Senate hearing vs. VP Binay not like short-lived C5 scandal


Sometimes, it’s amusing that we’re treated to a novelty headline like “KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF, NOY.”

Something like that came shooting off Sen. Koko Pimentel’s mouth when sought by reporters for reaction to reports quoting President Aquino telling the Senate to wrap up its investigation on the alleged overpricing in the construction of the Makati city hall annex bldg.

The Senate blue ribbon sub-committee wouldn’t let up as Binay’s political enemies, including ambitious former allies, came out in the open.

They claim to be the bottom-feeders during Jojo Binay’s reign as Makati mayor, so looks like we’re peeking into the VP’s slam book covering over two decades of tenure.

That is if Pimentel, and Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Sonny Trillanes don’t heed PNoy’s humble suggestion.

Well, to save face for the President, Palace spokesman Sonny Coloma suggested that either PNoy or Koko or both were misquoted or quoted out of context.

Kayo talagang mga reporter, oo.

That’s why you have to be careful.

Pimentel should have gotten hold of himself and considered where PNoy might be coming from at the time.

“Maybe PNoy is convinced we’ve done a great job on Jojo Binay, and finally come up with a landmark legislation out of this… That’s what this whole thing is supposed to be for, in aid of lawmaking.”

That should have gotten into the Koko’s kukote.

But that would not have been a good sound bite.

Nor this would have been one…

“Okey dokie, we might as well move on, and take on the unresolved disbursement acceleration program or DAP issue. Or may be we can get on the Freedom of Information bill.”

The senator could’ve shown some respect and simply say they can’t stop this freaking orgy at this point.

Lalabasan na ito, unlike the C-5 controversy the Senate drummed up in 2010 against presidential aspirant former Sen. Manny Villar.

Hasn’t this sub-committee probe served its purpose?

Jojo Binay’s voter preference for president rating dropped by a notch… Cayetano and Trillanes, members of Villar’s Nacionalista Party (NP) echoed Koko’s promise there won’t be a letup on Binay’s case.

Cayetano may have lost the Global City so he would rather have Jojo Binay join the fallen triumvirate in Camp Crame. Did PNoy think the whole thing might have veered off the original script?

Meanwhile, they have Senate President Frank Drilon bullying Sen. Nancy Binay in the Senate inquiry into the alleged overpriced construction of the Iloilo Convention Center (ICC), an “economic stimulus” project funded under the illegal DAP.

So much for “investigation in aid of legislation.”

So much for separation of powers, ethics and delicadeza.


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  1. Sa darating na halalan sa 2016 ay pipili tayo ng isang tao na siyang mamumuno sa ating bansa. Sana naman ay maging mapanuri na ang mga botante at matututong pumili kung sino ang talagang karapat-dapat na maging presidente. Huwag iboto ang mga pulitiko na alam nating may bahid-dungis ang pagkatao, mga pulitiko na nasangkot sa anomalya, at mga pulitiko na alam naman natin na walang kakayahang mamuno. Kung ano mang uri ng pagkatao mayroon ang ating magiging presidente sa 2016, we deserved him/her kasi tayo ang nagluklok sa kanya. Mahabang panahon nang lugmok sa dusa ang Pilipinas. Bumangon na tayo sa matagal na pagkaka-dampulay.

  2. Trying to put binay down but do the administration thought that the opposition alternative candidate is more formidable, wait for erap resureccion.

  3. Sa mga columnista and mga politician, Kalimutan naman muna ninyo ang pang sariling interest ninyo. Siguraduhin naman natin na hindi magnanakaw at pamilya ng magnanakaw ang mapupunta sa Malacanang sa 2016. Maawa naman po kayo sa bansa natin. Gumaganda na kahit papano ang economia at pangalan ng bansa natin ngayon. Itigil na ninyo ang pagpoprotekta ninyo sa self interest ninyo.

  4. Why do you keep on saying illegal DAP, this is before the SC ruled that some parts are unconstitutional. After that any practices deemed unconstitutional becomes illegal.

  5. sabi nga ni kit tatad sa column nya today dito sa manila times, palabas lang yung pagtatalo ni boy sisi at pimentel sa imbestigasyon kay binay. lahat ng ito ay pakana ni boy sisi at mga lap dance groupies nya. kwidaw daw sa ultimate option ni boy sisi ang pag deklara ng revolutionary gov’t. or martial law boy sisi style. wala na talaga sa radar ni boy sisi ang option of boy pick up assuming the presidency.