Senators fear prosecution of their misdeeds – Binay


VICE President Jejomar Binay on Tuesday said the senators who are investigating him want to destroy his chances of winning in the presidential elections in 2016 because they fear that they will be prosecuted for their “misdeeds” if he becomes President.

“Those investigating me are simply there because as they admitted, they do not want me to even launch a presidential campaign, obviously fearing that should the people support me they would be made accountable for their misdeeds and abuse of power,” Binay pointed out.

He said the main players in the Senate probe see him as a threat to their ambition and that explains why they are doing everything to undermine his integrity and reputation.

“The legislative character of the investigation is brazenly replaced by a route of inquiry that is judicial in nature but masquerading as ‘in aid of legislation’,” Binay added.

“If there are serious accusations being peddled by my enemies, the truth could be proven in a way that civilized societies do, with hard, unassailable evidence,” he said.

The Vice President noted that the obvious abuse by some politicians of their political powers could trample the civil rights of every Filipino as evidenced by recent developments in the ongoing inquiry by a sub-committee of the Senate blue ribbon panel into allegations that Binay benefited from construction of the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building 2 when he was mayor of Makati City.

Binay said some politicians are willing to sacrifice civil rights in the name of politics.

“The so-called investigation at the Senate sends a dire warning to everyone: That for the sake of politics, civil rights are the first casualty,” the Vice President added.

“I pity the ordinary government employees and citizens who are being hammered, the effect on their daily affairs, the scorn and ridicule they are being subjected to that no private individual should suffer in a democratic society. I ask our people to examine closely the direction the so-called investigation is taking. So far, they have resorted to humiliating me and my family with such viciousness I have not seen employed by the Senate before,” he said.

“First, the so-called legislative agenda of that investigation has been unmasked as simply an inquisition designed to bring disrepute to my person by the abuse of parliamentary rules,” Binay added.

The vice president had earlier twitted Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes 4th for using the blue ribbon committee investigation as a political platform for their vested interests.


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  1. Di ka pa nga Presidente Mr. Binay, nananakot ka na!! Mas lalo pa siguro kung Presidente ka na!! Why are you afraid of facing the senators when you have nothing to hide?? One more thing, why you want the Pres. Pnoy to stop the investigation? Because you are afraid that thetruth will come out. Kung wala kang itinatago, wag mong pakiusapan ang Presidente para wag ituloy ang investigation??? Nagpapatuloy lang na may kasalanan ka. All what you are doing leads that you are guilty of what they are claiming. Sabagay nahuhuli ang isda sa sariling bibig. Mas masahol ka pa kay Gloria at Marcos!!!!

  2. Binay will still win the election despite the accusations hurled on him and his family primarily because the stupid voters from C,D and E classes will still vote for him.

  3. Mr vice president binay pls show to the filipino people that u can afford to answer all the allegations against, YOU. if u r not guilty the truth will always embraced you & will set you FREE.
    the people will always judge you the way you evade the accusations against you. by keeping quite your presidential bid is doomed to failure. pls wake up mr vice president.

  4. So now he also accuses them of doing wrong but doesnt say what it is they have done. Its called an allegation & Mr binay when you make an allegation you then have to have evidence to prove your allegation & you get that evidence by investigating, by questioning & all of it in depth. Thats what they are doing to you Mr binay. They made allegations & they investigated & are still investigating. If you have nothing to hide help the investigation by answering the questions they ask you. Then if you are proven innocent or should i say found not guilty, because i know you politicians like to play on words & not use substance, then you can also investigate those guys that you accused & if there is evidence against them take them to court & prosecute them.

  5. rene catalasan on


    This is what the entire family of Binay’s feels right now for their misdeeds and for having abused their powers and refusing to appear before the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee
    in spite of the fact that 79% of the Filipino supports it.
    What a dork!
    What word describe Binay. COBARDE!

  6. Nory Cabanilla on

    I am wondering why VP Binay refuses to explain his side to the senate. If he does so and submits a strong evidence to rebut the allegations of the witnesses against him, that will surely be appreciated by most Filipinos. His imputation of a diabolical purpose of the senators investigating him is an argumentum ad hominem, not on the falsity of the allegations against him.

    • Jose A. Oliveros on

      The three stooges of the Senate Yellow Ribbon Committee have already prejudged VP Binay. This is evident from their actuation and pronouncements during their “investigation” and in media interviews. VP Binay will surely be humiliated should he attend the “investigation” and whatever he says would not matter. For him to attend the “investigation” is like a woman who, knowing that rape is imminent, still spread her legs.

    • If you are asked to face your accusers who are also your judges, will you face them? If these senators have evidences, don’t you believe that the court of law is the right venue for VP Binay to answer all these allegations? You don’t need to wonder…

  7. Fear of prosecution of their misdeeds? I think the VP has an illusion of grandeur. I am glad that he is showing his true character this early.