Send the Lumads in Haran home


I AM a Sociology student and, intentionally, I watched all the videos regarding the issue on Lumads in Haran’s UCCP Compound. I never expected that almost more than a thousand IPs, including women and children, are being housed in a disgraceful and hopeless conditions. Their situation based on the videos and credible photos that have appeared in the press are very far from what I have read in almost all the newspapers and online publications.

What is the real score here? In my own analysis, these Indigenous People are being exploited for a future cause initiative. I will not be surprised if soon, majority of these Lumads will be players in the future protest rallies in Davao City. These innocent, peace loving tribes are obviously exploited by the progressive, i.e Leftist, organizers. They were putted away, like golf balls, from their dreams and the idea of life that they aspire to have in their ancestral communities was being destroyed by lies and deception.

In this case, I hope that someone seated in the right position of power seat could stand up for these people without thinking of what his or her personal gains will be. Someone who could understand the pain in their hearts and would not take advantage of their minds. The IPs are our own people, they are not prisoners or any non-human objects. So please, stop using them! Send them back home as what they wish to do.

Brent Jasper U. Palomar
CPU, Iloilo City
avery farren unica


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  1. Dear Brent Jasper U. Palomar:

    Do you really believe in what you are saying.??? If so I am really sorry for the likes of you. But especially I am sorry for the Lumads because of people like you !!! If you have really been reading the newspapers, then you should know what the Lumads really want. That is, they want the abusive military and para-military men to leave their area so they can return. But it seems you prefer to believe the propaganda being dished out by the military and the government. That is, that they are being used as a pawn by the left for the latters’ political agenda. Well, all I can say is that only very stupid people will believe that. Who wants to live in suffering away from your home ??? Nobody !!! So forget all these BS about the Lumads being used as a pawn by the left. Nobody would want to suffer and be used by somebody for political purposes at the same time. The Lumads are not stupid as you presume them to be.

    You should blame the mining operations who are stealing the land of the Lumads and is being protected by the military and the government.

    Have some sympathy for the Lumads if you still ahve a heart !!!