Senate to probe justices – Drilon


But cannot compel them to attend hearing
SAYING justices are not above the law, Senate President Franklin Drilon on Sunday announced that senators will investigate allegations of corruption in the judiciary because the chamber has the power to do so.

Any allegation of corruption, according to Drilon, falls under the jurisdiction of the Senate Committee on Accountability of Public Officers and Investigations (blue ribbon). He noted that the panel’s authority to look into wrongdoings also covers the judiciary.

The Senate chief, however, clarified that although the chamber can investigate allegations of corruption hurled against some magistrates, it cannot compel them to attend Senate hearings.

“We can send them invitations, but we cannot use our coercive power or subpoena power for them to attend the Senate hearings because we are observing the separation of powers and inter-departmental courtesies. It is up to the justices if they want to appear or not,” Drilon said in a radio interview aired over dzBB.

Drilon issued the statement days after Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th accused CA Associate Justices Jose Reyes Jr. and Francisco Acosta of receiving P25 million each in exchange for issuance of a temporary restraining order and a writ of preliminary injunction that stopped the Office of the Ombudsman from suspending Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay.

The two magistrates had denied the allegations. Binay, meanwhile, asked the CA to cite Trillanes in contempt for his baseless accusations.

Last week, Trillanes filed Senate Resolution 1265 directing the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights to investigate, in aid of legislation, the alleged practice of “justice for sale” in the judiciary, particularly at the appellate court.

The resolution, however, can only be acted upon when Congress resumes session on May 4. It is only after the resolution is referred to the proper committee that a hearing can be scheduled.

Sen. Francis Escudero said while allegations of corruption in the judiciary are not new, people should be very careful in making such accusations against members of the bench in order to protect the integrity of the courts.

He added that while the Senate has the authority to investigate the judiciary, it is only the Supreme Court that has the power to punish the justices and other members of the courts who engage in corrupt acts.

Escudero agreed with Drilon that no institution can stop the Senate from conducting an investigation of the judiciary as long as the inquiry is conducted in aid of legislation.


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  1. The probe that leads to a black hole. It is like asking a common criminal to investigate a crime committed by his dearly beloved cousin.

  2. Halos lahat sa ating mga leaders hindi na dapat paniwalaan.
    We should have elected senators representing the different
    provinces and not at large and maybe we can have better
    future for our next genewration.

    As the saying goes if you have a leader who is not corrupt
    all will follow from top to bottom down to the barangay level.
    That is the bottom line.

  3. Larry Ifurung on

    This country is virtually in need to ETHNIC CLEANSING…it is NOT the system that is failing us but rather the CULTURE is in need of COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION. It is the Filipino CHARACTER that has been ingrained in everyones personality that is FAULTY and has been hurting this country for decades and maybe over a century now. There is NOT going to have a quick fix anytime soon for as long as our leader’s MORAL ATTITUDES remain questionable, the PH will forever be a third world country and stay at the bottom of the pile without much doubt. :-(

  4. Johnny Ramos on

    I will bet my 2 balls that Trillanes can not prove his allegations against the 2 justices of the Court of Appeals. High profile cases like that of Mayor Binay are always handled on the merits. That is the golden rule in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals especially the current ombudsman is former Justice of the Supreme Court. The problem with Trillanes he has a lot of hot hair in his head. I wonder how can Trillanes allow a witness like Atty Bondal convince him in story telling. Bondal must have been a avid fan of Madame Auring so he decided to do it on his own with Trillanes listening to every guess he made. Ganyan na senado ngayon puwede ng manghula.

    • Ronaldo Valdes on

      Lets face it the Binay’s has a lot of ill gotten and unexplainable wealth. 25M is nothing to spend. why not just let the investigation process proceed then we can tell who’s right or wrong.We know and its a facts that there were too many corrupt politician and justices in out country.
      If they are not guilty then its good., but if they are then we know and hope justice will prevail…. We hope … and hold on to your balls you might loose it.

  5. Mr.13%VP Binay have been buying the justice sytem all along a lot of corruption money to use.Hopefully the Ombudsman will speed up the investigation on this SOB Mr. 13% so he will go to jail way before the election in there he will rot to hell.

  6. This will just be an attempt to tarnish the courts. Aquino and his thugs want to destroy everything that gets in their way of absolute power.

  7. Dont let your attentions get diverted, let them investigate the judiciary as if they are corrupt then need to be punished. If the justices dont attend the meetings to be questuioned you have to ask yourself why & ask yourself if they were trying you & you wouldnt attend court how would they look on it. They would look on it as a sign of guilt, so we should look on it as a sign of guilt also.
    Now a lot of you want the senate to investigate themselves, well that wont happen, hopefully the next senate will look into any wrong doings of this senate & thats the way forawrd, but dont get distracted as thats what some want.

  8. Senate can’t investigate an equql branch of government. Puro pasikat sa TV ito dahil election na. If they have solid evidence then file a case of impeachment at kumuha ng DAP kay Panoy. Only the supreme court can investigate justices.

  9. I can’t help but notice that most of the comments has hateful name calling. I think the Manila Times should control the comments and limit it to rational and educated views. Comments like these degrades the freedom of speech. I am also a critic of these senators however, I find it distasteful to call them names. Focus instead on concrete and factual arguments on why you find them corrupt. Just my two cents.

  10. No one is above the law – talaga lang ha! Okay, we start investigating how a senatorial salary can buy a property for a senator in Forbes Park, Makati City. I know that the father grants import permits for Maling luncheon meat during the Marcos years but how can senatorial salary build a mansion for a senator whose house was once featured in a glossy magazine?

  11. Manny De Guzman on

    Nagising na naman hunghang na Baboy na ito.Makapal talaga ang mukha na isang balimbing. Naglilinislinisan ay katakutakot naman ang dumi nag taong ito. Walanghiya
    na totoong magnanakaw pa. Mali naman ang taong bumuboto sa mga hayop tulad nito.Gamitin sana ang pagiisip hindi lang masilaw sa pera ang pagboto.Marami na naman balak kumandidato sa darating na eleksyon tulad ni palengke boy kono cheat eskoderat iba pa. Saan napunta ang katakotakot na lagay ni bakling sa kanila?Sana tamaan na kanser si baboy ng manahimik na.

  12. Trillanes is a sick man. I keep wondering why voters are voting for a coup d’état rebel leader, we also vote for actor womanizer, people with no integrity, retard president and list goes on. We said “kabataan ang pag asa ng bayan” but the kids now are not getting good moral values from the media, schools and their elders. All children (filipino parents) who were born abroad should come here when they grow old to be our leaders because most of them are well discipline and not expose to corrupt minds in other country.

  13. Alejo Rosete on

    Senator Drilon,
    I suggest prove the Senate First.
    Clean your house first before others.

    Thank you

  14. Don’t you just love it when Pig Face talks about investigating corruption? It’s like Lucifer talking about investigating evildoers.

  15. why waste time to call the CA judges to attend senate hearing? Just call Sen. Trillanes to present his evidences in the senate floor. Less time consuming. If Trillanes can not present evidence pingutin na lang ang tenga. Kung may evidences siya file a case against the CA judges.

  16. Kailangan na linisin din ang kural. Unahin na linisin ang mga biik ng inahin na si drillon.


  18. Hopefully only in aids of legislation but I really doubt the intention bec. There is an existing laws provided already kaya Lang nakalimutan na o pilit na kinakalimutan.

  19. Roldan Guerrero on

    Go ahead and your time will come in few months you senators trying to show up as Mr. Clean are all corrupt., Specially this LOLONG! The biggest crocodile in the upper chamber…..