• Senate OKs P2,000 SSS pension hike


    MILLIONS of Social Security System (SSS) pensioners have something to look forward to now that the Senate has passed the measure that will provide a P2,000 across-the-board increase.

    Sen. Cynthia Villar, chairperson of the Senate Committee on Government Corporations and Public Enterprises, said there is no need to convene the bicameral conference committee because the chamber adopted the version of the House of Representatives.

    Villar sponsored House Bill 5842 or the Social Security Act in the Senate.

    The pension hike will benefit an estimated 1.9 million pensioners who have worked and remitted premiums for 10 to 20 years.

    At present, the minimum pension is P1,200 for members with at least ten credited years of service and P2,400 for those with 20 credited years of service. As of April 2015, the average pension is P3,169.

    If the measure is enacted into law, the average pension will increase to P5,169.

    “Given the rising cost of living, it is high time we give our retirees and their family a monthly pension that will allow them to at least live with dignity,” Villar said in a statement.

    “We must also consider that many of our retired workers, given their old age, have maintenance medicines and special requirements that add to their daily living expenses. Increasing their pension is the least we could do to reward them for decades of hard work,” she added.

    The SSS proposed to increase members’ contribution from 11 percent to 15 percent to be able to fund the pension hike up to year 2042. Villar rejected it, saying the agency should improve its collection and not increase members’ contributions.

    Senate minority leader Juan Ponce Enrile rejected the measure, saying the granting of the “generous benefit” to pensioners would eventually leave the SSS bankrupt.


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    1. where does it go from here…….after being approved by the senate… when will the president sign this into law??

    2. Robert Iturralde on

      Sen. Enrile won’t be long to live on this earth. He won’t be receiving any pension and that’s what he want to all SSS pensioner. Since he went back to the Senate, all what he did was to question all the bills being read for approval on the floor. You may say he’s a spoiler, but he’s more than a vilan in a movie to me. Yes, the slogan runs “para happy kami”, but it means only them are happy!

    3. It is good for the SSS pensioners, somebody from the law-making people takes care of their plight. However, pensioners of the GSIS – nobody thinks of their plight and never heard that a congressman or senator have initiated an increase to their pension. Will there be sympathetic official in Congress to initiate a move for their financial welfare? Just asking.

    4. Ang mga SSS Board and Officials kalalaki ang sahod nila samantalang mga members kali-liit ang pension, tama ba ito?

    5. The billions in compounded interests that SSS earns from its investments on stock & bonds, real estate, industrial and commercial loans could well finance the increase in the pensions of retired SSS members. It is high time that the retirees be given their fair share of the earnings of their contributions to the SSS. Compared to the huge salaries. increases and bonuses that the employees and executives of this money earning government corporation are receiving, the current SSS retirees’ pensions is a dismal amount. The increase in pension benefit would somehow augment the meager income that retirees receive.

    6. Bakit ka ganyan Manong Johnny. Akala ko sabi mo, “Gusto ko happy ka.” Bakit ang kuripot mo sa mga mahihirap na nagkontibusyon sa SSS sa loob ng isa hanggang sa mahigit na apat na dekada?
      Salamat sa mga taong marunong umunawa at magmalasakit sa kapakanan ng mga myembro ng SSS. Mabuhay po kayong lahat!

    7. Kung meron lng akong kapangyarihan ipatitikim kO syo sen.jpEnrile ang pensyonng SSS ewan lng kung gugustuhin mo png mabuhay, kaawan ka nwa.

    8. amelito abenoja on

      i myself will be a beneficiary of this bill, and i thank all the sponsoring congressman and senators, and to the good old senator enrile, i have only some words to say, akala ko ba gusto mo “happy kami” as your election jingle says. yun pala you are the spoiler, shame on you.

    9. just hope this increase in pension will push thru very soon….the pensioners deserve the increase…but, why no mention of when this will take effect?….As for Sen Enrile, you’re very old enough na, this time, do good to the Filipino people, para mabawasan naman ang kasalanan mo sa bayan. what is 2,000 pesos compare sa mga ninanakaw nyo dyan sa senado, congress, malacanang and all government agencies!!!! I don’t believe na ma-ba-bankrupt ang SSS, alisin nyo ang milyon-milyon bonuses ng mga sss heads para di ma-bankrupt…besides, these are our money!

      • Agree. In addition, bonuses taken by the officials are not appropriate due to the fact that they are hired/mandated for the position to take good care and increase/invest the SSS FUNDS according to their expertise. Therefore, they are just doing their jobs and no extra ordinary effort were exerted to do this equivalent to their pay.

    10. apolonio reyes on

      Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, yuon P2000 increase across the board sa kunting mga SSS pensioners ay pwedeng mag bankrupt sa SSS pero ang ninakaw ng mga Senatongs at Tongressmen na marami tulad mo a naakusahan ng Plunder dahil sa pagbulsa daw sa di bababa ng P50M sa PDAF at DAF ay di lang nag bankrupt at kundi pumapatay sa mga Pilipino. Kuha nyo mga Senatongs at Tongressmen?

    11. I’d rather have the SSS go bankrupt knowing that the money went to the rightful beneficiaries.

      • SSS will not go bankrupt, they should work on their collection which is amere 30 percent. No business will survive with this rate of collection. I will propose a complete change in the management level. They are not doing their job. All managers must be fired.

    12. I only hope that Pnoy will sign the law to make it effective. It is pity that that there are SSS pensioners receiving 1,600 pension after paying the institutions for more than 10 years while a CCT receipient are receiving 1,800 pesos a month by remaining poor with no contribution.