• Senate urged to probe CA ‘bribery’


    SEN. Antonio Trillanes 4th wants the Senate to investigate allegations of corruption at the Court of Appeals (CA), a day after he claimed that Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay “bought” the writ of injunction issued by the appellate court that allowed him to stay as mayor.

    The senator on Wednesday said he will file charges against some CA justices for bribery, in answer to the challenge issued by the camp of Vice President Jejomar Binay that he back up his claims that the appellate court issued the injunction in exchange for a huge sum.

    Rep. Toby Tiangco, interim president of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), said Trillanes should file a case in court if he really has proof that money changed hands.

    “We are challenging him to back his latest tirade this time, which involves the justices of the Court of Appeals. He can say things like that because of the protection he enjoys from suit, something Trillanes has gravely abused through the years as senator,” Tiangco said.

    Trillanes said he will file a resolution asking the proper Senate committee to look into the bribery issue not only on the incident involving the Binays but other cases as well.

    “I will ask the Senate to look into the matter. Eventually, the Vice President and the justices in his pocket will go down,” the senator said in a text message to The Manila Times.

    Trillanes on Tuesday said he has information on who made the deal and how much a certain justice received.

    The Coalition of Filipino Consumers (CFC) on Wednesday claimed that a member of the CA got more than P5 million in exchange for the issuance of a writ of preliminary injunction that favored Binay.

    The group however did not identify the magistrate but hinted that he was a former elected official.


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    1. This recent tirades of Trillanes on CA justices is nothing but air. Gusto niya Lang sumikat at the expense of the Binay’s. I wish he will tell us his work experiences in the navy yard doing clerical works. Sino ba nagbayad ng mga nasira sa mga nasira nila sa Oakwood at Manila Penninsula?

    2. Jason Salazar on

      Why don’t you just admit to yourself that you’re one of them President Aquino. You already showed us how you prioritizes and care for your party members than us, your citizens.

    3. gil arellano on

      trilliones,you are always barking at you foes but you are too silent about your corrupt friends.you are defending you boss about his role on mamasapano debacle,you have not said anything about the BBL,quiet about the encrouchment of China,quiet about the procurement of HUEYs,so who are you?

    4. nakoww Trillanes! why don’t you stop making stories and start accepting that there’s nothing you can do to win in the election nor bring Binays in jeopardy. Just accept the fact that your stories aren’t that believable.

      We believe in you VP!!!

    5. Trillanes issued a veiled threat to the Supreme Court by this allegation of bribery against C A justices. The message is clear. Should the SC justices nix what CMorales is seeking from them, (SC TRO against CA TRO), which would prevent Mayor JBinay from remaining as top dog in Makati, they too will be subjected to some Investigation by the Senators. Watch out Honorable Justices, there is a drunken Sailor out there!

    6. If there is a shread of evidence then yest press ahead with an investigation as if any there are corrupt they need to be caught & jailed. We know corruption is still rife everywhere in this country & some are still dumb enough to think they are infallible. They will soon find out how wrong they are, investigate them & leave no stone unturned. Get to the truth of this & lets get this country sorted out.

    7. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      Go! Go! Trillanes, the silent majority of the Filipinos (even the Filipinos abroad-OFWs) are behind your campaign against the brutal corruption of the Binays. Binay is worst than Marcos and GMA. Prove to the filipino people that the practice of Binay of buying voters, judges and the people of makati (300 pesos each plus free meals to rally behind gunggung Binay) and let us stop this arrogant Binays. Katatapos lang ng semana Santa at yung dalawang magnanakaw na ipapako sa krus na sina Binay at mercado ay hayagang sinasabi ni mercado”Diyos ko patawarin mo po ako” at si Binay naman, sabi niya, “Lord kulang pa young ninakaw ko”