• Senators doubt Duterte can stop crime in 6 months


    SENATE Minority Floor Leader Juan Ponce Enrile on Thursday said that the only way Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte can fulfill his promise of eradicating crime and corruption in six month is for him to declare martial law and conduct pubic executions.

    Speaking at the weekly Kapihan sa Senado news forum, Enrile expressed doubts on Duterte’s campaign promise of putting an end to criminality and corruption in six months if he becomes president of the country.

    “I don’t know whether he (Duterte) can do it. I entertain some doubts. He is my good friend. I must publicly thank him for having supported me in all my political battles,” the senator said.

    Former Senator Panfilo Lacson was also skeptical that Duterte can deliver on his promise.

    While Lacson acknowledged Duterte’s proven ability in Davao City, he said stopping crime and corruption in six months will be difficult to fulfill.

    Senator Francis Escudero also expressed his doubts, saying criminality and corruption are deeply rooted.

    Enrile said even if Duterte wins and declares martial law, he will still need the approval of Congress to be able to fulfill his vow.


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    1. maybe Enrile should read Plato’s view on crime and punishment. that way malaman nila anong ibig sabihin…

      waht I really don’t like sa mga opposition sa candidacy ni Duterte is their defeatist attitude…impossible kaya wala na lang gagawin..kaya naman pala laganap ang krimen, korapsyon at kahirapan dahil sa mga pag-iisip ng mga taong nasa posisyon na imposibleng masolusyonan kaya wala na lang gagawin.

    2. arnel rollan on

      with the help of peace loving angry people, duterte can do it. he’ll just do it.

    3. opinionated pinoy on

      Duterte’s campaign promise to stop crimes in 6 months are not meant literally. He did not mean literally to eradicate crimes completely, but rather to put it under control. When law enforcement agencies have control over these crime activities, they are easier to deal with. Presently, the Philippine government as a whole is broken, because all types of criminal activities are everywhere. From the highest level of government such as in the Halls of Congress, Justices, top employees of government agencies, crooks are stealing peoples money and / or protecting their clients / friends to do the crime for them. These are the activities that Duterte would like to put under control and eventually, reduce these criminal activities to its lowest level.

      Duterte also promised to deal with corrupt politicians and put them to jail if he gets elected because corruptions starts at the highest levels of the government. Who are these politicians suspected in plundering Filipinos wealth? Vice President of the Philippines, Senators, Congress people, governors, and all the way down to barangay levels. Heck, Supreme Court Justices have rendered twisted translations or interpretations of the country’s Constitution. Were they compensated for this? Only God knows.

    4. interesting read…How does one handle “public executions”?

      Thank you for the laugh Manila Times (spell check is very useful)