Senator urges leniency with bogus operators


A lawmaker has called on the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to give leeway to private vehicle owners who are offering alternative transport service to commuters despite having no legitimate franchises.

Sen. Paolo Benigno Aquino 4th made the appeal on Friday in reaction to an owner of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) being fined P200,000 last October 2 for illegally operating as a passenger vehicle.

The SUV was a partner car of Uber, a ride-sharing service, which provides commuter an alternative means of transportation.

Aquino, who heads the Senate Committee on Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship,  said the LTFRB should encourage innovation and provide some room to transport start-ups, which, according to him, provide safe and affordable means of transportation to commuters.
Among the other start-ups are Tripid, GrabTaxi and EasyTaxi.

It is illegal for any vehicle owner to offer transport service without a franchise issued by the LTFRB, the sole agency authorized to issue certificates of public convenience (CPC) or franchise to those individuals and corporations who want to engage in the public transport business.

An applicant has to go through a tedious process before the board could grant the application for CPC.

The LTFRB and other government agencies are cracking down on colorum vehicles that operate without a franchise in Metro Manila and nearby provinces, virtually robbing legitimate transport operators and drivers of their income.

Unlike the legitimate public utility vehicles, colorum vehicles, including those partnered with Uber and other ride-sharing service providers, operate without passenger insurance and are not paying taxes to the government.

Aquino said Senate Bill 2217, or the Start-Up Business Bill, would provide these enterprises the proper time to stand on their own as they try to create a niche in the market.

The measure proposes a two-year tax exemption for operations, given that these enterprises are not an affiliate, a subsidiary or a franchise of any existing company.


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  1. It is best for Sen. Paul Aquino to recommend to his friends who are colorum operators to get a legitimate Franchise from LFTRB rather than asking leeway from LFTRB. It is a shame for a Senator asking leeway! I was once duped by this Colorum Taxi Driver at Domestic Terminal.

  2. If this or any other filipino government isnt going to make money out of it they wont allow it, its that simple. They dont care about any individual buisiness, all they care about is getting money out of that business. Need proof well look at this. When you apply for a job, look at what you have to provide at your own expense to be able to apply for that job. I come from the uk & i will tell you how easy it is there. You see a job advertised you can either phone, visit personally or write to that company for an application form. They give you the form, you fill it in & retuurn it. They interview you & if successful you get offerd the job. Its cost you nothing. All filipino governments care about is getting your money off you in everything. Im really surprised how you all just accept this, they treat you all as idiots.
    Now you might say an ex criminal shouldnt be allowed to work & that would be stupid as if someone isnt allowed to work what happens they will comit more crimes, & if you want that then you are an idiot.