Sen. Villar wasting time at Senate?

Erwin Tulfo

Erwin Tulfo

A lot of people, especially the voters, are wondering if they made the right choice of sending Sen. Cynthia Villar to the Senate.

Villar, a neophyte in the Senate but a seasoned lawmaker from the House of Representatives, has been quiet on issues pertaining to the onion and garlic importation, rice smuggling, and the allocation of funds by the Department of Agriculture (DA) to fake non-governmental organizations lately.

Mrs. Villar remains mum on these anomalies after being appointed as chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture.

Villar is expected to have the initiative to look into these problems. She should have called for an inquiry.

Either the senator from Las Pinas is just lazy to investigate or she has no idea about the issues that have been exposed by the media for several days now.

Sen. Cynthia is not the right person to head the agriculture committee since she has no knowledge at all about agriculture or the plight of farmers.

I haven’t heard her talk even once about food security or the welfare of the rural folks when she was a member of the House of Representatives.

Mrs. Villar is a waste at the Senate!

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The nincompoops’ alibi
I almost fell from my seat when I heard Leah Cruz, the sole importer of onions and garlic in the country, talking on TV on Wednesday night denying reports that she has cornered the importation of these two products.

Cruz said there is no truth to reports that runs a monopoly. She claimed that there are other companies that had been allowed by the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) to bring garlic into the country.

However, she failed to mention that the companies that were allowed to import garlic and onions are all bogus or fake and are being linked to her.

This columnist personally checked the authenticity of these corporations last week and found out that they are non-existent because they have no offices in their given addresses.

But I really had a hearty laugh yesterday morning when I heard Director Clarito Baron of BPI on the radio lying through his teeth. He said he never gave importation permits to anyone to bring in onions or garlic to the country.

Baron said he wonders where and how these reports came about when there is a ban on the importation of garlic and onions to protect the local industry.

Director Baron probably does not know it but this columnist has several photo copies of import permits given to Cruz’s dummy corporations.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Next time, Cruz and Baron should practice their lines first before facing the media.

Magsisinungaling na lang, palpak pa!


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  1. Philippine Treasury had been wasting money for 27 years via Incompetent and Corrupt lawmakers. Mga batas ng Pililipinas karamihan outdated. Kahit mar repeal man lang trabaho nila kung hindi kaya ng isipan nilang gumawa ng batas para sa nakakarami.

  2. Mr. Tulfo, baka kayo po ang hindi updated sa nangyayari sa Senate? Kakameeting lang ng Department of Agriculture with Misis Villar sa Senate at ang isa nga po sa tinanong sa NFA nun ni Misis Villar eh kung sufficient daw po ang rice supply. Ang sabi ng NFA ay sapat naman po. Pero magpapaimbestiga talaga si Misis Villar dito dahil gusto niyo malaman ang nitty gritty ng mga reports na lumalabas.

    Sana next time pumunta kayo sa mga committee hearings bago kayo nagsusulat nang ganito. Nakakahiya at mukhang kayo ang tamad pumunta sa hearings o tamad magresearch kaya kayo nakakasulat ng mga ganitong mapanirang artikulo.

  3. These people are the reason that Congress should be abolish. Although the Filipino people who voted for them should bear the brunt on the deep hole that these brick-faced politicians has brought us to. To atone for these malaise they should start showing up to all protest rally that would be held anytime and anywhere.

  4. I think it’s too early to lash out or judge negatively these neophytes senators. Let us give them at least 6 months to compose themselves, learn the tricky road in congress, organize their agenda, hire their assistants (task them and produce results), appreciate and study suggestions like the ones of Senator Erwin, and then give them a reasonable time to respond, act…OK…we do not have monopoly of good ideas, or even monopoly of the right to scold and pressure people…OK…

  5. Erwin, there are so many time-wasters in the Senate. Among the new one’s we have Cynthia Villar, Nancy Binay and Grace Poe. Among the old guards, oh, we have Lapid, Trillanes, Honasan, Jinggoy, Revilla, Pia Cayetano and others who just stand and talk when they talk about self-serving interests.

    • Grace Poe, nagsa-sayang ng oras sa Senate? It’s either you are really Innocent or not reading daily newspapers. As far as I know, based on newspapers, TV, internet, Grace Poe is one of the more prominent, hardworking, honest and intelligent Senators we have today.

    • I believe the Comelec should first initiate efforts by creating a committee that would educate Filipino voters on how to vote intelligently before a person be allowed to vote.. That voting must be treated like sanctity of marriage. Comelec needs to require that before being qualified to vote and people be taught how to pick up or vote for a qualified candidate. Just because the name is popular or a showbiz personality is not a factor for them to write them in the ballot. One must know that a candidate should know how to manage the locality or well verse in policy making, so forth and so on.