• Senate to review phone logs of ‘laundry players’


    THE Senate blue ribbon committee will scrutinize the phone logs of dismissed Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) Jupiter Branch manager Maia Santos-Deguito, casino junket operator Kam Sin “Kim” Wong and Philrem owners Salud and Michael Bautista to determine who among them told the truth on the delivery of laundered money.

    Senator Paolo Benigno Aquino 3rd on Wednesday convinced the three to issue waivers allowing the Senate panel to get the call logs of their respective mobile phone numbers from their service providers on the dates when the cash pick-ups were made.

    Deguito, Wong and the Bautistas issued contradicting claims on who gave the instructions to Chinese junket player Wiekang Xu and other unidentified Chinese players that they could pick up the cash, part of the $81 million stolen from the Bangladesh Bank, at the house of the Bautistas from February 9 to 13.

    Michael Bautista told Senate probers that all instructions regarding the disbursement of cash came from Deguito. He was referring to the P300 million and $5 million dollars picked up by Xu and Wong.

    In his testimony last month, Wong said he picked up the cash three times — on February 9, (P100 million and $3 million); February 10 (P100 million and $2 million) and February 14 (P100 million).

    At the hearing on Tuesday, Bautista said Xu picked up the money, and Wong would also be there as interpreter.

    Wong contradicted Bautista’s claim, saying he never called the former to inform him that
    they already got the cash, and he could pick it up.

    Senator Teofisto Guingona 3rd, chairman of the blue ribbon committee, asked Deguito if she called the shots on the cash deliveries as claimed by Philrem.

    She said the only instruction she gave was for the transfer of funds to Bloomberry and Eastern Hawaii Leisure Company Limited.

    “For the cash deliveries I never gave instructions, and I would like to believe that Philrem is talking directly to Wong,” Deguito added.

    Aquino said since all communications between Wong, Deguito and the Bautistas were made by mobile phone, the Senate committee could, by reviewing the call logs, find out who was telling the truth.


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    1. Only took the senate clowns a couple of months to decide to gather some facts (cell phone records) instead of listening to everyone swear they didn’t do it.

      The senate clown committee should stop pretending they are investigators.