Senators seek end to DDS probe


SOME senators no longer want to listen to the testimonies of four supposed members of the Davao Death Squad (DDS) who reportedly decided to come out and testify just like former police officer Arturo Lascañas.

Senate majority leader Vicente Sotto 3rd said that allowing the four to testify will only prolong the “teleserye” of the so-called “sins” of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Sotto agreed with Sen. Panfilo Lacson’s observation that people handling Lascañas are trying to destabilize the Duterte administration.

Sen. Joseph Victor Ejercito said that he would not allow the Senate to be used in destabilization plot.
He said it is obvious that there are some forces trying to destroy the president slowly and eventually lessen his popularity.

“Our country will not move forward if let destabilizers have their way,” Ejercito added.

Sen. Win Gatchalian said the group of Lascañas had been given enough chance to be heard.

“We already gave the DDS issue and their self-confessed members enough chance to be heard. I think there are other venues they can exhaust,” he added.

He said the chamber would have to extensively check on the new witnesses that Sen.
Antonio Trillanes 4th plans to pesent.

Trillanes meanwhile hit those who have been linking Lascanas’ testimony to alleged destabilization efforts against Duterte.

“At least 8,000 Filipino were ordered killed by the Duterte but you remained quiet. Now that there are witnesses coming to tell the truth you will claim destabilization,” Trillanes said.

But Lacson said his analysis was based on facts.

“I have been part of destabilization during the past administration. Not under President [Benigno]Aquino ,before that. And I know a destabilization activity when I see one,” he maintained.

He said Lascañas retraction, the attempt to prolong the Senate inquiry and the series of media interviews regarding the so-called DDS have only one objective — to bring down the Duterte administration.

“I think it’s incumbent upon us, being public officials ourselves, and even a common Filipino, ordinary Filipino, to come up with steps to prevent unconstitutional means to bring down the administration,” Lacson said in an interview.


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  1. Trillanes, with his self-confessed killer buddies testifying as witnesses, should bring his case to court instead of the Senate. The Senate has already twice allowed him and Delima to present their case and still they fumbled. To allow Trillanes to make a mockery of the Senate for a third time is too much. Now let him bring his case to a proper court if he wants to relentlessly pursue his mad obsession. In court he’ll have a chance to present his evidence, his witnesses can be subjected to a rigid cross examination, and sentence handed down at the end. Will he do it? – Maybe not since it’s more likely that the real intent was to string this drama along to attract the gullible international press and human rights organization.

  2. Trillanes can hire all the gunmen, assassins and gun-for-hire in the Philippines to corroborate Lascanas, but it cannot prove anything, all is grandstanding. And if ever the DDS is true and whoever are they, let me thank them for disposing criminals out of society of Davao and gave its people the rights to live in peace.

  3. aladin g. villacorte on

    “At least 8,000 Filipino were ordered killed by the Duterte but you remained quiet. Now that there are witnesses coming to tell the truth you will claim destabilization,” Trillanes said.

    The first casualty in the war against drugs, as in any war, is the truth. Sen. Lacson, a self-confessed destabilizer, doesnt want to continue the Senate inquiry into the DDS for fear of destabilizing the Duterte government. Honestly, I believe the Filipino people deserve to know what is fact or fiction. The Senate has the responsibility to seek the truth, and remove once and for all the cloud of doubt that hangs over the President of the Republic. The truth, whatever it is, will set everybody free.

    • pablo sanchez on

      they already conduct an inquiry but the real motive of trollanes is to show the outside world their side of the scripted story. are you blind not to see what the media is doing from the start of this administration? they are good in reporting and twisting stories but where are they if the achievement of the admin is being done?

    • Lascanas should have told the truth from the beginning,just like you i wanted to hear the real story..,

  4. Can the majority of the Senators please charge Trililingness for treason, please let the former ambassador to china testify on trillanes actions that led to the militarization of the west philippine sea.

  5. Esther Ysabel on

    Millions of Filipinos in the Philippines and around the world know that Trillanes, Delima and the Liberal party are in bed with the drug lords, dirty miners and catholic bishops working to remove President Duterte. These crooks want to remove President Duterte so that they can continue with their crooked ways of further enriching themselves from drug operations, dirty mining and stealing of people’s money. Kudos to Senators Cayetano, Gordon, Pacquiao, Sotto and Lacson for not allowing the senate to be used as a stage for government destabilization!

    • Senator Cayetano and senator Sotto are both on the Napoles list giving the peoples money to her for kickbacks.

      Great role models, Are these the guys you look up to ?

      They belong in jail.