Senate action sought on P2,000 SSS pension


Rep. Mark Villar of Las Pinas City (Metro Manila) and party-list Rep. Neri Colmenares have called on their Senate counterparts to act on House Bill 5842, which seeks to raise the monthly pension of retired Social Security System members by P2,000 across-the-board.

Villar noted that while the SSS has implemented a five percent across-the-board pension increase for its 1.9 million retired members last June 2014, the adjustment is too paltry to make a dent.

Under House Bill 5842, the minimum SSS monthly pension rate will be pegged at P3,200 for members with at least 10 credited years of service and P4,400 for those with 20 credited years of service.

The existing Social Security Act only provides that SSS members with at least 10 credited years of service will receive a minimum monthly pension of P1,200, while those with 20 credited years are given P2,400.

“The [June 2014] adjustment seemed too small to meet even the barest of their need, considering the continuous escalation of the daily cost of living,” Villar said.

“The SSS pension rates should be adjusted to address realities,” he added.

Colmenares said P2,000 is already a good start even if the ideal minimum pension is P5,000.

“While it is way below the P5,000 minimum pension we proposed in HB 175, the P2,000 pension hike will already improve the condition of pensioners. This is a very positive development and I hope that the Senate would also fast-track the bill,” the House deputy minority leader from Bayan Muna said.


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  1. Sana maaproban na ng senado bago matapos ang taon na ito kasi malaking bagay ang increase na ito para sa amin mga sss pensioner. Ang minimum pension na 1,200 ay kulang pa para pambili ng gamot sa maintenance.

  2. Ronaldo M. Nicolas on

    The increase in SSS pension should be taken into consideration by the SENATE FOR IMMEDIATE approval. The pensioners are lucky enough to survive until age of 60 but most are frail and not so healthy to live for ten or 15 more years to enjoy this benefit only made through his contributions during his employment period. The income earned from investments of the Contributions collected from members are huge enough to cover this.

  3. Pensioners were greatly happy and thankful for that across the board increase of our pension, but a little saddened to think of when this expectation comes. Election is coming hope the budget for this poor pensioners will not attract the eyes of James Bond in the govt. baka maging “For Your Eyes Only” na lang ito…

  4. kasama po ba sa increase ang mga surviving beneficiaries or mga retirees lang

  5. joyce lebrilla on

    i do not understand the wisdom behind the stoppage of pension to retirees if they work from age 60 to 65.why is SSS doing that?the pension is computed based on maturing premiums paid by the employee and has nothing to do with whether the pensioner works or not.because of this pension stoppage , productive /talented pensioners opted not to work which deprives the industry of their much needed knowledge and experience.these pensioners should be allowed to work without the stoppage of pensions.they are the necessary mentors for the young generation. i hope Congress acts on this unjust policy of the SSS.

  6. Sana na naman maipasa na itong bill na ito sa senado kasi malaking maitutulong nito sa tatay ko pambili ng mga gamot bed ridden na sya tapos ako nahihirapan maghanap ng trabaho dahil kailangan ko syang alagaan.