• Senior citizen reader’s poem praises Bono Adaza’s SONA


    Giga kudos for you fearless MT people for featuring Intrepids; Kit, Yen, Erwin, Rigbert, Lito A, Mar R, et al.

    For your pleasure — My composition:


    Adaza’s SONA version made my day
    feeling aspergic myself I would say
    As rabid critic anti-BSA.

    KKK’s policies utter dismay
    Abetting graft and injustice, no way,
    BSA’s regime in flux to decay.

    Once few now a slew take Adaza’s way
    Bashing BSA on tri-media fray
    Driving his gang of loons in disarray.

    X-piqued I’m, not aspergic by the way,
    PBSA’s my wont to shoo away,
    To feisty Bono Adaza hurray!

    Thank you, from a former MT newsboy in post-liberation or late 40’s.

    Yours Truly
    Sr. C. Ernesto Q. Tuazon
    of 2587-D Lamayan St.
    Sta.Ana, Manila
    E-mail: eoqtn5577@yahoo.com


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