Senators open to capital punishment


SEVERAL incumbent and returning senators are open to the proposal of presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte to restore the death penalty but the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) said the reimposition of capital punishment will not deter crime.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th said that he favors Duterte’s proposal but it should not be by hanging.

“The methods on how to carry out the penalty are procedural, but the general intent to strengthen our laws specifically against illegal drugs, I’m all for that,” the senator added.
Sen. Panfilo Lacson also expressed his support to Duterte’s proposal but does not favor death by hanging.

“Aside from being inhumane, I don’t want our people, much less our children, to witness medieval age-like executions even of the most notorious criminals,” Lacson explained.

Other members of the senate have yet to come out with their position on the matter but some lawmaker already made their stand.

Sen. Vicente Sotto 3rd, Sotto has been pushing for the revival of the death penalty especially for big time drug traffickers.

Sotto is the author of Senate Bill 2080 or an act imposing death penalty in the Philippines though lethal injection.

Sen. Grace Poe, during the presidential debate in March, said that she is in favor of bringing back death penalty but only for those proven guilty of heinous crimes.

She however explained that capital punishment should only be taken as a last resort and that Congress should work first reform the justice system.

Sen. Francis Escudero on the other hand is against the reimposition of the death penalty because it denies convicts the opportunity to rejoin society.

Escudero has worked for the repeal of the death penalty since he first became a lawmaker in 1998.

Meanwhile, the CHR on Monday said that reviving the death penalty should be in accordance with law.

“The CHR is prepared to explain its position to Congress as to why it is against the reimposition of capital punishment. It should be noted that more and more states are abolishing it,” CHR Chairman Jose Luis Martin “Chito” Gascon said in a text message.

“The reasons why the national and international human rights community are on principle opposed to death penalty is first, it constitutes what is effectively cruel, inhuman, and degrading punishment that is prohibited in the Bill of Rights and International Law, second, it is contrary to the rehabilative purpose of criminal justice and does not fully consider the possibility of mistake as it cannot be undone,” he added.

Malacañang also said it will be up to the next Congress if it will pass a law allowing the reimposition of the death penalty.

“Lifting of death penalty requires that present law be amended. It is best that this be tackled by the next Congress,” Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. told reporters.


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  1. Jennilyn Herrera on

    Death penalty is scaring but hopeless people kill because of drugs. Youth now are victims. I agree in death penalty. Why our Gov. Become weaked because of human rights, a victim of rape and they killed, a kidnap killed coz they dont give ramsam? Now answer now human rights are innocent victim family have no rights to kill the person who killed there love ones? People who voted President Duterte more than 15 millions show they want change for better future.

  2. Mabait T. Delacruz on

    SHABU importer from China, operators / owners of SHABU laboratory in the country, Abu Sayaf Group Beheading people when ransom money is not paid, intentionally killing policemen, soldiers just to promote their criminal activities and on and on… These animals can no longer rehabilitated and it is further hopeless for these people to rejoin the society. The only reason why ESCUDERO is against the ‘Death Penalty” is because he, himself, is a drug user and protector of these drug Lords.

    Escudero, realized that he might step on his Dick by accident one of these days, and suddenly, he will find a noose around his neck. Escudero is a smart individual and he is taking calculated risks. However, if DUTERTE will push the issue, he can obtain a list of politicians involved in illegal drugs from PDEA and he can work from there.

    I would like to ask the Human Rights Group if what kind of contributions have they made to the victims? Lost of lives, broken families, and millions of young people have lost their hope, and no longer see hope ahead in their lives. All these drugs and crime victims are people also, and the reason why Duterte won by landslide is because he will be in a position to implement changes in the society, and this is what people wanted him to do. Human Right Groups, either you lead, follow or get the hell out of the way because Duterte is on his way!