• Senators eye probe of De Lima’s drug links


    The tables may be turned against neophyte Sen. Leila de Lima as some senators are willing to investigate her alleged links to drug syndicates.

    Senator Aquilino Pimentel 3rd, who is expected to be elected Senate President on Monday, said he would wait for the resolution to be filed to start the probe.

    “If none, then no business looking into it,” he said. “It must come spontaneously from senators.”

    Senator Vicente Sotto 3rd, who is expected to be the next majority floor leader, said the Senate may look into the allegation of Solicitor General Jose Calida that de Lima had been in the company of known drug lord Jaybee Sebastian, a convict at the maximum compound of the New Bilibid Prisons in Muntinlupa City (Metro Manila).

    “Yes, if a complaint is filed,” said Sotto, who was once also linked to a drug lord based in Quezon City.

    Returning Sen. Richard Gordon said the complaint may be referred to the ethics committee for proper action.

    De Lima, who had called for a probe into the extra-judicial killings of drug suspects, has issued a statement denouncing “in the highest possible terms this latest demolition job.”

    “I categorically deny any insinuation of me extending any protection or accommodation to any criminal. My personal and professional records would belie all accusations hurled against me which are obviously intended to malign my good name and reputation and to undermine the performance of my lawful duties as a senator,” she said.

    De Lima added that it is common practice that as a public servant she in the past might have mingled with people who have questionable character, including criminals.

    Calida, “who once served as Justice undersecretary and acting secretary during the Arroyo administration, should have known better that public servants like us conduct meetings, and/or attend events or activities with all kinds of people in pursuance of official duties, similar to the much publicized meeting or encounter between PNP Director General Ronald de la Rosa and several convicts like Herbert Colangco, Peter Co and Jaybee Sebastian,” she said, referring to the Philippine National Police.

    When she was Justice secretary under the previous administration, said de Lima, she attended several Management Committee (ManCom) meetings of the Justice department, “including one hosted by the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) then headed by Director Gaudencio Pangilinan.”

    “That one meeting which was covered by the media at the premises of the National Bilibid Prisons was also attended by other top officials of the Department of Justice, including the heads of attached agencies and BuCor officials. At the sidelines of the event, the ManCom members mingled with some inmates during certain activities on the same day as part of the reformatory program of BuCor. It is most likely where the photograph was taken and is now being shown by Calida out of context,” de Lima said.

    “May I suggest for Calida to stop his fixation on Throwback Thursday photos of me, and instead just start doing his real job of reading the 501-page decision on the West Philippine Sea case?” she added, referring to the practice of posting old pictures in social media during Thursdays.

    “Meanwhile, I warn those who are attempting to implicate me in any illegal activity, and much less in illegal drugs which I have always fought: You will be frustrated. While I have been patient with all the attacks, I will never be intimidated. Rather, I will remain steadfast in fulfilling my sworn duty as senator to uphold the Constitution and human rights,” de Lima said.


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    1. Doesn’t it sound suspicious, when De lima was head of dept. of justice, no drug lord was ever reported arrested. Ngayon na nakikita natin sa news are drug addicts, pushers and drug lords getting killed, siya una rereklamo. Hmm..tsk tsk fishy! Its refreshing to see on the news that its not a child or a woman getting raped or killed, or an uncle raping a 5y.o child, rather these addicts and pushers. Im happy alot are surrendering, that is something we should be happy about. Police pa dinidiin ni de lima. Crazy!

    2. If you are that serious and honest about what you said submit yourself to the ethic committee and prove to anyone that you are worthy in serving and fulfilling you sworn duty as senator to uphold the constitutuon and human right. I just hope the Almighty will help you in your quest for justice.

    3. Sana nga you are not guilty…prove it…psti nga pagkapanalo mo bilang senator ay di rin kapanipaniwala?

    4. The bad girl, Sen. Delima is. From the angry denunciation expressed by Sen. Delima herself of the coming senate inquiry on the extent of her involvement in illegal drugs, additional factual evidence is provided by her to support such investigation. The law did not give or allow illegal drugs prisoners to participate, socialize and rub elbows with Delima when she was the justice secretary in any party even if hosted by high NBP Officials. There are only dark reasons of their being seen with her which presence all the more. necessitate said senate probe. I construe Sen. Delima’s angry reaction as smokescreen of a ninja fighter. It’s the fear of a cornered snake.

      • I agree with you Gael , Gen. Ronald dela Rosa went to the BUCOR to confront the Drug Lords not to socialize with them !

        In my opinion , it is ridiculous for Sen, Leila De Lima to say that her meeting with the Drug Lords is “SIMILAR ” to that of Gen. Ronald dela Rosa … in fact , the two meetings were diametrically opposite as far as the purpose of each meeting were concerned .

    5. Demolition job ? Others may have got aplenty before , but this one could be worth investigating by the Senate mainly because of the sheer numbers of illegal drug users that were heavily proliferating during her watch at the Dept. of Justice .

    6. I’m with Senator De Lima on this one. She can’t be intimidated by threats of investigations. How shameful of her senate colleagues i they bend to Calida!

    7. Josefino Bajado Velasco on

      That is karma to you. You and your demented boss have shamed and ruined the reputation of a lot of prople. Paybacktime is in the offing. We expect nothing less than a suicide for you..