Send OJT govt’s power abusers to the gallows


The purpose of people in business with money is to make more money. What is unacceptable about all that have been unearthed so far is how GRP and its instrumentalities and agencies have been co-opted into a fraudulent and unjust price increases that also included the highest officials and the legislature that passed the laws that insured the interests of the powerful elite.

In some Asian countries, Bumis or brown people are protected to a certain extent in their own economic settings, while in PH laws are passed and institutionalized to insure societal layering and dominance, and officials appointed to positions and matters they no demonstrated expertise and absolutely know nothing about just like the WESM, ERC, and the DoE.

It is time to dismantle this OJT government and send those who abused their powers and prerogatives to the gallows.

Andy R Samson


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    Congress should enact and pass a law that demands that “The higher the office of the violator, the stiffer the penalty.

  2. I totally agree that those who are unqualified should not be in the position to run .certain government agencies, the gallows would be the best way to resolve the errors that these people cause.