• Senators cool to centralized processing of gun licenses


    Several senators doubt the effectiveness and legality of the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) decision to centralize the firearms renewal process, believing it could worsen the problem of too many loose firearms in the country.

    Sen. Grace Poe, chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs, said centralizing firearm registration could discourage gun owners from complying because they are required to personally appear at PNP headquarters in Camp Crame in Quezon City.

    “I personally believe that strictly centralizing gun registration will make it even more difficult for gun enthusiasts to comply with the registration requirement,” Poe said in a text message.

    Based on PNP data, 60 percent of the 1.7 million registered firearms in the country have been found to have fictitious or questionable information.

    The proliferation of fraudulent documents is the reason the PNP Director General Alan Purisima came up with a new scheme centralizing the firearm registration process at Camp Crame.

    Gun owners also have to pay for the delivery of their license cards to their home, an arrangement criticized by gun owners.

    Sen. Vicente Sotto 3rd questioned the legal basis to modify the gun registration process, saying it might clash with existing laws on firearm ownership.

    He said the new policy must be carefully reviewed, and if found to have no legal basis, Congress could question the move.

    Werfast Documentary Agency, the firm hired by the PNP to deliver the gun licenses, may also be placed under scrutiny to determine its capability to handle the task and for its supposed links to the PNP chief.

    Rod Moreno, vice president of Gun Owners Against Congressional Tyranny, said the P190 courier fee for Metro Manila and P290 outside Metro Manila are exorbitant.

    It was also learned that Werfast was awarded a five-year contract in May 2011 but records at the Securities and Exchange Commission showed that it was only registered in August 2011.


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    1. Nice marketing strategy. High ranking PNP officials are trying to monopolize corruption. Have pity on your corrupt brothers in arms in other parts of the region.

    2. They should consider putting up satellite offices in local police offices or regional offices where local gun owners can renew and acquire their licences. And whats up with all the addional fees? Ive heard that guns need to be insured so adding Php 5,000 for insurance..

    3. They are taking away the right of normal citizen to protect ourselves. Does my 65 year old father from Leyte need to to go to Crame just to have his license renewed?My dad cant even travel by himself anymore. C’mon PNP,senate and PNOY! And Sen.Poe is right.That will drive gun owners to just not renew their license.How about persons with disability(DWD)?Did they consider that? Do they have to travel all the way to manila even she’s on a wheel chair?Tsk tsk..useless…

    4. Very costly for ordinary Filipinos to travel to Manila, book hotel accomodation
      for few days and spend for food during his stay there. This idea is so stupid.
      We are made to carry additional burden for their shortcomings. Are they telling
      us that the regional offices of the PNP cant be relied upon. If that is the case,
      they should just abolish regional offices and all transactions with PNP to be
      centralized in Crame. Stupid idea by stupid PNP leaders, bloody morons.

    5. So PNP wants all gun owners from every nook and cranny of the 7000+ islands of this archipelago to personally appear at Camp Crame in Q.C. to register their guns. Impractical! Did PNP ever consider the expenses one remote barangay gun owner will need in going to Crame? It’s expensive even for those living near MetroManila. Some of them may not even know where Camp Crame is. Can’t PNP think of an alternative solution to make the process easier. Only Crame people can do the task? Then give more training to those people in the field. Filipinos are easy to train. Thank Senator Poe for pointing out that centralizing the registration would discourage compliance by gun owners.

    6. Joaquin Fernandez on

      PNP has not released the data on how many of these firearms registered under fictitious names were done in Crame. The solution to the problem does not address the cause. Another stupid idea.