Senate hearing ends in squabble


A squabble erupted among members of the Senate committee on justice and human rights when senators were told that self-confessed assassin Edgar Matobato left the Senate building without informing the panel.

Senator Richard Gordon, chairman of the committee, expressed dismay over Matobato’s action as he admitted having doubts on the latter’s credibility.

Gordon was informed by the office of Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th that Matobato was no longer around to answer the questions of the senators.

Gordon accused senators who presented Matobato of material concealment for allegedly hiding the information that Matobato has a pending case of kidnap-for-ransom.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson also expressed disappointment, saying Matobato took the committee for a ride.

But Sen. Leila De Lima appealed to Gordon and Lacson not to conclude that Matobato’s sudden departure was deliberate and was part of a plan.

Gordon insisted that Matobato deliberately hid the information about his pending case.

But based on the transcripts during the Sept. 15 hearing, Matobato admitted that he has a pending case in connection with the abduction of Sali Makdum.

Sen. Manny Pacquiao also expressed dismay after learning that Matobato already left. He said he skipped his training because he wanted to hear Matobato’s response to the statements of the resource persons present in the hearing.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes said that Matobato did not hide any information about his pending case and insisted that Gordon apologize to De lima but he refused.

After several exchanges with Gordon, De Lima walked out of the session hall.

Pacquiao and Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano moved that the hearing be terminated but Gordon refused. He instead suspend the hearing.

Gordon said the hearing will resume but he did not set a date.Jeff Antiporda


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  1. In my opinion , the mere fact that Senators De Lima and Trillanes did not inform the Committee that they would be presenting Mr. Matobato as witness prior to the EJK investigation , as well as obviously lawyering for Mr. Matobato , is an indication that the two Senators are using “HUMAN RIGHTS” only in their quest to achieve their own personal interests .

    If the two Senators are indeed after the “RIGHTS of HUMAN” , why are they focusing only to the cases of the alleged extra-judicially killed victims ? … are the members of the PNP and AFP killed or wounded by the criminals NOT HUMAN ?

  2. OMG! Pacquiao, seems to me doesn’t know his supposed priorities as being the Senator (unfortunately) of the republic. What? He was dismayed since he skipped his training? … if so, the only best place for him is in boxing ring as a modern day gladiator.

  3. I think this should have been terminated. Almost everything Delima’s witness said is refuted by other witnesses. There seems to be little truth coming out. Don’t waste our time and money any more.

  4. Sen. Manny Pacquiao also expressed dismay after learning that Matobato already left. He said he skipped his training because he wanted to hear Matobato’s response

    Isn’t Pacquiao’s job as a senator to be in attendance ?

    • What Sen Pacman meant was he extended and remained in the hearing after office hours. Usually the will end at 5PMish. But Pacman decided to stay instead of going to practice.

  5. Why are we so bent on this inquiry of human right when we have more important things to do in the Senate. I remember during Marcos time when the oligarchs where behind on the bad publicity against Marcos. I bet they oligarchs are behind this propaganda against our president. This senator Trillanes, with a price he defend Satan. Please let us support our president so we can changed our corruption in all part of our community. Wag tayo mag paloko as mga Oligarchs. We have to fight back in a civilise way.