• Senators will still work with de Lima


    THE incarceration of Senator Leila De Lima will not prevent her from performing her duty as a senator of the Philippines, according to Senate President Aquilino Pimentel 3rd.

    Pimentel said that even if a senator is arrested and detained, he or she can continue performing his or her duties as a lawmaker.

    Pimentel admitted that he was not able to talk to De lima before the court issued the warrant of arrest against her but senators during a previous caucus have agreed to help her in making sure that she is safe and secure, and that she can continue her work.

    Senator Francis Escudero said that he will continue to work with De Lima in coming up with relevant measures as well conducting committee hearings.

    De lima is the chair of the senate committee on electoral reforms and people’s participation.

    “I will continue to work with her as a Senator, her incarceration notwithstanding, in crafting meaningful legislation and shedding light on the crimes and shortcomings of abusive and corrupt officials in government,” Escudero said.

    Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito for his part expressed concern over De lima’s safety although he knows that the senator is a strong person.

    “As a colleague, I am concerned for Sen. Delima’s safety. We must remember she was a former DOJ Secretary and as such she may have stepped on many toes before,” Ejercito added who is with de lima in the majority bloc. Jefferson Antiporda


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    1. Is this allowed by the constitution that a senator turned prisoner can still do her routine job at the house of senate if convicted as Drug Protector?

    2. So senators are a special breed, can work anywhere, even while in prison? but what kind of work, scheming and plotting more evils? that’s the kind of work any pinoy can do. Hard at work in circuses, in covering their asses, in plotting and scheming, covering and protecting each other’s thick hide while the citizens pay for the costs and the country suffers..

      By nature a pinoy may not be expected to contribute positively (undisciplined, lazy, immoral), but can usually be counted on to do harm. But these senators are special, more than average pinoys, they excel.