• Senators show off fashion with a statement at SONA red carpet



    Some senators on flaunted their advocacies in the dress they wore to the State of the Nation Address (SONA) “gala’ on Monday.

    Sen. Loren Legarda, who champions the traditions and cultural practices of the country’s 110 ethno-linguistic groups, wore indigenous garments at the opening of the 16th Congress and during the President’s SONA.

    “My outfit represents ‘fashionalism’—fashion and nationalism. I wanted to wear something relevant and meaningful,” said Legarda.

    Legarda wore a red, beaded Gaddang outfit composed of an aken (skirt), a barawasi (blouse), and a bakwat (belt), all woven out of cotton “kapat” thread and accessorized with the traditional Gaddang intricate beadwork. A Bontoc necklace completed the outfit.

    She said the Gaddangs are from the Mountain Province and other parts of the Cordillera and Nueva Vizcaya.

    “The Gaddang women weave these garments and apply the intricate beadwork to every piece of clothing. A belt alone is made in more than a week’s time,” Legarda said.

    First-time senator Nancy Binay chose a “Filipiñiana” outfit. Binay said she instructed fashion designer Randy Ortiz to come up with a dress made of pińa to showcase her campaign to revive the pińa industry.

    “The industry is already dying and I want to help to revive it so I decided to wear locally made fabric,” Binay said.

    Sen. Cynthia Villar wore a terno which is an asymetrical draping of mocha french tule over a skin tone gown and a swag of orange chiffon for accent.

    Villar’s gown was designed by her cousin Noli Hans.




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    1. fashion and nationalism. legarda’s outfit in the SONA was definitely meaningful.

    2. thank you loren legarda for showing support for our culture. god bless you po…

    3. I like what legarda did for this year. Show some good fashion sense while promoting our rich culture. sure, some did the same, but I think loren had the strongest impact. Fashionalism indeed.

    4. for me, looking good in a big event isn’t a big problem in my eyes. You need to be presentable among their peers.

    5. As expected, like the past SONA’s years back, the affair is being made a showcase of those Congress ladies and lady Senators fashion tastes, many of them only skin deep so they will look good. Maybe it will be a good idea for both chambers to schedule a fashion show once a year so these ladies and gentlemen can show off their entire wardrobes. I just wish that the way these “servants of the bosses” will do their jobs the same way they dress up.