• ‘Senior High School is my game changer’


    IN the cacophony of voices for and against K-to-12 [Kindergarten to Grade 12] program,
    many people have yet to hear from the ones who are directly affected by today’s burning education issue.

    What does the first batch of incoming senior high students have in mind?

    Alie Peter Neil Galeon is an incoming Senior High School’s (SHS) Grade 11 student who wishes to take up STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] track in the
    Department of Education – Division of Bayugan City in Agusan del Sur.

    According to Alie, he has not heard of any other program which seeks to empower Filipino students to be more college-ready and become highly competitive in their chosen field.

    “It is not just a program about change for the sake of change, but it is a strategic change to make a student like me ready to step into the world with a better chance at success. That is Senior High School to me,”Alie explained.

    He will pursue senior high at his hometown where he started schooling – at the Bayugan National Comprehensive High School.

    At first, he said, he was never interested about this new program until concerned teachers constantly explained what Senior High is and what it could offer. That this change in the educational system could indeed make lives better and could spark hope to Filipinos and make them realize their dreams.

    “This could indeed be a start of a cool change, I said to myself as I continue to understand K to 12 and the Senior High School Program. As I made my choice of what track to take, I started imagining what my remaining two years in high school would look like. How exciting!” he exclaimed.

    For Alie, senior high school is indeed a game changer as it enables learners to be fully equipped for college by building a strong academic foundation. At the same time it allows for the honing of specialized skills vital in seeking employment and/or in starting a living through entrepreneurship.

    “These reasons are simply more than enough to interest me to pursue SHS.” he quipped.
    But why would he take up senior high school in BCNHS and not somewhere else where he could immerse in a new environment?

    “Why not? Is there something wrong about studying here in a school which happens to be a ‘Model of Excellence?” he shot back.

    A new two-storey building with six classrooms is already standing magnificently in the campus beckoning students. Teachers considered the crème’ de la crème in the Division are attending trainings and seminars to be fully prepared in molding SHS students. School facilities are already in place, ready to be used.

    “Considering all the above, do I have any reason to doubt K-to-12 or have misgivings about Senior High School? I am fully ready to step in and embrace the challenges and excitement of being in the pioneering batch of Senior High School,” Alie noted.


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