Senator Pia her brother’s keeper?


SEVERAL opinion makers have speculated that Sen.  Pia Cayetano, a lawyer, voted in favor of Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares at the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) to protect the rights of her adopted son. I disagree because her adopted son, unlike Poe Llamanzares, isn’t a foundling. And, as pointed out by her younger brother Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, they know the father of her adopted son, which can’t be said of Mrs. Llamanzares.

In the absence of a published concurring opinion by Sen. Pia  that could explain why she didn’t side with the magistrate-members of SET on this issue, I’ll give my own take: She voted for Llamanzares to propel  the candidacy of her brother Alan for president.

As a result of her vote, former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte decided to run for president. He had previously declared that he would run only “to prevent an American from being elected president.” I don’t believe it’s purely coincidental that Duterte eventually named Sen. Alan as his running mate.

Had Sen. Pia voted with law experts at SET, Duterte would have no reason left to run for president. And without Duterte’s coat-tails to hang on to, Senator Alan would be waging a lonely campaign for vice president.

Ah, but Sen. Pia’s being her brother’s keeper didn’t end with her SET vote that ultimately benefited him. Now, she has to go all out for Duterte or else he will junk Sen. Alan. Sure, she had previously called Duterte her “idol” but she might paint herself in a corner in the light of his latest gaffes.

To continue supporting Duterte, she has to ignore/swallow his admission that he has two wives and two girlfriends. Sen. Pia, chairman of the Senate Committee on Women and Children, has been a long-time advocate of giving equal rights and greater protection for women. She often spoke of the need to give more respect to women. How will this advocacy fly in the face of Duterte’s unrepentant statement that he’s a womanizer? Will she ignore this now for the sake of younger brother Senator Alan?

My heart also ached when I heard Senator Alan defend Duterte’s cursing of Pope Francis, as if this was just a small thing being blown out of proportion. Duterte was inconvenienced by the Roman Catholic faithfuls’ show of love and reverence for the Pontiff but this was not the latter’s fault.  Yet Duterte damned the Holy Father and his mother.

Sen. Alan wears his religion up his sleeves. He can be expected to cite verses from the Holy Bible whenever the opportunity presents itself. He could have kept his trap shut instead of defending Duterte’s mindless self-righteous cursing of the Pope.

Or, he could have advised Duterte to apologize and prove he’s unlike the present tenant of Malacañang who has never admitted committing anything wrong. Note that Duterte’s supposed apology came not from him but his children and mouthpieces.


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  1. Namamangka sa dalawang ilog ang magkapatid, wala ng ibang dahilan ang puedeng magpaliwanag ng boto ni Pia.

  2. alam nmn natin na magkaiba ang paniniwala nla ,pero kahit papanu nagkakaisa parin sila para sa ikabubuti ng bansa at un ung nagustuhan ko sa kanila…

  3. Although Sen Pia and Sen Alan are siblings still magkaiba sila at hindi iisa tao lamang. They might share the same DNA but they do have different opinions and brain cells to work on their own decisions.

    Senator Alan said once before that “Only Duterte can make Tunay na Pagbabago possible”. And yes I do believe that Alan sites verses. I have already heard him speak before, opposite with the character of Mayor Duterte. Their tandem i believe in not a coincidence I believe that God is moving now to revive our country.

    We all have our own freewill we cannot be dictated by anyone to do something or to apologize to somebody. Alan knows that the Mayor knows the consequences of his actions hence as we all know Duterte already apologized and promised to donate P1000 everytime he will cuss. Now, that is the action man Duterte speaking.

    How many presidential candidate can bare his soul to the filipino people without holding back anything?

    Duterte is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing unlike the others who pretends to be a sheep but is ready to devour its prey.

  4. In their home they’re siblings, but in the senate the are rivals. Because some of the issue tackles in the senate they have their own views. Whatever they argue outside their house, it stays there. After all the drama and their opinions, they are also brother and sister.

  5. Filipinos are know to have tight ties between their siblings or families. But politically, it’s the other side of the story. They know government is complicated. Some may have agree with each other, some may not. #DuterteCayetano

  6. Well, this is so much to swallow, but in short…this is just another issue brought up to make people confused. The siblings have their own views. Once, they enter the Senate, they’re colleagues. They know the boundaries will end politically whenever times like this comes.

  7. don’t worry about sen. allan cayetano. he has no chance of winning the vice-presidency. his chances are almost nil.

  8. In Philippine politics, the vote of SET member Cayetano is a given, for there’s ‘no permanent affiliation, but ‘interests’. By the same token, the other “for” votes are also expected. We are talking here of politics and ‘trapos’;

    Objectively, one doesn’t have to be a lawyer .to understand the disqualification of Llamanzares Poe as senator and to run for president. She’s just too “ambitious”!

    “Dahil nanalo siya na No. 1 (kuno) na senadora, akala niya dahil sa kanyang kakayahan at hindi dahil sa panagalan na kanyang ama (na hindi naman kanya, dahil may asawa na siya) na marami daw nagawa (?)

    If for any reason, Poe’s qualification to run for president is validated, perhaps due to political ‘exigency’, faith in the fundamental law of the land will be eroded. All that Poe has accomplished and sincerely wish to accomplish, are ‘NOTHING’ compared to paramount strict adherence to the Constitution which should be protected and defended. Else, may God bless the Philippines; may God bless the Filipino people.

  9. Alan Peter Cayetano does not care about Pope Francis. All of the Cayetanos for that matter does not care about the Pope. Remember, they are protestants whose supreme religous master is their pastor and or minister not a Pope.