• Senate to probe P2B Philhealth claims


    THE Senate Blue Ribbon Committee is poised to investigate the P2 billion claims made by hospitals and clinics accredited by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation.

    Senator Teofisto Guingona 3rd, chairman of the committee, said the Senate wants to look into the disturbing claims that some accredited hospitals and clinics seek out PhilHealth members to operate on even if the treatment is unnecessary and may even be dangerous to the patient.

    The information came from PhilHealth following its discovery on the benefit payments to accredited hospitals and clinics around the country amounting to P2 billion, including P325 million worth of “highly suspicious” benefit payments to two eye care centers in Metro Manila.

    The Department of Health (DOH) called for an investigation after an audit last year showed that a large sum was paid by PhilHealth for cataract procedures.


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    1. They’ll take advantage of everything under the sun on power & money irregardless who they step down or got hurt.

      Heartless president is the iconic Devil advocate for these corrupt heartless government officials/employee so they can hold the power become untouchable.

      They’re worst than the MAFIOSI gang,
      at least in Mafia they follow some rules. In Pnoy’s Mafia, every body who belongs to his enclave can & will organize a sub-gang so the hierarchy & it’s operation is always current & protected.

      The society is so deeply corrupted, private & public & the only way to untangle this is uprising of the public & in waiting is revolution. There’s no way total cleansing will take effect unless the latter happened. Cultural revolution can change & straightened the convoluted attitude of the populace. It’s the FINAL
      Solution & Nothing else….Being nice
      & passive is the tacts of the past. The present is so eager & willing to participate.

      Warning to Pnoy’s administration, you can run but there’s always the finish line you’ll have to hurdle, seems that it’s the dashed line of No Return.

    2. This is really discouraging and disgusting. Nothing is left sacred anymore even the lowly Philhealth benefits has become prey to schemes to amass money by unscrupulous and greedy people. The saddest part is the poor beneficiaries are made complicit to the scheme and not knowing any better being so poor they just agree to either be operated or treated medically unnecessarily or maybe just sign documents for a minuscule share of the booty. This country is really for the gutters and this moronic president has the gall to proclaim before “elementary kids” that we are heading for first world status because of him. The Senate inquiry will just be another show that will vanish into thin air after a short while. Please enough of this already.