalition (Aquino’s leaders are making a beeline toward Poe’s camp) without the perception that she is a winner. You know people. Rather, you know the mind-set of Filipinos, especially Filipinos who want power or those who want affinity with the powerful. For vested interests or for personal reasons, they want to be with the winner. She has leaped past the early favorite, Mr. Binay, in the polling. Mr. Roxas, the LP can-didate, does not have a ray of hope were we to base his chances on the initial polling results.

    The exodus, given the sorry history of Philippine politics as one of exuberant and unabashed turncoatism, was more than expected.

    She is, right now, the best positioned among the three major presidential hopefuls. That is an undisputable fact. Add to her star power the props from the Eat Bulaga group and Senator Sotto and his so-called Dabarkads, we can only see political rallies that would eclipse the crowds of Da King in 2004. What if DongYan and Ogie show up in the campaign sorties to sing and dance for the crowds? The “Dong” part of the DongYan, according to news reports, wants to be senator and intends to run with Senator Poe.

    Ms. Poe’s campaign, this is the truth, is not just eminently positioned to break all campaign crowds in the country’s political history. We could just imagine crowds that would hold on until dawn to get high on celebrity-sighting bliss. We can also imagine the inspired postings on the web that would follow and in volumes that will be enough to crash the social media sites.

    Her campaign will also be a fundraising juggernaut. With the crowds and the impressive polling numbers will be massive financial resources.

    But then, there are lingering questions. Does the country deserve that, a walk in the park for Senator Poe ? Do we not deserve a better deal? Should she coast to the presidency without breaking a sweat? Just like that and she is president of the realm. Father in heaven what did we do as a people to deserve such breezy, no-sweat presiden-tial ascensions?

    In less civilized settings, leaders have to commit mass murder to become the leader to a country of a few million people.

    The answer to the questions, fortunately, is a temporal one. Our institutions have built-in mandates to make sure that Ms. Poe, no matter how popular she is, no matter how broad her support is, should not just walk breezily into the presidency.

    What should be done and who has the mandate to do just that?

    The Commission on Elections (Comelec) should set the stage for real presidential debates and should compel mass media to air or print the debates. The debates will test the mettle of Ms. Poe, Mr. Binay and Mr. Roxas. Especially Ms. Poe since she is the leader of the pack. It would make public her ideas on the economy, on the rich-poor di-vide, on the communist insurgency, the China question, and on the mediocrity of Philippine education. Or on why over the past five years nothing has improved in the lives of more than 10 million families living in abject poverty while a fresh batch of dollar billionaires, those who-can-buy-a-small country rich, has emerged.

    Why, amid all these gloating on growth and credit upgrades, more and more Filipinos have either dropped out of the labor force to sow mayhem or join the communist insurgency?

    Does she have any new ideas on power and energy, upgrading the fraying infrastructure and managing the crip-pling traffic jams in the metropolis? What should be the place of the Philippines in the community of nations?

    Ms. Poe should tell the nation in compelling terms her plans to end the sad and seemingly insurmountable contra-dictions in Philippine society.

    The civil society people, if there is such an animal save for the poseurs and faux crusaders, have to do their bit to help make the 2016 presidential elections more of a contest of ideas and platforms than a song-and-dance routine. Mr. Sotto’s Dabarkads should not dominate the campaign conversation.

    Of course, Ms. Poe can opt for the easy way and still win. In a star- struck nation, the daughter of the King and Queen of Philippine movies can just invoke her clean image and her heritage to fashion out a convincing win. The lingering question on what FPJ could have done had he been seated as president adds to the support for Senator Poe.

    But opting for that painless way to victory will be like cheating and hoodwinking the voters, now stricken, sad to admit, with irrational gullibility.


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    1. Poe is a candidate of Aquino! Look at the people behind her chiz Tito sotto pati eat bulaga show biz na showbiz sad to say she is a sure winner unless the SET declares her unqualified but looking at the composition of SET her disqualification case will be decided by politicians like Sotto Legarda Cayetano ! No hope for the Philippines .Walang bagong umaga

    2. The voice of the people, if it is true that most of the Filipino voters are now becoming “Poe-natics,” is NOT the voice of God. Poe is not a leader. It is not in her blood to lead this developing nation. She is just like a foam whose business is to absorb or like anyone needing guidance on what to do with our country. She does not have the vision to make the Philippines a prosperous nation. She is just like a chess pawn that is waiting to be pushed. She lacks the principle to be our real leader in times of war or anarchy. She could be worse than the “trapoes,” her records in the Senate being the living witnesses of how shallow and weak she was in comparison with the demands of being the president. She could be the first “clownlike president” of our Republic.

    3. Danilo C. Silvestre on

      Supreme Court Justices, Senators, Congressman & Members of SET, Please think over * over again your right decision in the case of Grace Poe ASAP for the benefits of our Country.

    4. The mindset of the author is that the large majority of Filipino voters are really fools and idiots and the saddest thing about it is he might just be right!

    5. This upcoming election is more about popularity less qualification .Not to many, including me knows the the qualifications of the novice senator. But almost every Filipino is familiar with her last name “Poe”. And that alone put her above the other candidates, That is Roxas’s big problem. He is surely qualified but his name doesn’t have the same spark as Poe does.Now he is trying to recruit Leni Robredo, another rookie representative as his vice. Leni says she’s not ready for a higher position and also stated that there are more highly qualified people than she is. Roxas knew that, but what matters is her popularity. he is hoping that it will help him boost his ratings.
      Binay the dinosaur is of course qualified but I think he is done,He more busy suing his accusers or defending himself from the accusation of corruption thrown to him.

      With that said,election is between Roxas and Poe. The delimma of Roxas is Philippine president and vice president is elected independently. There only 2 popular candidates in the country right now, For all you you know , Philippines for the first time will have both females in the highest office.

    6. This is an excellent piece. If her statements during her declaration of candidacy is any indication, I think we will be blessed with a Presidential frontrunner who is willing to expound on the details of the policies and issues that she said she wanted to address.

      Of course the “starpower” of her supporters cannot be denied. But I have high hopes that Sen Poe herself, even without further prodding during the campaign will be willing to face the challenge of earning the Presidency, by detailing how she wants to achieve her plans for the country.

    7. An excellent article supplemented by sensible comments from your readers. Poe’s rise shows the ignorance of the voters in a broken system. However, she also reflects the fact that the public has no confidence in the whole political class. The fact that Poe is a largely blank sheet is her main advantage. She has done nothing, so has no record to demolish! In this case, a nobody is better than a somebody.
      The issue of her eligibility to stand is a legal one, but if she showed any competence at anything, this would be a side issue. As it is,her opponents cling to this as a technical way of spoiling her chances.

    8. isidro c. valencia on

      Kaya ba ni disGrace bumunot ng baril? Sumakay sa kabayo? Ilagay ang kanyang dalawang kamay sa bulsa? Suntukin ng rapido ang kalaban sa movie?
      Yan ang gusto ni disGrace ipagpatuloy!

      Partido Pilipinas is Partido Poe! It is not real, it is reel!
      Partido Pilipinas is Partido Kabute. Susulput lang kung may kulog at Pera!
      Partido Kabute has similar color with LP, Lapiang Ganid sa Pera!

    9. Who among the contenders will take corruption as their target to resolve? Although most people are resigned and see corruption as part of their lives, hence, they live with it, corruption is still the cancer that eats up the country and the people…. Unless a good leader start cutting, shaving, eliminating the causes and sources of corruption in the government, the next presidential election and any election there after will still be like the past ones – zarzuela, a Broadway show or a lousy B movie.

    10. She is posess.. a Filipina ! amid the criticism still standing ? A person with pride and a Pinay at that will not survive. So I suspect either she was a foundling or had been dropped by alien from outer space.

    11. bakit ang lahat ay poe ng poe? ang isa sa dalawang birth certificate niya ‘militar’ ang apelido niya. di ba ‘lamanzares’ ang married name niya? baka apoe ni edgar allan poe iyan. ay apoe.

    12. She has the votes because the scandal riddled Binay cleared her way to victory. Mr. Mar Roxas does not have the votes but he is very talented. Like what Binay said na tinalo ko na siya noon e how can he beat me now. One very weak side of grace Poe was shown during the INC uprising. She cannot handle outside force. Then how can she run this corrupt country.

    13. FPJ was an artist and I thank him for making my late mother happy when watching his films on TV. The masa made him great, how ever he did nothing to the country. Now comes his daughter who kept her last name as Poe instead of LLamanzares, whose family having an Eagle passports, who once renounced her Filipino citizenship and because she got high surveys wants to become the next president. Imagine if she wins. I could surmise Mr. Ronquillo’s first article after the election would be titled ” The grand son of former president and son former senator of the republic of the Philippines Tinalo lang ng anak ng former movie action star”. Sorry for the title sir, sobrang haba.

    14. Do not exagerate the Candidacy of Grace Poe, dito sa Pinas kung ano ang “IN” or pauso sinusundan ng mga pinoy lalo na mga masang pinoy. I do not see Grace Poe to eventually move out our country to perdition. During Cory Aquino, many presidential candidates to choose. Grace Poe is like Cory Aquino, behind her are advisers who are “Kuno” Makabayan but no, they are the vultures of the political society who claim to be working for the good of our country.
      Please wag na natin ulitin pa ang alam natin mali.
      The best is to follow our heart and mind who will be best President for our Country.Wag na tayo umasa sa sikat!

    15. You are all right in your comments but beware of the genetics she may have inherited from her original parents. She may overcome all obstacles in her bid to Presidency by intelligence and cleverness that may have been possessed by her true biological parents.She seems to be a sibling of a politician don’t you notice that! Hindi naman ganyan si FPJ at Susan Roces! She knows how to play the game of politics eventhough we say she is a neophyte. As if she has with her the politicians bloodline. She knows the right time how to lie and make people believe in her.

    16. Comelec is planning to hold three debates. There should be more than three (maybe 4 to six), and a couple of them should be held in Tagalog as most of low-information voters can only understand Tagalog and end up voting based on popularity.

      The debates must be moderated by a fair, articulate and knowledgeable panel. No stupid questions, please. Thew fate of the country is at stake!.

    17. When she became US citizen, she was under oath that she will be loyal to US, Grace Poe is now double-minded, BIG NO for her.

    18. Here they go again! They treat elections like show business !
      That is how Grace and Chiz will run for election by putting on a show !
      Wake up Filipinos , It’s our country at risk !

    19. Conditioning of the mind is what the PR busy doing right now…..but it is so glaring as far as credential is concern. Roxas is on top among the three. He is the most qualified. But it is just a game of conditioning before the campaign starts like the so called popularity ,which is very fleeting.Just open your mouth Grace Poe on important issues …it will destroy your popularity right then and then. The 2010 voters are actually the reflection that we , the Filipino voters, have been well educated and mature. We use our CONSCIENCE in 2010 election . The same thing will happen this coming 2016 election…it is a CONSCIENCE VOTE for our COUNTRY.

    20. when grace poe declared her presdential ambition, we saw the star studded jubilations
      as if the presidency is in the bag already. How she is being pictured by most media and by surveys is that she is on top and unbeatable.But there is one hurdle to her ambition, and that comes from the simple cititizen named David whose financial asset is what you see in his wallet as against grace billionaire supporters. It’s David doing battle against Goliath (or Poe-liath). Whom God wishes to destroy remains a mystery. Abangan.

      • Yes, I am indeed thankful to Mr. Rizalito David for his courage and search for the truth. Once G. Poe files her Certificate of Candidacy for the presidency, I believe Mr. David and other concerned citizens will again question her eligibility to run. This time, apart from the issue of citizenship, her residency will also be addressed.

    21. GP if she wants can be a mentoring President. There are so many talented leaders around who are willing to serve the country if they are truly convinced of the sincerity of the President. mentor is one who leads, motivates and gains the respect of his or her constituents. How can a leader gains the respect of his constituents if they are tainted with basic issues like graft and lack of political will?? Let the people decide and popularity is the initial impression of voters, and you brilliant critics please enlighten us that we are wrong. In the internet where there are reportedly 44 million Filipin users, you can educate us but rest assured that we will study well your assertions and please do not be misled that we will all take your assertions hook, sink and sinker as gospel truth. DI PO KAMI BOBO!!!!

      • So what do you think of her choice of Chiz Escudero as her running mate?
        He is one of her mentors. Using your own words, do you consider him as “one who leads, motivates and gains the respect of his or her constituents”?
        Since you say you are not a “bobo” and you are willing to “study”, I suggest you find out more about the history, and character of Chiz Escudero. He is known as a ‘balimbing”. Try and find out why.

      • What mentors are you saying, Pinoy has mentors too but they are corrupt mentors like abaya, Purisima ,tolentino et al. If you want to be president, you must have the ability to be a president and not rely on this so called mentors.

    22. I like the idea of having debates among the presidential candidates because we would really know their ideas of running the Philippines. We voters should be impressed by their sincerity and intellectual capacity on how to approach and face the problems of our country. After all, one of the candidates would become the president next year.

    23. It’s funny how when Mar, PNoy and company heaped praise on her when they courted her for the VP post. The issue of citizenship was never a problem for them. Now that she has opted to run for the presidency, her citizenship is now an issue. Mar will do anything to neutralize his competitors because he knows that his chances of winning are slim. Mar has trained his sights on Leni Robredo. His camp is painting Grace as inexperienced. How about Leni? She has no background in an executive position. She is yet another beneficiary of “necropollitics” (Mar himself began his recent TV commercial with pictures of Manuel and Gerry Roxas). PNoy himself had experience all right–nine or eleven years as a slacker lawmaker who did nothing. Binay’s experience includes plundering government coffers. Mar’s four years in the Aquino cabinet have yielded nothing. I am leaning towards Grace because she is a tabula rasa, a clean slate. Mar is so indecisive.

    24. Mrs. Llamanzares is in a euphoria right now; she’s in a world of fantasy, but she will come down to earth reality when the would-be- candidates would have declared officially their respective candidacies. Like her adoptive father, she will realize the real world of politics.

      • Corruption all over. That is the reality of Philippine politics. She had a peaceful life, what will she gain from thiss mess. Sorry to say, you made yor final answer and your answer is wrong. Nobody in his her right mind will enter politics. They are all losers.

    25. Of course Poe will win! We are always equating popularity with leadership or ability. Napakatanga talaga!

    26. But first, Poe has to hurdle the SET. Her announcement looks like to put SET in the bind as to make any unfavorable decision looks like political.

    27. noelravalsalaysay on

      The 2016 Presidential elections is test for the Filipino voters to determine if they will vote for candidates not based on a celebrirty status but for tested leadership , experience and capability. All these hysteria by the movie stars and their supporters will die down during the long political campaign. People will be reminded that Grace Poe is liar when she said earlier that she was not interested in running for a higher political position until she finish her 6-years terms as a Senador, It is too bad her overly ambitious supporters got into her head.

    28. Grace will suffer defeat as her father. We Filipinos can not allow popularity over qualification to elect President. We should be voting wisely to qualified, strong character, ethical, experience and God fearing candidate.

      • Sya nga ang “insurance” ni benigno dahil alam naman nila na walang kapana panalo si senyor kho rheena. That’s all a charade. Kaya nga may usapan pa na hindi nya criticize si benigno sa kampanya. Tandaan na tito din nya ang bossing ng NPC. Let each candidate declare that once in power, he/she shall serve justice for all and prosecute the architects of pdaf/dap that were declared unconstitutional and see how.

      • I will bet that she will win by large margin. I am not going to vote for her because she cannot handle outside pressure. Bot knowing the sentiments of the pilipino , that are star struck with Poe. As they have voted an ex convict in Manila.

    29. mELBAROSE r. sASOT on


      • You are absolutely right. Her case will test the insight and wisdom of Justice Carpio, a strict Constitutionalist. There is no evidence that she is natural-born and even if she was, she lost that birthright when she renounced her Filipino citizenship. Even when she regained it, she no longer had the status of original natural-born. Her citizenship is no longer pure as envisioned by the Constitution because it was adulterated through legal processes tantamount to naturalization. Bet she will be disqualified.

      • You have to deal first with our corrupt judiciary. You maybe right but now you are dealing with a very famous celebrity like grace poe


      Poe openly made an assurance that she will not bash Aquino. In effect, if she
      wins, she will be out there to protect Aquino. That means, she will not let
      Aquino answerfor his wrongdoings such as the DAP that even the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional, the Mamasapano that he refuses to take responsibility
      as the commander in chief, the indiscriminate use of government money in
      going after Corona, the vindictiveness, the selective justice in going only after these
      oppositionist. By her pronouncement that she will not say anything about Aquino
      is an admission that she is indeed in a partnership with the devil.