Senate no more


Gone are the days when members of the Philippine Senate were highly respected because of their no nonsense propositions, fiery speeches, and above all, the integrity of each lawmaker.

This was how Mang Antonio Cruz, a retired public school teacher now in his 70’s, remembers the legislators in the upper chamber when he was a fresh graduate.

Cruz, who came to my office last week to seek assistance for a case over a land dispute, said the senators then were very eloquent and bold in their statements, likening them to Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago now.

“They always sounded like the interest of the public comes first rather than their own personal advantage when they file bills and during deliberations,” said the retired high school teacher.

He added that he never heard of people accusing these lawmakers back then of being corrupt as everyone looked up to the Senate as an untarnished institution that really worked for the people.

“Pero ngayon, parang inuuna pa nila ang kanilang mga sarili at kung papaano kumita gamit ang kanilang mga puwesto at kapangyarihan,” Cruz sadly said.

Obviously, the Senate investigations these days do not really mean to help legislate a law. Rather they are for the personal advancement of some of its members, Cruz finally said.

Political analyst Antonio Contreras seems to agree with Cruz saying some members of the Senate have placed their personal vested interests first before that of the nation and its people.

Contreras noted that senators waste their time conducting investigations when, in fact, they should focus on drafting and passing legislation that will benefit the people.

“Mga bobo lang ang maniniwala na ang imbestigasyon dyan kay (Vice-President Jejomar) Binay ay in aid of legislation talaga”, said the political science professor of De La Salle Univesity.

He also said the Senate has lost its intellect and credibility because some of its members were voted by the people because of their popularity and not for their intellectual capacity. He cited the likes of Claro M. Recto, Eva-Estrada Kalaw, Arturo Tolentino, Ferdinand Marcos, etc. in the 60’s.

Like Contreras, former Sen. Orly Mercado believes the senators waste their time on inquiries rather passing bills like job creation, over expenditures, the poor healthcare system, etc.

“They wasted several days investigating Dr. Hayden Kho, regarding that sex video few years ago, which they said is in aid of legislation. Was there a law passed after that inquiry?” Mercado asked.

Asked why the Senate has lost its image as a body of bright and honest men and women, Mercado simply said, “Nawala yung mga galing sa intellectual clans and very progressive families.”


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  1. In the past, we looked at the qualifications of the people who ran for the Senate and for any elective office that was why we had the likes of Manglapus and Diokno there. Now, majority of the voters wait for the candidates’ leaders to distribute money and who gives more get the votes. In the recent two elections, i voted for only four senators and first in my short list was Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago because I failed to convince myself that Trillanes, Lapid and even Cayetano are worth voting.

  2. Gone are the days during the time of:
    Gery Roxas
    Don Claro M. Recto
    Lorenzo Tanada
    Jovito Salonga
    Senator Diokno and more.
    Sayang wala na sila

    Now they are what? Drilon, etc.

    Sana hindi pa nagretire si Joker Arroyo
    At sana magtagal pa si Miriam

  3. i agree because almost all senators are mediocre.especially the three senators, investigating binay, they sound and talks like a cops investigating a crimes. sen. trillanes as a military, should be fit as a policeman only.

  4. Well it is a reflection of the general population intelligence due to malnutrition.
    The malalng pipol prefer a slowpoke “kuno” actor like Fernando Poe or Joseph Estrada because they believe the movies that they go to see.
    Because of Poverty, Religion and Low IQ the people elect the personalities that are are like themselves slowpoke and easily led, low morals who go for the highest bidder, religious but vindictive.
    We always hear people pleading to God but would not hesitate from spreading rumours – chisimis, laugh at the troubles of others instead of helping them, detain or block people who actually do good because of jealousy.
    No, No we actuallyu deserve the Senate that we have. It is a Reflection of our Maladjusted Society.

  5. Pare-pareho lang yang mga yan! Puro pera lang ang katapat! Pare-parehong mga magnanakaw! Ganid, hayok, dayukdok, rapist ng baya! Sobra na, wala ka ng mapili! Puro pera, puro pera! Walang laman ang mga sinasabi at lahat ay pang personal na ambition lang! Sayang ang perang pinasusuweldo sa kanila ng bayan, bayan pa rin ang naghihirap! Walang kuwentang politika sa Pinas…walaaaaaaaaaah!

  6. I do not know of any Senate Blue Ribbon Committee investigation to result in any legislation. I only know of recommendations made to others to bring some kind of action. The made for TV political inquisitions must stop. The Senate has fallen to a new low and will not be resurrected until new Senators, with an intellect and with a sense of improving the nation, are inserted.


    Like Mang Antonio Cruz I am also in my 70’s. I am happy to inform you that my family
    had a favorite Senator in my early years. He was Senator Raul Sevilla Manglapus. We
    even voted for him for president under the Progressive Party of the Philippines (PPP).
    Following were the other Senators that we admired very much. They were very well
    respected and they really did their legislative works all for the welfare of the Nation and
    the people. They were simply great.
    Following were some of them that stuck to my mind: Senators Pepe Diokno, Gerry Roxas
    Lorenzo Tanada,, Benigno (Ninoy) Aquino, Jovito Salonga, Arturo Tolentino and Neptali Gonzales.
    We just sincerely wish that the Senate brings back the respect that people had for both
    the Senate and the House of Representative.

  8. Julio M. Domingo on

    Something really happened after the Hayden Kho sex video investigation. The two senators who conducted the inquisition oops investigation in aid of legislation are now in jail charged with plunder. Dr. Kho who was stripped of his medical license by PMA has gotten it back


    Like Mang Antonio Cruz I am now in my 70’s. I grew up admiring Senator Raul S. Manglapus. In fact I even voted for him for President when he and other well respected
    politicians organized the Progressive Party of the Philippines (PPP). For me and my family we firmly believed that Senator Raul S. Manglapus was the greatest president we
    never had.
    Like Mang Antonio, I also believe that the Senators then were well respected because
    most of them wid their legislative works mostly for the welfare of the Nation and the people. They were not selfish. They did not work for their self interest.
    Following were some of the Senators that we voted for because they were great. Senators Pepe Diokno, lorenzo Tanada, Gerry Roxas, Ninoy Aquino, Jovito Salonga,
    and Neptali Gonzales.
    I sincerely hope that the Senate can bring back that respect we used to have for the
    sake of the Nation.

  10. I agree with you Mr. Tulfo, but to some degree. The current investigation by the Blue Ribbon sub-committee is very interesting and I believe that truths are being uncovered and that this Binay dynasty should be held responsible in the scams they have been committing since day one of Binay rule in Makati. Maybe there are other LGU’s being ruled by greedy politicians doing the same in their home turfs and who knows resident COA’s and the Ombudsman are being corrupted and that’s why very little incidents of graft and corruption cases has been filed in the Sandiganbayan.

  11. I agree. Every thinking Filipino would say that the investigations in Congress are not in aid of legislation, but in aid of re-election; mere grandstanding and what one in the street would call “pa-pogi”. But, worse, these members still think they are that ‘honorable’ when many of them, I suppose, cannot even see the other person in the mirrror straight in the eye and say, “I am proud of what I am and what I do”.

  12. redentor pajara on

    PAK!!! – as in PERA ANG KATAPAT!!!

    Tatlo lang yata sa mga incumbent, regardless of the newly elected senators ang hindi NATAPALAN ng DAP para i-convict si CJ Corona. Moro-moro lang pala ang impeachment dati….
    I admire the 3 senators who was not swayed by the “kinang ng salapi”, Sen. Miriam, Sen. Arroyo and Sen Marcos. Or lets say they did not bother to offer them money because they know that these Senators are incorruptible.

  13. Huwag na kasing bumoto ng mga ARTISTA kagaya nina Ungoy Estrada, Bong Revilla, Lito Lapid, Tito Sotto (isama na ang mukhang katulong na si Binay). Wala naming alam ang iyan. Walang utak ang mga yan kundi kumita ng pera sa pangungurakot. Noong araw, mga Bar topnotchers ang mga ibinoboto. Ngayon mga artista na mga BOBO. Huwag na ring iboto ang mga BINAYS.