Senators seek Abad explanation


Calls for Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad’s explanation on the use of funds released through the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) continued to mount on Wednesday as Sen. Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino 4th also urged the Budget chief to enlighten the public about the projects undertaken under the program, which was struck down last week by the Supreme Court.

Aquino, a cousin of the President, said Abad must come up with a detailed report on DAP projects.

“Ako, hinihintay ko rin ang paliwanag niya [Abad] kung saan napunta yung mga pera [I am also waiting for his explanation as to where the funds were spent],” he added.

Aquino noted that a scrutiny of how the DAP funds were disbursed would help determine if officials who received DAP allocations used the monies “for their own personal gain.”
Earlier, senators Francis Escudero and Grace Poe sought Abad’s explanation.

Escudero challenged Abad to face the people and explain the DAP to them. He said the
Senate will schedule another round of investigations on the acceleration program.
Poe reacted sharply to Abad’s silence.

She said Abad, believed to be the architect of the disbursement program, is the competent official who could give a detailed and an official explanation on the matter.

A complaint for plunder was filed against Abad on Tuesday at the Office of the Ombudsman in connection with the DAP.

But Malacañang said the Cabinet member could not be guilty of the offense because he “did not in any manner gain” from the program.

”Did Secretary Butch Abad squander the money? No. Was the money stolen? No. Very, very clear, categorical answers that neither [of the]acts happened,” Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said also on Wednesday.

“Whenever you’re confronted with a criminal action, or specifically a criminal case, you look at the elements of the crime. Does the act fit all the elements of the crime? And if it does not, then there is no case. My shallow, shallow reading of plunder [tells me], you are required to have personal gain. And Secretary Butch Abad did not in any manner, shape or form gain from any of [the]funds from [the]program,” he added.

Lacierda said Abad has been silent because he is “occupied with budget preparations.”


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  1. Geoffrey Matthew on

    Sec. Abad can’t explain? How’s that? Harvard, and Ateneo Law School Graduate, and to think even had the Political Science Subject which is the Philippine Constitution during his formative years, taught to upheld and to depend It as a Filipino Citizen, and now author of the unconstitutionally SC declared DAP? Are all his knowledge wasted? The Mr Secretary can’t explain? Ipa-pingot na lang ang teynga ng Department of Budget and former Education Secretary sa lahat ng estudyante, dusa rin parents nila paying Taxes. Not only the Senators must seek explanation!

  2. eltee mulawin on

    >>>Mr.Lacierda is parang lasing sa kanto dakdak ng dakdak. I dont know if this attack dog of Nguyngoy Cojuangco-Aquino3rd ay is an Attorney.

    But I do believe and hope he coud understand to the following rules by the court in a certain case with the same concept ..about “good faith”. This was quoted in other news articles as follow,.

    The High Court stressed that good faith does not excuse an official who juggles government funds or property from one public purpose to another.

    The SC issued this verdict on November 14, 2012, affirming a Sandiganbayan ruling on February 8, 2010 that found Leyte Mayor Arnold James Ysidoro guilty beyond reasonable doubt of technical malversation for diverting the use of four sacks of rice and two box of sardines worth P3,390 for malnourished children.

    “It is the commission of an act as defined by the law, and not the character or effect thereof, that determines whether or not the provision has been violated. Hence, malice or criminal intent is completely irrelevant,” the SC ruled.

    “Dura lex sed lex. [The law may be harsh but it is the law]. Ysidoro’s act, no matter how noble or miniscule the amount diverted, constitutes the crime of technical malversation,” it said.

  3. If I will not be mistaken, magkakaroon dito ng “fall guy” to save someone. I just hope I’m wrong.

  4. Pakunyari pa etong si Bam Aquino, ano pang gusto mong malaman, ngayon lang ka nagtanong ng nabuking na ang mga perang tinanggap ninyo at eto pa maliwanag na walang maibigay ang COA na accountability kung anong project, yaon pala ay wala. Bam Aquino pretending he doesn’t know anything about where the money went (its the 50 million for every Senator who voted to impeach the CJ) except the three Senators who did not receive the bribe because they did not agree with the President to impeach the CJ .Di na ninyo mabibilog ang pagiisip ng mga Pilipino.

  5. Of course butch will try his best to avoid speaking in detail about where these funds went as he surely has something to hide. Just last night i saw on solar news Belmonte was speaking about the dap, he was criticising the supreme court justices in saying they praised the dap before & now they have done an about turn & he was wondering why. When the interviewer was trying to ask him difficult questions he said to her are you trying to trap me or something like that & then she didnt question him in depth anymore. Thats the problem in this country people seem to be scared to press hard for government to answer difficult questions & are so easily fobbed off with stupid answers or evasive answers.


    This Lacierda act as if he does not know the law. When open his mouth as if he
    is that ignorant. In the law, if you abet the or if you facilitate the violation of
    the law you are an accomplish. Granting without admitting that this abad
    did not profit from the commission of a crime, still he cannot escape liability
    because he was the one disbursed and facilitated the disubrusement of the DAP
    the most flagrant and illegal disbursement that they did was the P50M bribe
    money to these crocodiles in congress. To be specific, the P100M a piece
    to Drilon, Escudero and Enrile and P50M per senator to these who voted to
    to impeach corona. You should be honest Lacierda and do not keep defending
    the indefensible abnoy and abad. Don’t keep fooling the people dahil napakaliwanag.
    Kong hindi bribe money ang ibinigay ninyo, bakit only these who voted to impeach
    were given? Bakit sila Santiago, Arroyo at Marcos na hindi bumoto sa impeachment
    ay hindi nabiyan? Magkakapareho lang kayong lahat pero alalahanin ninyo ang
    Karma. What goes around comes around.

  7. SEC. Lacierda said Abad has been silent because he is “occupied with budget preparations
    Who are you fooling, Mr. Secretary maybe He is busy of other things like shredding
    evidence? Eto ba ang daang matuwid?nakakasuka kayo parepareho lang namn kayo.

  8. Apologize after explaining the creation of DAP. This will save Pinoy, even knowing he has no bad intention. We are all human of “Wabi Sabi”.