‘Sereno betting on Poe’


    Supreme Court insider says Chief Justice seeking protection post-Aquino

    A Supreme Court (SC) insider said Maria Lourdes Sereno is throwing her support behind Sen. Grace Poe to win the presidency as the Chief Justice would need protection from a possible personal ordeal when President Benigno Aquino 3rd steps down from Malacanang in June this year.

    According to the highly placed source, Sereno is betting on Poe – perceived as a frontrunner in the May 2016 local and national elections this year – in order to keep her post without any danger of being impeached or threatened over “ghosts” from the past Administration that could haunt her.

    She is expected to retire before her 70th birthday on July 2, 2030, unless she is impeached, forced to resign or appointed as ambassador.

    Once Poe wins as President in the race to the Palace less than three months from now, Sereno is expected to survive the next Administration or until 2022.

    Poe has several pending disqualification cases before the SC on questions of her citizenship and residency.

    During recent oral arguments at the High Court, some SC justices observed that Sereno’s statements clearly showed that “she [was]lawyering for Poe.”

    The SC source said the Chief Justice will not bet on three other presidential candidates–former Interior secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd of the Liberal Party, Vice President Jejomar Binay of the United Nationalist Alliance and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of the PDP-Laban.

    The insider pointed out that if Roxas won the May 9 elections, Sereno’s post would be in danger since Roxas’ lawyer, former Defense Secretary Avelino “Nonong” Cruz, is a Sigma Rho fraternity brother and former law partner of SC Justice Antonio Carpio at the Carpio Villaraza Cruz Marcelo law office or “The Firm.”

    The law office is now divided with the camp of Virgilio “Pancho” Villaraza supposedly feuding with Cruz and former Ombudsman Simeon Marcelo.

    Cruz was the canvassing lawyer of Roxas during the May 2010 vice-presidential polls, which Binay won.

    Carpio’s dream of becoming Chief Justice, according to the source of The Manila Times, has better chances with Roxas, who can support the ouster of Sereno from the High Court.

    Another SC source said this dream is the very reason why Carpio is determined to disqualify Poe from this year’s presidential polls.

    If Binay wins, the source pointed out, Sereno will be “bad shot” with the Vice President’s camp since she acted as a lawyer for the Office of the Ombudsman in pushing for the ouster last year of Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin “JunJun” Binay.

    “Sereno is in danger with the Binay administration since it is very clear during oral arguments in Baguio City that she [was]lawyering against the Binays. [She got too personal with the Vice Persident and his son JunJun, she even showed it through a powerpoint presentation during the arguments],” the source said.

    If Duterte makes it, according to the source, Sereno is still in danger because Carpio can still take a shot at the Chief Justice post.

    He explained that Duterte’s daughter, former Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte, is married to lawyer Manases “Mans” Carpio, a son of lawyer Lucas Carpio and Court of Appeals Justice Agnes Reyes-Carpio.

    Lucas Carpio is a brother of Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales and their cousin is SC Justice Antonio Carpio.

    The SC source said since Sereno is being haunted by her “ghosts,” it is easy to impeach her or ask for her resignation or be transferred to another post by the next administration.

    Among the “ghosts” are Sereno failing psychiatric and psychological tests from the Judicial and Bar Council where she got a grade of 4 with 3 as the median; falsifying a resolution when she acted on her own in creating the Regional Court Administration Office in Cebu despite lack of authority by the SC en banc; issuing a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in the Senior Citizens party-list case that changed contents of recommendations of ponente Justice Teresita Leonardo-de Castro; not declaring her Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) in her attorney’s fees from the Piatco-NAIA Terminal 3 case, giving rise to the question of whether she committed tax evasion.


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    1. For all anti Poe, a simple but true message, if Poe is disqualified, the next president for sure is VP Binay. All surveys either reliable or unreliable consistently points to VP Binay as the next president. Remember , our voters cannot be relied on to choose the right president. These voters specially in the provinces are swayed by money to vote whoever that can afford to vote buy. Look at Makati voters, with a gift of cake on their birthday is enough to vote a person for mayor. This statement is just a word of caution. Either you agree with me or not, deep inside you, you know what I said is true.

    2. I see one answer mentions propaganda well what would you call this article, it doesnt name the source it just a top very close source. Thats propaganda. Why wont this source be named, what is this supposed source hiding. Is this reporter just agitating. Reporters are supposed to report facts & have the evidence to back it up, but in the Philippines hey why let facts get in the way of a good story or in the way of a potential friend.

    3. If GPoe shd be disqualified, it shd be on grounds that she did not meet the residency requirement. If she is DQ’ed on grounds that she is not a natural born Filipino, she will, at the last minute, surprise us with a DNA result with you-know-who showing that indeed her biological father is…a Filipino.

    4. Sereno and Llamanzares, with Leonen let’s not forget this failed MILF negociator, are pain for the Philippines… so selfish and useless!

      Let’s bring Death Penalty for corrupted civil servant!

    5. now everything is clear to me as to why she did what she did during the oral argument. thanks for this enlightenment.

    6. Sibakin si Filibuster Sereno, nag abogado kay Grace Poequino. Psycho test flunker at walang hiya pa…… Fake na CJ, appointed ni sira ulo Aquino.

    7. On Feb.3, 2016, I posted this comment in the other broadsheet. (Tribune or Manila Standard? I could not remember.) “She should be. Her position is in line should an independent minded President wins. As it is now, she is investing in Ms. Poe-Llamanzares. She knows her position as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is precarious. She might lose it during the next administration especially if former Chief Justice Renato Corona finally file petition for mistrial of his impeachment. Remember, bribery took place.”

      The report above confirms my analysis regarding CJ Sereno performance.

    8. Jose A. Oliveros on

      That CJ Sereno is the counsel of Grace Poe-Llamanzares in the Supreme Court itself is not only obvious, but clearly evident by the way she interpellated Comelec Commissioner Arthur Lim. As for Jardeleza, he was long-time General Counsel of San Miguel Corp. where Poe-Llamanzares’s American husband, Neil, had previously worked and is reportedly a consultant now. In the words of gamblers from Batangas, “kita na ang paa ng sota.”

      • Grace Llamanzares is a puppet of Ramon Ang. Reporters and editors have no balls to point this out, or they are mostly in his payroll. And this is the so-called president that is being pushed hard to many gullible voters.


    10. A Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is one of the most important position as equal to the Executive and Legislative Branch of the three branches of the government in governance and they must show utmost leadership and loyalty to the people and state they are serving to deliver Justice, Welfare and stability so that the people whether citizens or foreign will have that trust for the betterment of all.

    11. The Filipino should not vote for incompetent Roxas because they are the source of all the black propaganda against other candidates scheme by Avelino Cruz, Roxas lawyer a friend and fraternity brother of Antonio Carpio> Don’t forget that it was Manapat who gave a fake, fabricated birth certificate of FPJ to Carpio. Avelino Cruz was with Gloria Arroyo then. Antonio Carpio together with his cousin Conchita Carpio Morales voted for the disqualification of FPJ. This Senior Associate Justice is a corrupt justice together with de castro.

    12. Wait a minute here, After reading this article, one can see just how corrput this country is, Are you telling me Supreme Court Appointments are based upon who wins the Presidentail elections?? are you telling me all these mentioned are already lining up to replace the current cheif Justice?? are you telling me the Cheif Justicve could or should be replaced all because she/he beleive the constitution find founding as a Fillipino??.
      Are you telling me the cheif Justice should be impeached all becuse she/he support Sen. Poe case which is currently before the same court?? My God, this country is indeed in a sad state of affairs, Why not follow the American model and appoint Supreme Court Justices for Life, In doing so they are be no politing. I never ever tough in my life time i would see such kangroo activity especial in a country like the phillpines, I remember former Sec, of State (Ale Haig) once infoming me, the fall of Marcos would ushering corruption hundred times worst, after reading this articel he seemed totally corrected indeed.

    13. Very, very big problem with lunatics as President and Chief Justice with a crocodile as Senate President and a senile and inutil no mind of his own Speaker of the House. This cahotic administration made us more miserable and governance tupsy-turvy.

    14. Putting the pressure on CJ Sereno is one clever but unfair ploy against Grace Poe… its becoming nasty & personal… lets take it one at a time, please