Sereno lobbies for DAP


(By Jomar Canlas, Headline, December 12, 2013)
Kaya minaniobra na matanggal ni Noynoy si Corona, para palitan ng isang Chief Justice na sunod-sunuran kay Abnoy at kayang diktahan, kawawa naman ang Pilipinas sa ganitong mga govt officials…

Wala kaming tiwala sa Seraano bilang chief justice. May kawang din ang utak nito. Isa syang lier, baliktad ang utak.
Manny De Guzman,

I would prefer a million times that PNoy gets the DAP because of his honesty. I don’t have to worry where my taxes go. To those who are against it, you were probably the corrupt ones or relatives or beneficiaries of the previous corrupt administration. Go, go, go CJ Sereno. You have my blessing.
Joel R,

What the heck, she’s just playing her part in the script. What more can we expect.
Samuel Santos,

Sereno is an intellectual midget compared to the other Justices. However, because she carries the weight of Malacañang behind her, she can influence some Justices to vote Malacañang’s way. DAP is obviously even more tainted than PDAF, so declaring it unconstitutional should have been a “no-brainer”. However, many vested interests are on the line, including the Supreme Court’s own request for P4 billion for a new building. Sereno may be the Supreme Court’s resident cuckoo. But she obviously knows where her bread is being buttered!


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  1. DAP MUST GO. Imagine, even COA which has it’s own yearly budget has benefitted with P 143 million pesos from DAP. He he he. Most likely, it is for bribery to indirectly tell COA to look the other way while the PNOY group squanders the people’s tax. It is a fact that many of the recipient of the DAP has placed it in the NAPOLES fake NGOs, so what is the reason for the DAP existence.

    Secondly, had it not been for Senator Jinggoy Estrada, the people would not know the existence of these funds. Why aren’t the people inform before hand?

    Third, unlike PDAF which is part of GAA or General Appropriation’s Act, and also has a legal basis which was voted by the Legislators, DAP on the other hand has no basis at all except from Malacanyang. Hindi pwedeng ganito palalakarin ang gobyerno natin. Without enabling law, the President should not monkey around with hundreds of billions of pesos on unscheduled disburshment. Bawal!