Senate to Abad: Submit full list of DAP projects


His resignation bid may have been rejected by the President, but Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad still has a lot of explaining to do regarding the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

The Senate, through the committee on finance, has directed Abad to submit a complete list of all the Special Allotment Release Orders (SAROs) that were disbursed under the DAP. It said the list should include the names of the projects, their purpose and the amount of the releases.

Sen. Francis Escudero, chairman of the finance committee, said Abad was summoned to appear at the chamber next week. He added that the Budget chief should clarify reports that P372 billion was released under the controversial disbursement program, which was far bigger than the P200 billion figure earlier provided by the Budget department to the committee.

“This is the reason why the Budget department needs to explain and clarify the DAP and hopefully put the issue aside in order not to delay the 2015 budget deliberation,” Escudero said in an interview over radio dzBB on Sunday.

The committee hearing, to be held on July 21, is the continuation of proceedings that were suspended out of courtesy to the Supreme Court when it was deliberating on several petitions challenging the legality of the DAP.

Escudero advised Abad not to dodge the inquiry because the Budget chief can always be grilled when the Senate starts deliberations on the 2015 proposed national budget.

His advice came after he heard reports that Abad will only attend the committee hearing if President Benigno Aquino 3rd allows him.

The United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) also warned Malacañang not to use excuses or come up with a policy similar to former President Gloria Arroyo’s Executive Order (EO) 464, which prevented members of the Cabinet, police and military generals and other government officials from attending congressional hearings.

UNA Secretary General Tobias Tiangco urged Aquino to stop defending the DAP and instead move on so that he can focus on his job rather than waste time justifying “unconstitutional acts of his minions.”

“Secretary Abad is saying he has to get clearance from the President before going to the Senate—wow, it is like EO 464,” Tiangco said.

“The burden that [the President]carries all the time is that he keeps on defending his men. But now, it has reached a point where he is protecting a Constitution offender and in effect he is also violating the law,” he added.

Tiangco said it is puzzling why the President and his allies in the Liberal Party (LP) are wasting time defending the disbursement program when it has already been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Instead of defending the DAP, he added, the President should use the remaining two years of his term improving the lives of the people and achieving an inclusive and equitable economic growth by 2016.


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  1. Escudero, Cayetano, Trillanes, Gungona – mag magagaling na senador ng bansa. Yes sir! Magaling ang dila ng ma DAP recipients na yan. Mga may balak sa election 2016. Puro Sipsip buto ke Noy.

  2. eltee mulawin on

    >>Mr. Chiz Escudero shall ask ABAD to indicate the date when the projects started and completed ? when was the money from DAP was released and to whon ? Who made or contractor’s name of the project, etc?

    >>Mr. Chiz Escudero shall order the Commission of Audit Chief Grace Pulido-Tan to submit an audit report for DAP funds.

  3. Busisiin po ninyo yung mga proyekto na may kinalaman sa dpwh at sa lgu. Malamang dito po kayo makakakita ng maraming mga anomalya, substandard na konstruksyon pero mahal na gastos sa proyekto. At bakit naman ang pera ng DAP ay ibinayad ang utang ng DepEd sa premiums ng mga guro sa GSIS?Hindi ata tama yon.Pati Central Bank ay binigyan ng 20 bilyon para saan yan pati ang Customs.hahhahaha. nakakatawa sila.Saan ang paglago ng ekonomiya dito.

  4. Abad must provide the Senate the list of DAP recipients, amounts received, project or final recipients of DAP. Pnoy must not inhibit Abad from releasing the list to the Senate. In fact, Pnoy support Abad to submit the list. DAP is unconstitutional, therefore, illegal, and may criminal. Pnoy is obligated to respect and defend the CONSTITUTION. PERIOD. A BAD move if Pnoy prevents Abad from releasing the list.

  5. First things first. Abad shall provide the list of projects identified by the Senators and Congressmen with corresponding amount, date given and who received the fund.
    Next, all SAROS as directed by Sen Escudero complete with names of recepients, govt agencies, fake or real NGOs with amount, dates etc.
    With these info the people would decide what to do with these thieves disguised as politicians and public servants.

  6. Ang Hirap kay mr A bad, ginagawang tangga lahat ng Pilipino.
    DBM ang humahawak ng Trillion na budget, sa modernong panahon
    ba kagaya ngayon sinusulat lang nila sa Log Book o Ledger ang
    mga SARO ng DAP, sino kumuha, saan napunta, ano particular,
    wala man lang ba silang DATA BASE kaya sa balutan ng TINAPA
    nila inilalagay ang Listahan kaya TEKA MUNA, HINAHANAP PA!!
    Humihingi o nag didemand ng SPOT AUDIT ang amo ninyo ni
    Penoy saan ninyo dinala ang bilyong bilyong DAP na sabi ninyo
    in “GOOD FAITH” naman, dahil nag palusog sa ekonomiya.

    Bakit inaabot ka na ng ilang buwan wala ka pang listahang
    nilalabas, Sa mga corporasyon pag nawala ang tiwala sa tauhan
    nilang ipinapa SPOT AUDIT, piniFREEZE muna siya o di muna
    binibigyan ng access sa mga accounts and receivable memos
    etc. Dito sa DBM bilyon bilyon ang ipinapa SPOT AUDIT Ng
    MGA BOSE’S o taong bayan, ang SAGOT ni Penoy in Good
    Faith dahil nakatulong sa ekonomiya at buong buo pa rin daw
    tiwala niya kay mr A Bad at di best ang naimbento nitong
    DAP pero binabalewala ng Sambayanan at Korte Suprema ang
    mabuting gawa ni A BAD na DAP, . Kung babasahen
    natin ang mga linya ng Palasyo dapat may UTANG NA
    LOOB pa Bansa kay mr a BAD.

  7. Hintayin muna natin lumabas yong listahan,kunting tiyaga mga kabayan.Ngayon yong mga nabigyan ng pondo katulad ng mga congresman,senator o ano pa,responsibilidad nila yong pera,katulad ni Senator JV Estrada 10 million use for feeding,according to him.that had to be accounted for from DAP.PDAP And DAP are good if use right,kaya lang maraming tulisan sa government.yan ang gustong ituwid ni President Aquino,at may resulta na Senators Revilla,Enrile and Estrada are now in jail for plunder and other charges,at Camp Crame Holiday Inn,yong nabigyan fom DAP and not use right your kosa at Camp Crame Holiday Inn will be waitng for you.Mabuhay President Aquino,6 more years.

  8. It is time to all Filipinos to make check and balance all government project’s.
    Please stop corruption in our country and stop the politician who are enjoying the tax of the people. We need a real heart of the Filipinos that who will not cheat his own blood.
    We need a real reform in our country and a progressive mind without corruption in back of there mind.
    Wake up Filipinos and don’t sell your vote to thus cheater politician in our country.
    In the end of the day we are the one will suffer of our wrong doing.
    The problem in our country is no one to be trust of our vote because everyone of them are thief. God bless Philippines Government


    • Peter Gonzales on

      Lahat ng senatong tumangap the pabuya sa pag impeach kay Corona tapos mag imbistiga? Hoy Escudero, lokohin mo na si Heart Evangilista pero hindi mo na maloloko ang bayan. Dapat sa mga senatong na ito sampahan din ng mga kaso sa hukuman at ikulong ng habang buhay.
      Pagnagkataon kawawa si Heart walang katabi sa pagtulog. Ikaw rin Heart hindi ka nakinig sa mga magulang mo na sa buong buhay nila nag hanap buhay na malinis ang kunsiensia.


    What about these DAP funds that was given to the 20 senators who voted
    to impeach corona? Are these good faith too. If so, why is it that the 3 senators
    namely, Marcos, Santiago and Arroyo were not given the same thing as the 20
    senators? These who did not succumbed to the whims of abnoy were not given
    anything. The truth was, these funds were given in consideration of their voting
    to impeach corona, it was just that. BAD FAITH.

    • Lord Chimera on

      Even if Corona needs to be impeached it is still a perversion of justice and an act of good faith. I mean think about it, why do you need to pay the ones sitting in judgement to convict someone when you have a sure case against that someone?

  11. Prince of Fraud, Pork and DAP Abad will not have every reason to deny the request of the Senathieves for total disclosure were he and King PNoy gave all those cash owned by the public. Abad will just say, that PNoy already exonerated him. he, he. joke lang. Seriously, both thieves will have a very difficult time producing the documents to make a decent reply. 100% they cannot produce the correct documents or if they do, those will be fabricated and manufactured. Maybe this is why Abad was a no-show days after the SC decision. He was fabricating SARo’s.