• Sequi translates dreams in exhibit

    ‘Puppet Master’

    ‘Puppet Master’

    Expressing her views on “day dreaming,” or the “state in which you are thinking of pleasant things,” talented visual artist Sequi Cu Unjieng opens a solo exhibit at the Ayala Museum’s Artist Space in Makati City.

    Ongoing until September 18, the exhibit, aptly titled Reverie, is a collection of surreal works takes spectators into a place of obscurity, described as a world where fragile, fleeting memories are stashed away from one’s consciousness.

    Curated by Didi Dee, Cu Unjieng’s works comes as a daydream, like an alternate reality that depicts mysterious and witty compositions of animals, body parts and objects that may narrate a story where uncanny imageries serve to mask real characters from the artist’s experiences.

    According to Cu Unjieng, her perception of an “alternate reality” is best resonated in her exhibited works.

    “I sometimes think that there exists an alternate reality where snippets of our daily experiences and ignored or discarded memories come alive. We seed this other cosmos with our eccentric notions and fleeting ideas,” she shares.

    As these thoughts are visualized through her work, she yearns to preserve these daydreams that are unique moments for every human being, and serves as a binding force that most are not aware of.

    “Maybe those queer fancies rush to this place of no judgment. Maybe [it is where]those thoughts we can’t seem to hold on to, hasten to take flight and be where strange is prized. In that place where connections and associations are made outside of our norms,” the artist continues.

    With her works, she leaves viewers with the question: “Are dreams peeks into this place we created unwittingly but germinate daily, eyelets on the ethereal curtain that conceals our other stories unfolding there?”

    Born and raised in Manila, this Filipino visual artist divides her time here and in Canada. She has attended painting courses at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, where she has honed her skill to paint largely with acrylics but often incorporates other media in her work as well.

    ArtistSpace is at the Ground Level, Ayala Museum Annex, Makati Avenue corner De La Rosa Street, Greenbelt Park, Makati City. For more information on the exhibition, please contactdididee@hiraya.com or tel 523-3331 or visit www.hiraya.com


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