• Sereno lied on fund request – Malacañang


    MALACAÑANG on Saturday said it did not reject the judiciary’s request for funding for its e-court program as Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno claims because no such request was made.

    Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said Sereno could have made an erroneous claim when she said on Thursday that the Executive turned down the judiciary’s request for more funds.

    “The Chief Justice mentioned about their budget for e-courts which was not granted [by the Executive]. But records would show that there was no funding request for such in their 2014 and 2015 proposals,” Valte said during the weekly briefing on Radyo ng Bayan.

    “What they had requested was a budget for the implementation of information technology projects which include digitization of their system, thus shortening the process of litigation. They have been given P774 million for that five-year program. We supported them,” she said.

    Valte was reacting to the statement of Sereno that they can beef up the existing 61 e-courts if the Executive Department had granted their request for a bigger budget.

    Under the proposed P2.606-trillion national budget for 2015, the judiciary was allocated P20 billion.

    The judiciary also gets additional budget from the Judiciary Development Fund (JDF).

    The fund is sourced from the docket and other legal fees paid by party litigants, and given in the form of the cost of living allowance of all court employees (at least 80 percent) and in the purchase of office equipment and other facilities (at least 20 percent).


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    1. Malacanang is lying. It is clear from the request of funding from SC that it was intended for such e-court program.

    2. Palace tries to smokescreen the obvious that they are clipping the Supreme Court for their decision on DAP…how dare they claim for judicial over reach when it is them(the executive) who are overstepping from the mandates of a democratic country…

      • It is such a shame how a President would recourse to bullying towards the judicial department in order for them to bow to his whim or to make a rubber stamp out of his every command (he is not the brilliant by the way to deserve such kind of servile attention). With the PNP, Philippine Army, NBI, Bureau of Customs, BIR, DOJ and many other department departments at his disposal, one has to cringe how the Office of the President claims judicial over reach. What the judiciary has are only written words on pieces of paper showing their decisions on particular issues based on the constitution and the laws of this country. What the judiciary only holds is the law on one hand and the truth on the other. The executive can very well ignore all the orders and decisions of the judiciary…as what they have already done in the past, and there is nothing the judiciary can do about it. What defense does the judiciary? They only have the lone and armless sheriffs…How much clipping of powers does the President expect from these defenseless interpreters of the law?…They could very well occupy the Supreme Court and the magistrates can’t do anything about it…The President should stop blaming other personalities for his shortcomings and taking other legal means to reach his goals. Stop acting like a spoiled child Mr. President.

    3. I really have a hard time believing a liar who says someone else is lying! MALACAÑANG needs a truth serum injected daily.

    4. Im wondering if its a sort of play on words issue here. Its so easy to prove one way or the other & if one is lying then we need to know which one. But each day that passes this country becomes a bigger & bigger joke. Im sure a request would have either been in writing or in an email, if so that is a trail thats very easy to follow. But why couldnt malacanang have sorted it out with them without this public argueing. By trying to make one look a liar wont gain friends, what it will do is create a huge divide & an us & them situation. Thats not good for the country. I know where this all started & that was with pnoy when the supreme court said parts of the dap were illegal. Pnoy didnt like that & wants them to change their minds but if they did change their minds on that what fools they would look as they had all the evidence before them & each member down to the last one voted it unconstitutional. To suddenly backtrack would look like either an incompetent bunch of people or foul play was at work by the government.

    5. jose btaganahan on

      The Chief Justice did not lie and Malacanang thru deputy spokeperson Valte did not say that Chief Justice Sereno lied. It is the manila times who said that the Chief Justice lied.

      • You’re wrong, Valte’s official statement did not need the word “lie” to indicate so. She, in effect said it just the same. You don’t need to use the word “stupid” to mean it, right?

    6. Malacanang is splitting hairs when it denied having received a request from the Supreme Court to increase its budget to implement its e-courts program, Malacanang claiming that the request was for the implementation of information technology projects to shorten litigation. Is there a difference? If there was , was it enough to call the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court a liar? One thing is clear, though. CJ Sereno is no longer in the circle of friends of this administration and it is well that she watches her back from now on.

    7. Manny F. Reyes on

      A kind of lie that is suggestive of politicking. Let’s all give more ropes to those who want to hang themselves.

      • Comment like this, prevaricating, lying, misleading will only perpetuate the perceived conflict between the Executive and the SC. Who is really telling the truth? There are a lot of Filipinos out there who believe that all the branches of the government are dysfunctional at best, that lost its moral compass to function, and do the right thing.